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Loyalty in Social Media

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Loyalty in Social Media

  1. 1. How social media is the logical next step in loyalty. Or: How loyalty is about acts, not ads. Or: A plea for commons sense. Or: How social media isn’t about social media.© InSites Consulting Polle de Maagt (@polledemaagt) for Dunck Loyalty Marketing Conversation readiness 1
  2. 2. Hello. I am Polle de Maagt. I failed in most things during my life (including being a rock star) but am still trying to reach world domination. This time by helping companies change. Change to a company that is about consumers and driving conversations. Guess that makes me a change agent. Guess that makes Nike, KLM and Telenet my clients of change.© InSites Consulting Conversation readiness 2
  3. 3. Managing expectations ...I only have 30 minutes. That is notenough time to change the world, but itmight be enough to change some of yourminds. If you have any questions orideas, just send me a message at@polledemaagt or
  4. 4. These are crazy times.Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.Social media this and that. The world ischanging bladibla.I won’t insult you with showing fancysocial media figures and trends. Youknow the deal.
  5. 5. With new technology come newways of rewarding and drivingloyalty.To name a few ...
  6. 6. Starbucks.Driving loyalty via free wifi, online benefits and Foursquare checkins.Foto: kelving525
  7. 7. GetGlue and NBC fan-it.Rewarding specific behavior.
  8. 8. Ben & Jerry’s co-creation.Giving ownership.
  9. 9. LinkedIn’sextremelysmartpersonalization.LinkedIn is extremelysmart in creatingpersonal, relevantmessages that areextremely worth sharing.
  10. 10. But that’s not what it’s about.It’s not about Facebook.It’s not about technology.It is really really simple.
  11. 11. Commit acts, not ads.The Nike Runhouse was a membership club with an attitude.
  12. 12. With employees/consumers talking, it’s about company culture.Employees are your ambassadors. All the advertising in the world can’t buy yougreat employees and a remarkable company culture.
  13. 13. With employees/consumers talking, it’s about stuff worth sharing.Ambassadors just want to tell other, so help them! Choqoa support fans by givingthem chocolate bars and highlighting them in their newsletter.
  14. 14. We’re beyond acquisition and retention, we’re about advocacy.At the end of your visit, the owner Eduardo, will ask if everything during your staywas ok. And if you would do him a favor and write a review on
  15. 15. We’re going from a consumer life cycle to a conversation life cycle.Who are your best customers? The one that pay the most or the ones that talk themost?
  16. 16. Acting human.Zappos does an amazing job in makingtechnology invisible and reallyunderstanding consumers.(Thanks Steven Verbruggen for the tip!)
  17. 17. So, how would the next step inloyalty look like?Introducing …
  18. 18. KLM Surprise An experiment on how happiness spreads.KLM tried to really exceed expectations in going the extra mile for their customers.To drive loyalty and advocacy.
  19. 19. KLM KLM Surprise
  20. 20. Loyalty isn’t so much about points, it’s about random actsof kindness.Small acts.
  21. 21. Over-the-top-delivery Makes negative conversations Over-delivery Makes positive conversations Expectation Delivery Gives no reason to talk Under-delivery Makes negative conversationsDriving loyalty is about exceeding expectations, but watchout for over-the-top-delivery.Delivering too much eventually has a negative effect as well.
  22. 22. Loyalty should be designed to be conversation-worthy.Create something that is worth talking about.
  23. 23. Loyalty is the sum of all your acts.Create something that is worth talking about.
  24. 24. You can forget most of the thingsI said in this introduction.But please, remember these 3 things.
  25. 25. 1) It is not about technology. It is about committing acts, not ads. About company culture. About creating stuff worth sharing. About advocacy. About the conversation life cycle.
  26. 26. 2) To drive advocacy, exceed expectations. But watch for over-the-top delivery.
  27. 27. 3) Be human. Think with common sense.
  28. 28. Half of being successful isshowing up.What will you be doing in the next 48hours to make this happen?
  29. 29. I hope I was worth sharing.If so, spread the word.Send me an email at polle@insites.euor find me on twitter at@polledemaagt.Find the presentation at