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Power to the people

2011 was the year in which 'power to the people' became real. Arab spring, London riots and occupy wall street are just a few examples where we have seen the power of people.
This market trend has a big impact on companies. Most companies see this evolution as a danger. I believe that leveraging the power of the people in a positive way is a great opportunity.
Until now, managers have treated consumers in a too opportunistic way. The challenge is to really open up and collaborate with them in a structural way.
This presentation offers you a vision and a framework to leverage the power of the people in a truly positive and open way.

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Power to the people

  1. Before we start…time for a personaldream…
  2. What is typicalfor December?
  3. Did you see it?
  4. Power to the peoplein a positive and a negative way.
  5. ‘If they can bring theEgyptian governmentdown in six weeks, theycan bring us down innanoseconds.’Paul Polman, CEO Unilever
  6. Fear versus Guts
  7. Consumers positive or negative?
  8. >80% is positive
  9. Companies experience the impact.
  10. Until now, we onlyused the firstdimension of theirpower.
  11. First dimension: usepeople to build reach.
  12. We have seen amazing ways to create additional reachthrough people engagement.
  13. Second dimension:Co-creation
  14. Again,we have seen great cases ofco-creation with consumers.
  15. By the way, who will win?
  16. Consumershelp with culturaldifferences!
  17. Even co-creation that impactsthe brand identity of global brands.
  18. Co-Creation is NOT enough
  19. Co-creation is oftentoo opportunistic.
  20. Let’s takeit one stepfurther
  21. From Co-Creationto Collaboration
  22. Customers are more loyal to a brand than managers? Agree or disagree? Customers Managers
  23. Customers aremore loyal toyour companythan you are.
  24. Knowing this, outsource management responsibilities to customers.
  25. Outsourcepurchasingto fans.
  26. Danone outsourceda pitch to brand fans.
  27. Who is familiar with Marmite?
  28. Do you like it?
  29. Marmite outsourced marketing
  30. Let’s takeit one stepfurther
  31. Current focus ofmost companies
  32. All fourquadrants have value
  33. StructuralCollaboration
  34. Threadlessoutsourcedthe company.
  35. Ducati involvesfans in…everything
  36. But Steven, what about Henri Ford?
  37. “If I had askedpeople what theywanted, theywould have saidfaster horses."
  38. Well, Henri wasn’t completely right
  39. Involved customersBring in expertise
  40. They areemployees thatare not on thepayroll
  41. Hiring a fan tobecome part of the brand, can be the future.
  42. Consumersare probably themost effectiveconsultants yourcompany can hire.
  43. …the customer is hardlyrepresented?
  44. Bring thecustomer in theboardroom
  45. Bring theboardroom tothe customer
  46. Your 2012mission
  47. Co-Creation Collaboration Structural collaboration
  48. Consumer Brainstormingconsulting Offer Content Service marketing
  49. Start today!
  50. Start everymeeting witha story abouta customer.
  51. Create a listening cultureby sharing customer stories.
  52. Create a customerconsulting board.
  53. Good luckin yourjourney!
  54. Thank you!