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7 pragmatic initiatives to improve your CX in 2017


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A quick guide to some initiatives in customer experience management (CX) you can start doing in 2017

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7 pragmatic initiatives to improve your CX in 2017

  1. 1. Taking your Customer Experience to a whole new level FUTURELAB 7 pragmatic initiatives for CX in 2017
  2. 2. Yet another “7 things to do” list for CX beginners? We make Customer Experience happen. Profitably. No. This is NOT it. Not that we can’t make that list too – on the contrary, in our more than 10 years’ existence as a CX consultancy, we have helped ING, Vodafone, Toyota, Weber Grills and their likes to start their CX programs. But now, we believe, is time to talk to those who have been around the block. To you. You who know that once you’ve reached a certain level of maturity, things get trickier. You are listening, measuring, and making CX happen. But chances are, change is slower than you want it. Continuous improvement. Prioritisation. Buy-in. Culture. These may be just a few things that are on your daily to-do list. Are you ready to take things to the next level? Then we can help.
  3. 3. We make Customer Experience happen. Profitably. Pragmatic, impactful initiatives for 2017 Firmer foot on the ground 1. Check the health of your CX program 2. Update your Business Case 3. Fine-tune your Voice of Customer program 6. Turn your passive clients into passionate advocates 7. Get to know your Promoter Personas and how to really activate them Pragmatic, because they can be done within a few months, at reasonable budget. Impactful, because the results can be immediately turned into action. For 2017, because there is no time like now. Big things done 4. Close the loop on unhappy customers 5. Get the whole company on board: transform your people & culture Making the most of WoM
  4. 4. FUTURELAB Firm foot on the ground How healthy is your Customer Experience program? Is your case for CX robust, or does business still have questions? Does your Voice of Customer program deliver? The first 3 initiatives will help you to set your feet firmly on the ground, by: • Running a health check to identify weak spots and improvement areas in your CX program • Updating your Business case and addressing questions your colleagues may have • Fine-tuning and upgrading your Voice of Customer program
  5. 5. FUTURELAB 1. Customer Experience | Program health check 21/12/2016 5. 75% 49% 22% 32% 73% Strategy Governance Actionability Technology People & Culture Starting out… …Underway… …Established Case: Actionability and Technology are showing lowest scores. Customer Experience Program Assessment allows you to quickly and easily get an idea where the weakest spots of your program are. You will get an insight on: • Strategy • Governance & Management • Actionability • People and Culture • KPIs and Measurement • Technology and other enablers
  6. 6. FUTURELAB 1. Customer Experience | Program health check 3. Workshop2. Analyse1. Assess Together with you we assess where you are right now in terms of strategy, governance & management, VoC, Culture, KPIs and Processes, etc. We match where you are today and where you want to be in order to see where the biggest areas that need attention are. Quick wins alongside with long-term improvements will be made. Based on where you are and where you want to be, we jointly find out the next steps during a one-day AS IS – TO BE workshop. 4. GO Your team takes ownership of the implementation of the agreed steps and takes your Customer Experience to the next level.
  7. 7. FUTURELAB 2. Business Case | Update If your unhappy customers spend more than your happy ones, does it mean you would earn more if you really irritated your customers? “Happy customers have higher value for the company”: a mantra easy to learn and repeat, but often a bit hard to prove. Sometimes reality is just more complex: numbers don’t quite add up, segments are tough to define, prioritisation is unclear... Our Business Case Update product concentrates on: • Getting the people back into the Business Case: it needs to inspire action • Making the case specifically for your company rather than for the whole industry in general • Getting deeper understanding of Word of Mouth and its financial implications Telecom case, actual 2014 data
  8. 8. FUTURELAB 2. Business Case | Update 3. Model2. Analyse1. Research We will gather data about your customers on: • Customer satisfaction and loyalty • Claimed and actual recommendation behaviour • Impact of WoM on decisions, etc. If this data is not available, we will help you get it. We will then cross-analyse the gathered data with your business parameters, such as: • Revenue per customer segment • Tenure • Churn • Cost-to-Serve, etc. The results of the analysis will be expressed in a clear Customer Lifetime Value formula. On the basis of this analysis, we will create a tailored Word of Mouth economics model, reflecting: • In-company customer lifetime value • Potential value gain and loss, received from WoM • Forecast for value gain or loss through various customer scenarios (e.g. growth / loss of loyalty 4. USE We can help you implement the outcomes of the model to: • Prioritising customer efforts • Setting up correct budgets – for a country, area or even city • Managing B2B customers with an individual approach
  9. 9. FUTURELAB 3. Voice of Customer | Calibrate VoC Calibrate is a rapid audit that brings our expertise directly into your VoC programme. We work alongside with your team to find out what’s working and what’s not. Listening to your customers is only part of it. We’ll show you how to build a truly effective, fully embedded, action-orientated VoC programme. In just a couple of weeks, you’ll learn how to increase the impact of your programme, improve your tangible results and take the program to a new level.
