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  1. 1. Design & Life | non-fat minizine | issue 05 Jun.13
  2. 2. Have a lovely, inspiring life. www.designandlife.com
  3. 3. Contents | Design & Life minizine 6 10 28 32 40 D&L Designers’ The D&L 1/2 News Circle Moment Lifestyle Recipe We provide the news that you From A to B, from B to C; There are a lot of moments in We are surrounding by brands. Cooking is Art. There are no don't want to miss. This is it is the world of designers; one's life. We treasure each D&L tells you the stories rules. 1/2 recipe shows you your basic protein. it’s designers’ circle. precious moment. behind your lifestyle. the smartest way to cook.
  4. 4. D&L News | Design & Life minizine D&L News We provide the news that you don't want to miss. This is your basic protein. 01. New Plusminuszero Collection Plusminuszero, the design brand set up by Naoto Fukasawa, has launched a new collection. The new series has tried some new colors for the products. The colors are stronger and deeper. It includes a coffee and tea maker, a toaster, a mug, a sliced bread dish, container, 2 sizes calculators, a humidifier, and a heater. It is interesting to see the variation of the design. www.plusminuszero.jp/special/07new.html © PLUSMINUSZERO CO., LTD.
  5. 5. DL News | Design Life minizine 02. © CONRAN LIMITED 2006 When Fashion meets Photography What would happen when a fashion director collaborate with a photographer? Few years ago, when Ivana Omazic, the creative director of Celine, met Mika Ninagawa, the famous female photographer, in Japan, their friendship 03. has stimulated the collaboration. In March 2007, Ivana invited Mika to join the fashion CONRAN restaurants @ Tokyo show of Celine in Paris Fashion Week, Mika has photographed the scenes of backstage and Tokyo is a city that varies from minute to minute, full of surprises. Early this year, DD London (formerly Conran published a book named quot;Mika for Ivana.quot; And Restaurants) has developed their first 3 restaurants in Tokyo in partnership with Japanese restaurant group, now, Ivana uses Mika's photographs of flowers Hiramatsu. The Botanic and Noodle Workshop located within the brand new Tokyo Midtown building while Iconic as a pattern for her new designs for Celine. The is situated on the 9th floor of a building at the busy Ginza district. Botanic offers a contemporary European menu; series is called quot;Ivana for Mika.quot; It is the story of Noodle Workshop serves a variety of noodles in a stylish, bright surroundings. Iconic was just opened on April the friendship, between 2 talented women, from 19th. Situated on the top floor, guests will be able to enjoy the elegant restaurant where a distinctive banquette 2 different countries. designed by Sir Terence Conran himself, lies in the center of the dining room. www.celine.com/mika www.conran-restaurants.jp/top_e.php ninamika.com © Mika Ninagawa
  6. 6. Designers' Circle | Design Life minizine Desig n Circle ers’ 11 F ro m n ourgerman A to B , f ro it is mB the w to C; o r ld o it ’s d JB f des e s ig n ig n e r ers’ c s; issue 05 ir c le . 0 OK! For thie issue, we have invited “Mr. Contours” - Jon Burgerman! We have seen people doodling everywhere, but we’ve never seen works as complex as his! Let’s find out more about this distinctive illustrator, designer through the interview! www.jonburgerman.com
  7. 7. Designers' Circle | Design Life minizine Hi Jon! Please introduce yourself to our friends! Hello! My name is Jon Burgerman and I live in the UK and for a living make doodles and characters and colourful pictures. 13 2
  8. 8. Designers' Circle | Design Life minizine 15 We found you have collaborated with TADO at We LOVE your project quot;On the wallquot; so much! It's Dadawan+MadTurnip. The art works are brilliant! awesome! Do you always plan before the show like How did you guys originate this idea? this? Or it is just improvisation? Your style is very unique amazing! It looks like What inspires you the most? all the characters are connected and piled up! We're both fans of collaborating with other artists so Sometimes planning is necessary but for a project How did this style develop? Other people, other artists, movies, music, food, when MadTurnip offered us a show we thought rather like On The Wall, it would only stunt it. The whole packaging, books, stories, teas, flowers, trees, than showing our separate artworks we should make premise and challenge for me is to draw and keep I have a love of characters / character design and a gardens, nice smells, funny sounds... loads of everything together - so that the whole show would drawing without anything in my mind, with nothing love for flowing, swooping, curling, continuous lines different things! 4 be a true collaboration. pre-planned and then to see where I'm taken by the and contours. It was really great fun. The thing about working with drawing. I react to things as I draw, think about what It was never intentional but somewhere in my brain other people is that you're never 100% sure what I'll draw next, access how the whole room is working these two loves must of got muddled up together. they're going to do next, so the process of making and just keep going. In the end, pieces like this show Over the years I've worked more and more in this the work feels new and exciting. Mike and Katie were you a thought process, an improvised experiment in way. The more I've worked like this the more it's brilliant to work with, we were really pleased drawing and non-thought. It can be scary working in developed. with how the artworks, drawings, plushes and hand- this way, what if there's a mistake etc.. but then the made toys came out. rewards and excitement of doing it are much higher.
