Business Architecture: Overview


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What is Business Architecture? What are the key benefits, goals and views of business architecture?

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Business Architecture: Overview

  1. 1. Business Architecture Overview: What is Business Architecture? by Chris Moloney 15 July 2013
  2. 2. Chris Moloney Chris Moloney What is Business Architecture? "A blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organisation and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands.“ Business Architecture articulates the structure of an enterprise in terms of its capabilities, governance structure, business processes, and business information. Business IT Strategy Execution Business Architecture
  3. 3. Part of Enterprise Architecture An essential component of the overall Enterprise Architecture. Chris Moloney
  4. 4. Chris Moloney Business Architecture Key Benefits Alignment Visibility Strategy Execution
  5. 5. Chris Moloney Goals of Business Architecture Focus Goal Primary stakeholders Business effectiveness Improve existing business capabilities and recommend new capabilities to better serve customers and/or enhance business operations. COO Line of Business Executives Business efficiency Improve process efficiency and minimise functional overlaps to reduce operational costs and complexity. COO Business Managers Business-IT alignment Improve goal, strategy, investment, and resource alignment between IT and business units. COO Business Managers IT effectiveness Improve IT’s core capabilities to better serve business needs . CIO Heads of IT IT efficiency Improve IT’s cost performance through process improvement and standards. IT Managers EA effectiveness Improve EA performance through better understanding of business capabilities, goals and strategies. Enterprise Architects
  6. 6. Chris Moloney Business Architecture Views Business Motivation Organisational Structure Business Capability Business Process Why? Who? What? How?
  7. 7. Chris Moloney Business Architecture Views Business Motivation Why?
  8. 8. Chris Moloney Business Architecture Views Who? Organisational Structure CEO CFO COO CIO Exec Assistant
  9. 9. Chris Moloney Business Architecture Views What? Business Capability
  10. 10. Chris Moloney Business Architecture Views How? Business Process
  11. 11. Chris Moloney Nature of Business Architecture Business focused: Not IT focused Flexible and adaptable to suit the business Iterative: developed in layers Reusable: not “one off”
  12. 12. Chris Moloney The end. Questions?