  10. 10. FUTURELAB 3. Voice of Customer | Calibrate STRATEGY VALUE DESIGN ACTIONABILITY TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE CULTURE How is the whole machine designed? Are we talking to the right people in the right channels? Are we sticking to the methodology to ensure comparability or results? Do the results inspire action? Are the actions enabled? Do we have priorities? Plans? Responsibilities? Does the system let us do what needs doing? Is it connected to other existing systems? Is the usability good? What can be improved? What do we really want to achieve? How will we achieve it? What is the expected ROI? Do we have the right KPI’s? Roadmap? What does success look like? Have we created value? How do we demonstrate that value to everyone? How do we improve value for the next step? Are our people willing, skilled and able? Do they understand what we are aiming at? Are the people inspired? Do we use the right KPI’s? Do we have customer-led values and behaviours? Is the right behaviour supported by leadership? Is the system driving change?
  11. 11. FUTURELAB Getting big things done Once a CX program is no more a small initiative, and the business believes your cause, the importance of getting implementation underway is paramount, otherwise momentum is lost. These 2 initiatives will help you keep get the results you need by: • Training your people how to close the loop on unhappy customers • Helping you to keep the fire burning, by starting a powerful customer movement in your company that will transform your people & culture
  12. 12. FUTURELAB 4. Closed Loop | Development and Training Closing the loop with the unhappy customers is a cornerstone of any great CX programme. But the actual execution of the closed loop is often challenging. Our Development and Training for the closed loop execution combines producing thorough guidelines, as well as developing behavioural standards, and training your team members on how to execute: • The tactical loop (make the unhappy customer happier) • The strategic loop (use root cause analysis to identify the core issue and correct it on company level)
  13. 13. FUTURELAB 4. Closed Loop | Development and Training Scoping and prioritising of all Closed Loop activities Developing detailed guidelines for actions and behaviours Training to motivate for action, “light the fire” and get things going
  14. 14. FUTURELAB 5. People & Culture Driving Customer Centric initiatives through an organisation is not possible without aligning the efforts with the human capital. Our People & Culture Program is aimed towards nurturing the right behaviours, and bringing out leadership in your team in order to maximise the impact of your initiatives.
  15. 15. FUTURELAB 5. People and Culture Programs Customer Experience one person large group Process + People Behavioural guidelines, measurements and action mechanisms at all levels of the company. An HR management framework to recruit and nurture customer focused teams. An inspirational framework and programme that allows your people “to get on with it”. Internal communication, storytelling, evaluation and recognition mechanisms to incite a “customer movement” that propels itself.
  16. 16. FUTURELAB Making the most of your WoM At a time when customers are getting harder to impress, what can really re-engage your customers and get them talking? And if they talk, how can you know that you are benefiting from it? Our next 2 products are about harnessing the power of the Human Media: • Giving your customers some beautiful moments they would want to talk about • Getting to know what types of people actually love talking about you, and how you can help make their conversations better
  17. 17. 6. Advocacy Moments We make Customer Experience happen. Profitably. When you’re already so focused on making CX into business as usual, how do you make sure you can delight your customers continuously, without fear that competition will get on your ideas or dropping in profit? Advocacy Moments is a program for setting up a process of developing a non-stopping stream of ideas for those moments that would make your customers go “Wow!”. Without breaking the bank.
  18. 18. FUTURELAB 6. Advocacy Moments | Program Set up Immersion Ideation Long-list Aggregation Validation Prioritise and go Not all great ideas come ready-made and clearly labelled. We place every spark of inspiration we’ve generated onto the long list. Somewhere in this output lie the beginnings of Advocacy Moments that will resonate with customers and create passionate promoters. Can some ideas be united? We start to see how ideas rub shoulders, spark off each other, merge or grow into bigger, bolder Advocacy Moments. Is it connected to other business activities? With a widened team of industry specialists, we now thoroughly filter hundreds of ideas against a set of core brand and business criteria. We learn how your company works, study your data, understand the peculiarities of the local culture, and get to talk to the stakeholders – including your customers. We create the first list of ideas – with the help of your team, our research group, best cases. We also create a validation mechanism, adjusted to your corporate culture, assuring further buy-in. We know that nobody can do it all at once. Now it is time to select the cream of the cream. Together with your team we develop a team action plan to prioritise and address the opportunities.
  19. 19. FUTURELAB 7. Promoter Persona Discovery You have probably heard it a few times already: “Not all promoters are created equal”. We have made a few steps beyond just talking about it, and developed a methodology that allows to identify the different types, or Personas, amongst your most passionate customers; understand what makes their hearts beat faster, and how to engage with them in the way they would think appropriate. All that so that you can finally hear the very desirable “I have recommended!” instead of theoretical “I would”.