  9. 9. Designers' Circle | Design Life minizine It is very interesting to see that you sometimes invite people to help out painting! Why? I've only just started to get people to help me as sometimes there's just not enough time to finish a piece on my own. They help me paint in areas of my drawing and in turn help me achieve larger projects. I think as I continue to do installation pieces, and more and more projects in general, I will continue to need people to help me, then I can become like Warhol and have a whole factory setup! It seems you love food very much! Do you cook? After a hard working day, what do you want to eat 1 the most? I try and cook, I still find it an exciting novelty to make something myself (even though I've been cooking for over ten years). When I finish from a hard working day I'm happy to eat most things, especially if it's been made by someone else (I'm lazy). I do get excited when I'm eating something really nice or something with lots of vegetables and salad, there's 6 something really cool about those things, they taste good, look good and are really well designed. A quick meal I enjoy making when I'm tired is pasta with pesto, broccoli and peas, I like to call it Pasta Vert.
  10. 10. Designers' Circle | Design Life minizine 1 Tell us a little bit of your life. : ) Where do you live? What do you do in your leisure time? Where is your favorite restaurant in the city? Why? I like going to the cinema and watching whatever is I live in Nottingham, it's in the East Midlands of the on. The last thing I saw was Zodiac which was good UK. It's not the biggest city in England, maybe the but too long. I like snoozing, computer games, milling 5th or 6th. I ended up living here after being a student about aimlessly, drinking tea with friends, watching 8 at Nottingham Trent University. I have a studio space football, vacuuming, buying vegetables, reading near the train station for making big messy works, books, checking out art galleries.. general stuff I though when I'm really busy I find that I don't get to guess. The funny thing is my main hobby is doodling, go there as often as I like. I like going to Wagamama so I never really escape from doing that. for noodles and to Shebab Nan-Kebab for wonderful curries and naan breads.
  11. 11. Designers' Circle | Design Life minizine 21
  12. 12. Designers' Circle | Design Life minizine Based on your style, we think it might be interested if you design figures that can connect each other somehow, like LEGO! What do you think? :D Oh yes please, that would be great - does anyone want to assist me on designing some?! 23 What is your dream project? I'd love to design the mascot for the London Olympics! (DL: Yeah, you should!) What kind of music do you like? Any favorite band 2 or singer? All sorts, from loud to quiet, from happy to sad. Recently I've been listening to Deerhoof, the Fall, Modest Mouse, Hot Chip, Grizzly Bear, Gruff Rhys and lots of Battles.
