"It’s about time we start re-inventing direct marketing." for Spring Global Mail


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How conversations and technology are changing the way we are in contact with consumers. This presentation is a plea for re-inventing direct marketing to finally be relevant and respect consumers.

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"It’s about time we start re-inventing direct marketing." for Spring Global Mail

  1. 1. It’s about time we start re- inventing direct marketing. How not to get distracted by technology while using technology.© InSites Consulting Polle de Maagt (@polledemaagt) for Spring Global Mail Conversation readiness 1
  2. 2. Hello. I am Polle de Maagt. I failed in most things during my life (including being a rock star) but am still trying to reach world domination. This time by helping companies change. Change to a company that is about consumers and driving conversations. Guess that makes me a change agent. Guess that makes Nike, KLM and Telenet my clients of change.© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 2
  3. 3. Introducing:B&B ‘Il Giglio dOro’Brilliant direct marketing machine
  4. 4. A simple, small and targeted message ...At the end of your visit, the owner Eduardo, will ask if everything during your staywas ok. And if you would do him a favor and write a review on
  5. 5. … with a tremendous return on investment.Il Giglio d’Oro was ranked number 8 of all B&B’s in Europe, number 1 in Florenceand had a 97% approval rate.
  6. 6. A lot of things happened.Nothing changed.
  7. 7. Honestly, sentences like the world has changed,power has shifted to the consumer, increase yourshare of conversation, consumers trust each othermost, shifting power from marketers to consumers,marketers are no longer in control, social mediastrategy and learn to lose control make me puke inmy mouth a bit.
  8. 8. And it’s not about being on Facebook. Or Twitter. Yes, Twitter is huge. And Facebook even bigger. But they are both platforms, not end goals. So it really is about if and how both can help you reach your end goal. Which is most likely not about having a Facebook fan page and more about driving conversations, customer retention, sales or brand value.© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 8
  9. 9. It’s not about being a big brand. With big brands come big problems. Never look for an excuse in just being a small company with little budgets. When it comes to connecting with consumers, real relationships work. And size, for once, doesn’t matter.© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 9
  10. 10. And it certainly isn’t about being the first mover in adopting new technology. Mobile, augmented reality, location based services are all just awesome. And yes, there is PR-value in being the first Augmented Reality bakery in your neighborhood. But is that really what you want your consumers to talk about?© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 10
  11. 11. What IS it about?
  12. 12. Hygiene levels are getting higher. Exceeding expectationsis getting harder.Tolerance for mistakes is getting lower
  13. 13. Advocacy is the new retention is the new acquisition.Reach is more and more built by consumers.So fuel them with stuff worth sharing.
  14. 14. We’re going from a consumer life cycle to a conversation life cycle.Who are your best customers? The one that pay the most or the ones that talk themost?
  15. 15. Faster communications.Twitter, Facebook, email and text messages make communication extremely fast.Simple collaboration and chat tools take it even further.
  16. 16. The world is getting 24/7 and realtime.KLM helps customers Monday to Sunday from 8AM to 11PM. Thatis almost a 24/7/365 realtime customer support center. Imagine theimplications for your organization.
  17. 17. With new tools comenew ways ofmeasuring success.Try measuring the Net PromoterScore to see how likely it is that yourcolleagues will recommend yourcompany.
  18. 18. But most of all: the real fundamentals neverchange.
  19. 19. I love this one, just because it’s so true.“Advertising is the fee forbeing unremarkable. “ Robert Stephens (GeekSquad)
  20. 20. It’s about committing acts, not ads.Don’t talk remarkable, act remarkable and capitalize on the stuff you’re alreadydoing. Like KLM with it’s KLM Surprise campaign.
  21. 21. KLM KLM Surprise
  22. 22. It’s about un-technoligizingtechnology, aboutacting human.Zappos does an amazing job in makingtechnology invisible and reallyunderstanding consumers.(Thanks Steven Verbruggen for the tip!)
  23. 23. Helping people helps.You might be surprised that 11% of all organizations doesn’t answercustomer emails. Even more when you know that exceeding customerexpectations builds loyalty (81% repeats, 63% recommends) and fallingbelow customer expectations erodes loyalty (5%/71%).So start helping.
  24. 24. Focus on emotional connections.Emotional connections build a buffer for possible negative experiences.
  25. 25. The power of employees and company culture.Employees are your ambassadors. All the advertising in the world can’t buy yougreat employees and a remarkable company culture.
  26. 26. Convenience and simplicity.Just make it work.
  27. 27. Facilitating ownership.Capitalize on the stuff you’re already doing and make people feel part of it. Likethe Antwerp Zoo did with the birth of Kay Mook: 300K extra visitors.
  28. 28. Create stuffworth sharing.LinkedIn is extremelysmart in creatingpersonal, relevantmessages that areextremely worth sharing.
  29. 29. Over-the-top-delivery Makes negative conversations Over-delivery Makes positive conversations Expectation Delivery Gives no reason to talk Under-delivery Makes negative conversationsBe maniacal about managing expectations.Under-promise, over-deliver in everything you do. Not only towards customers butalso to your colleagues.
  30. 30. That really means we have to re-invent directmarketing.Here’s a hint of where things are going.
  31. 31. A paradigm shift, as some gurus would call it.But joking aside, there is indeed a huge shift in the way we will be doingdirect marketing.
  32. 32. Swedish Postal Service Magical Christmas Cards
  33. 33. Swedish Postal Service: Send happiness by the meter.Send a special personal card to friends.
  34. 34. Bpost SMS Card
  35. 35. Zappos doesn’t sell shoes, it delivers happiness.Customer service and great logistics do the rest.A small story about free shipping. Oh, and read Delivering Happiness.
  36. 36. The best advertising started to have nothing to do withadvertising: Commit acts, not ads.Albert Heijn actually helps people.
  37. 37. Dealification is a blessing in disguise.What do you want your consumers to talk about? About pricing or something else?However, recognize the lead-potential and social buying mexhanics.
  38. 38. Old Spice The man you could smell like
  39. 39. With change became new and different ways to earnmoney.Gym-Pact let’s people pay when they DON’t turn up in their gym.
  40. 40. With change came new competitors.Wakoopa once was a geek tool, now a very promising marketing research tool.
  41. 41. You can forget most of the thingsI said in this presentation.But please, remember these 3 things.
  42. 42. 1) Conversations drive business. Companies that connect with their consumers perform better. So start the conversation.
  43. 43. 2) To drive conversations, exceed expectations and create stuff worth sharing. Don’t plan only for life time money value, but for life time conversation value.
  44. 44. 3) Start with observing, but start with simple ways to drive conversations. Start monitoring, start with pilots and learn while doing.
  45. 45. Read the manual.Seriously.Read it.
  46. 46. I hope I was worth sharing.Send me an email at polle@insites.eu orfind me on twitter at @polledemaagt.Find the presentation athttp://polle.me/springglobalmail