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This was a talk I gave to the MA Design students at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. I was invited to show them examples of my work, but more importantly, talk about how and why and where an with whom. The emphasis was more on relating my experiences of being a one-man-band.

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Live in Birmingham

  1. 1. 1976 born Born in Good Hope Hospital, Birmingham. 1991 everest Mrs Everest, thank-you. 1981 ‘off’ Steve has his first memory of enjoying typography writing the word 'off'. Broke 1995 foundation Kent Institute of Art and Design accept a Pearl Jam reciting, Nirvana inspired, leg. Radiohead 'I'm a creep', Alive 'I alone' loving 'art student. 1982 thief Steve stole a double decker, ate it in the toilet only to be caught trying to flush 1997 bachelor Graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class honours in it away. Graphic Design (BA). 1983 bully Steve decided to teach a bully in his class a lesson by stabbing a bobbing 2000 master Graduated with an MA from Central Saint Martins. Got made redundant. needle in his arm during a 'wet break'. Twice. In six months. 1988 senior Started Arthur Terry School didn't daunt Steve, he had a girlfriend in the year 2000 limited July 31st 2001 marks the official birth of Plan-B Studio (Limited). above for lunchtime breaks. 1989 kent Moved to Kent. Lost ‘brummy’ accent PDQ!
  2. 2. It’s not the size, but what you do with it.
  3. 3. Business ‘Plan’ 2000 - 2004 4% 19% 38% 19% 19% = 1. Designer 2. ‘Businessman’ Design Cool Shit Socialise Get laid Drink Pay rent
  4. 4. Business ‘Plan’ 2004 - 2009 1% 13% 39% 33% 13% = 1. ‘Businessman’ 2. Designer New Business Administration Look after Enzo Pay Mortgage Socialise
  5. 5. @greyworld Get a sneaky accountant, someone you trust.
  6. 6. Plan-B Studio / Clients ArisingArtist Evian Mitchell-Beazley Seymour Powell Autistic Society Friends of the Earth Mitsubishi Sigrid Szetu Billboard Financial Times MP Magazine Sony Breastfriends Hill&Knowlton Nike Sony Playstation2 Bulthaup Howies Orange Sunday Vive Cointreau HSBC Investments Poker Trillion The Nextmen Cooperative Bank Isokon Plus PPA The Sunday Times Creative Review Jobsgopublic PriceWaterHouse Coopers The Enemy Critcal Sales John Laing RadioBillboard TZ-ing Diesel Laing O’Rourke Red Dot Clothing Vodafone Diesel-U-Music LD Communications Richmix ?WhatIf ! Innovation DJ Magazine LD Productions Rockport Publishing Wall of Sound Egg: the internet bank LeCool Rotovision Publishing Wild Bunch EMI Laurence King Publishing Royal Festival Hall Universal/Mercury Entity Partnerships Mac User Salt
  7. 7. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2006/2007)
  8. 8. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2006)
  9. 9. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2006 promo)
  10. 10. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2006 fanzine)
  11. 11. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2006 TV)
  12. 12. @simoncook Don't over analyse stuff. Don't follow a process, follow your gut.
  13. 13. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2007)
  14. 14. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2007 fanzine)
  15. 15. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2007 adverts)
  16. 16. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2007 promo)
  17. 17. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Diesel-U-Music (2007 TV intro)
  18. 18. @NickyGibson My advice is to blog. Because it helps you figure out what's good and why. Make sure you learn from other peoples mistakes
  19. 19. Plan-B Studio / Clients / RedDot Clothing
  20. 20. Plan-B Studio / Clients / RedDot Clothing (holding site)
  21. 21. Plan-B Studio / Clients / RedDot Clothing (Look Book)
  22. 22. Plan-B Studio / Clients / RedDot Clothing (actual site)
  23. 23. @nathanawilliams Leave college, get a job, no one gives a shit what degree you did once you're out the door. Harsh but true ;-) ... and read/understand something about 'business', as in design in the context of etc
  24. 24. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Friends of the Earth
  25. 25. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Friends of the Earth / Friend,
  26. 26. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Friends of the Earth / Friend,
  27. 27. @nillesvensson It will never harm you to demand fair pay for your work. Buy the best ergonomical chair you Can afford. Keep yourself interested. Always use your personal perspective on assignments. Don’t enter competitions. Make toilet time useful by writing tweets.
  28. 28. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Friends of the Earth / The Big Ask
  29. 29. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Friends of the Earth / Climate report
  30. 30. @shanewalter Work hard, work harder, enjoy work more than not working, work with a passion, keep working, play with work, make love to your work
  31. 31. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Entity Partnerships
  32. 32. Plan-B Studio / Clients / LD Communications (indent, stationary)
  33. 33. Plan-B Studio / Clients / LD Communications (CMS/flash web site)
  34. 34. @socialsuicide Try and think about next week, next month and even next year, not just what you've got to get done for tomorrow. Then ask yourself what the fuck you're doing up at 1:30am trying to sound intelligent when clearly you're a dumb fuck because it's 1:30am...
  35. 35. Plan-B Studio / Clients / ArisingArtist
  36. 36. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Howies
  37. 37. @benoonbenoon TRUST. YOUR. INSTINCTS. also Be as direct as you can. Learned that one late.
  38. 38. Plan-B Studio / Clients / Autistic Society
  39. 39. @dalj Never get angry. someone always knows better than you. Take a lunch break. Don't work on a saturday. Clients also go to the toilet!
  40. 40. @bhostler Nothing ever turns out how you plan it, but without a plan you've got nothing.
  41. 41. @planbstudio Never under value the value you have in your creative ability. Always get 50% upfront.