  20. 20. FUTURELAB 7. Promoter Persona | Discovery and Activation 3. Ideate2. Prioritise1. Discover We look at your existing data, and maybe get some extra data too, to discover what types of Promoters you have, the differences and similarities in their personalities, what makes them recommend you; and their inner motives for advocacy. We estimate the value of your Promoters and the defined Personas upon which we create the business case. We can use your existing business case, or develop one for the purposes. We use this calculation to prioritise the Personas that are likely to yield the best results in the next steps. During an Ideation- session with your team, we create activities and cooperation models that match these Personas. We will help you build the best possible pilot program that match their interest and plan it in detail. 4. EXECUTE Your team is ready now to launch the pilot program and run it by themselves. But we will still be involved: to measure the efforts and output, and jointly evaluate and improve the new program.
  21. 21. FUTURELAB Practicalities Case studies for all the mentioned programs are available at request. Approximate start-to-end timings for the programs: 1. Customer Experience Health and Maturity check: 1-2 months, depending on availability of your people and data 2. Business Case Update: 1-2 months, depending on data availability 3. VoC Calibrate: up to 1 month, depending on availability of your people and data 4. Closed Loop Development and Training: 3-9 months, depending on support required 5. People and Culture program: 3-9 months, depending on the amount of support required 6. Advocacy Moments: 3-6 months, depending on the desired level of team involvement 7. Promoter Persona Discovery and Activation: 2-4 months depending on the data and your team availability
  22. 22. We make Customer Experience happen. Profitably. Shall we dance?
  23. 23. FUTURELAB We’re just a bunch of bold-thinking, straight-talking, results- orientated, customer-driven executives. We’ve probably been through what you’re going through right now. We want to help you do it better. 6 reasons to choose We’re successful We like clear targets and actionable outcomes. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting before we even start. And while final results co-depend on the performance of your team, we’re proud to say we usually achieve what we set out to do. We're straight-to-the-point Our no-nonsense, low process, small-team approach gets us straight into the action. Rather than ‘diagnose and report’ for months, we leverage any work you've already done and rapidly formulate 80/20 opinions. Recommendations come fast, results are tangible and returns are high. We’re evangelists Strategies only become reality if people support them. Our senior advisors are skilled at building buy-in for Customer Experience. We help you rally your customer champions and we build on the insights, expertise and analysis of your team. Their ownership of Customer Experience guarantees success. We’re specialists Futurelab and all our consultants focus exclusively on Customer Experience. It’s what we know. It’s what we do. Nothing else. That means our approach is deeply rooted in practical experience across a variety of countries, markets and industries. We’re scalable When it comes to Customer Experience, no one can do it all. We have developed privileged relationships with a number of complementary providers who we know can deliver the quality levels our customers deserve. If you lack resources, we can help you scale your efforts to what ever size you require. We’re pragmatists We’re a successful team of partners and associates from across Europe and Asia. Most of us have spent 15 to 35 years in corporate life. None of us are ‘career consultants’. We’re informal and pragmatic folk, who know when to be bold, and know when to step softly. We make Customer Experience happen. Profitably.
  24. 24. In addition to our general services, we offer a number of industry-tailored solutions to a select number of committed clients (regional exclusivities may apply). Automotive - Retail - Telco - Finance A way to side-step financial and advertising market pressures to make the transformation into audience-centric information house. Print publishing An approach for financial retailers, insurers and asset managers to capture the attention of mass-affluent & high-net-worth customers. Mass-affluent finance A structured approach for telecommunication firms to embed the customer perspective in every aspect of their business. Telecommunications Experience and insights from a dozen countries, to help insurers navigate changing regulation and secure future growth. Insurance A range of tools and methodologies to increase performance, sales and profit at point of sale. Retail Delivering consumer insights and customer experience across all your purchase and service touch-points. Automotive We make Customer Experience happen. Profitably.
  25. 25. Industry solutions A way to side-step financial and advertising market pressures to make the transformation into audience- centric information house. Print publishing An approach for financial retailers, insurers and asset managers to capture the attention of mass-affluent & high- net-worth customers. Mass-(affluent)finance A structured approach for telecommunication firms to embed the customer perspective in every aspect of their business. Telecommunications One of the strongest customer strategy teams in EMEA World-class credentials To make the world a more customer-friendly place (for fun & profit) Our Purpose Why we exist We make Customer Experience happen, profitably. Our Promise What we deliver Strategic Programmes Tactical interventions • Increase customer value • Manage multi-channel journey • Improve employee effectiveness • Improve commercial impact • Align departments, processes and systems around the customer. • Develop a customer mind-set • Transform the organisation • Challenge the industry Our Activities What we do Strategy Experience Customer VoiceCulture Enablers Design Develop customer programmes based on current and future needs. Implement Translate ideas into processes, KPI’s, trainings, that ensure implementation. Accelerate Enthuse all stakeholders so they (pro-)actively contribute. Sustain Ensure continued momentum and innovation across the business. We make Customer Experience happen. Profitably.
  26. 26. Interested? Inspired? Curious? Questions? We make Customer Experience happen. Profitably. So let’s have a coffee and talk Customer. Go to or get in touch with our team for a chat: Stefan Kolle