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Philip Morris


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This is my first PowerPoint upload to It is an introduction and an overview of me.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Philip Morris

  1. 1. Philip Morris HHH Team Fall 2007
  2. 2. Hi! My name is Philip Morris. I am an English teacher at Locust Valley High School on Long Island, New York. I have been teaching high school English for 13 years and I am interested in how to broaden my 'edutaining' repertoire. Upon joining the HHH Team, I have found that the various “tools” discussed in the courses have enhanced my classroom lessons. My students seem more engaged and enthused when they get to apply technology to literature. The incorporation of technology into my lesson plans has bridged the gap between the students of today and the texts of yore.
  3. 3. Photo: Oakdale Arboretum Summer 2007 EDT 851 “ Please join me as we travel down the road of how the HHH TEAM has influenced my life.”
  4. 4. Photo: Oakdale Arboretum Summer 2007 EDT 851 “ Life prior to TEAM was blurry and out of focus.”
  5. 5. “ But know I see things with digital clarity.” Photo: Oakdale Arboretum Summer 2007 EDT 851
  6. 6. SEEWHATSNEW SEEWHATSNEW Photo: Weirs Beach, NH Photo: Loon Science Center Golden Pond, NH TEAM has encouraged me to look at the world differently. I have also been able to share this perspective with my family. Photo: Daughter Summer 2007
  7. 7. SEEWHATSNEW “ TEAM has taken me on some great adventures. This summer I traveled into NYC / MoMA to see how art, science and technology weave together.” MoMA link
  8. 8. “ TEAM has afforded me the opportunity to work on a collaboration project was titled ‘ Artistic Connections’. Although I joined the HHH TEAM late (Spring Semester), I was fortunate to get involved with an enthusiastic group who wanted to use the art of Christo and Jeanne Claude as the lynchpin between the curriculums of science, English, Spanish, and art. The students were encouraged to react to their art through written, oral, and various other assessments.” Christo and Jeanne Claude link
  9. 9. “ TEAM has introduced me to some great people. The projects have encouraged people from different backgrounds to come together for a common purpose – an interest in technology. It has also afforded us the opportunity to share ideas and concerns about technology in and out of the classroom.”
  10. 10. I am not able to narrow the topics of technology to one thing in particular that I would like to learn about. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the web pages, blogs, digital videos, Webquests and digital photography. I am fascinated by all aspects of technology. What intrigues me most is how I can incorporate it into my classroom lessons and activities and into my personal life. (My family wanted to be included in this presentation) Lisa Arianna Andrew YouTube Video #1 YouTube Video #2