  13. 13. Designers' Circle | Design Life minizine 25 4
  14. 14. Designers' Circle | Design Life minizine What does Design Life mean to you?? Both sound like nice ideas; good design, good life. What is the difference between design and art? Design has a function and if it's good you probably wont even notice it. Art wants to make you notice it. Any words for your friend Mark? He introduced you to us! :D yes, Spurs will finish above Liverpool next season! Thanks for the interview! This chapter is designers' circle, and we hope you can introduce 2 one of your friends(designers, photographers, architects...), and will be interviewed in the next issue! Who will be your choice? :D That's a tough one, there's so many great people I could introduce you to. Hmmm... Maybe you should say hello to the talented and funny Bren B, http://www.brenb.net/
  15. 15. The Moment | Design Life minizine The Moment There are a lot of moments in one's life. We treasure each precious moment. the moment after rain. the last drop of rain has arrived. the air is so clear than you can define. 2 t h e r e d , t h e g r e e n , t h e b l u e , t h e i v o r y, t h e p u r p l e , t h e y e l l o w, t h e b ro w n , t h e w h i t e . c o l o r s a r e m o r e t h a n c o l o r, l i k e t h e w o r l d h a s c h a n g e d t h e s k y. 8 silence. hold your breathe. petit valse with delight. C15 + M6 Y10 pure white
  16. 16. The Moment | Design Life minizine antipodes - still water moreno cedroni - kiwi jam a New Zealand born bred water. From one of the most renown young chefs pure and simple. in Italy. Great for pairing with cheeses. www.antipodes.co.nz www.madonninadelpescatore.it miles davis - the complete live at the pluugged nickel 1965 Great records from Miles. Nice graphic design at the covers. There are 8 CDs in the set. www.legacyrecordings.com 31 0
  17. 17. DL Lifestyle | Design Life minizine DL Lifestyle ATION 33 We are surrounding by brands. N TERS ENER DL tells you the stories BA FiT G behind your lifestyle. HE XYZ T UR UT 2 O IMAGES COPYRIGHT © Urban Outfitters
  18. 18. DL Lifestyle | Design Life minizine 35 The first Urban Outfitters was opened in 1970 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, carrying fashion clothing and funky household product. The target customer is well-educated, fashion-minded, young adult of the age between 18 and 30. Product range is widely, including men’s wear, women’s wear, accessory, foot ware, house wares, as well as gifts and novelties. 4
  19. 19. DL Lifestyle | Design Life minizine THEME The theme of Urban Outfitters is retro, bohemia, vintage, trendy, and old-fashion. The visual merchandising get peoples’ attention by offering a mix and match fashion goods in an exciting shopping environment. Especially, when they bring house hold goods into a clothing shop, the differentiate store image creates emotional bond and brand loyalty with their customers. When you shop at Urban, you feel like you are visiting your friends’ apartment. You are free to sneak their wardrobe and try on clothing with indie-rock music. Also, you are always surprised by their odd products, such as arcade games and retro-chic toys and records. Those funny stuffs make you want to shop as often as you can. All you can try, all you can buy. atmosphere 3 6
  20. 20. DL Lifestyle | Design Life minizine Urban outfitters became controversial in 2004 when they printed “Voting is for old people”. Later on, their shirts shows “Everyone Love Jewish Girl” surrounded by money sign and “Jesus is My Homeboy”. They cause popular attention and widely popular so that they have attained culture icon status among teenagers. controversial 3 8 Nowadays, Urban operates over 110 shops in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Total sales for 1Q 2007 increases 16% to 314.5 million, which is a new record. Actually, non of significant big sales is from three of Urban brand, which is Urban Outfitters, Athropologie, and Free People. The big sales came from a 30% increase in internet sale. This result shows that Urban understands who their customer are and know how their customer shop. Urban just announced they are going to open the forth brand in 2008. The store idea is inspired by “greenhouse”, which merchandise will include lifestyle home, garden product combined with antique, and live plants and flowers. We are looking forward to seeing its open.
  21. 21. 1/2 Recipe | Design Life minizine 1/2 Recipe C o o k in g is A rt . T h e re ru le s . 1 a re n o /2 re c ip e show th e s m s you a rt e s t w a y to c ook. ogurt ruit-y Af time tea 41 I love to cook and collect recipes, but I never exactly follow the steps. For me, cooking should be playful. I always put my imagination to someone’s recipe and bring it to my vision. My cooking rules are easy and healthy. Modern people are always busy, and I believe, with 1/2 effort, 1/2 steps, 1/2 fat, 1/2 time of cooking, will also bring you to a lovely cooking experience and healthier dish. That’s why I called this chapter “1/2 Recipe”. Cooking is art. Let’s play. 0
  22. 22. 1/2 Recipe | Design Life minizine Hint ! In Asia, from May to July is about raining season. This is a good timing for dessert when it is a rainy day. Any fruit on hand is recommended. Cut them into bite size, and stir with non-fat yogurt. Take out your stock crackers, or bread. Turn on Jazz and lie on sofa. Maybe reading book or magazine, life is as easy as pie. 3 stra w b 1 kiwi erry 1 peac h 43 a cup of non -f crack ers or at yogurt bread fresh o range juice 1. slice fruit into STEPS bite size 2. Mix fr 2 uit wit 3. Pile frui h yogurt ty ogurt on th e cra ckers .
  23. 23. www.phtaipei.com www.designandlife.com