Domestic politics at the turn of the 21st student version


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  • 1988 Republican Presidential Candidates. .  2005. Image. 3 June 2010. <>.
  • Bill Clinton in Moscow, January 1994. .  2005. Image. 3 June 2010. <>.
  • George Walker Bush, 43rd U.S. President. .  2005. Image. 3 June 2010. <>.
  • Domestic politics at the turn of the 21st student version

    1. 1. Domestic Politics at the Turn ofthe 21stCenturyWhat is the proper role of thegovernment in people’s lives?
    2. 2. Preview1. In your notebook, write the following list of domestic policy goals:– landing a man on the moon– deregulating businesses– freeing the slaves– ending the Great Depression– preserving the environment by establishing national parks2. Which of the following presidents was associated with eachdomestic policy goal: Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy,Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, or Theodore Roosevelt? Writethe president’s name next to the appropriate goal.3. What factors do you think might have allowed each president toachieve his goal?
    3. 3. Janus Figure• A Roman godportrayed ashaving twofaces.
    4. 4. Ronald Reagan• Deregulates airlineindustry• Backed by the “MoralMajority” ofevangelical andfundamentalistChristians.• Appointsconservative judgesto the Supreme Courtincluding Sandra DayO’Connor the firstwoman appointed tothe Court• Budget cuts toentitlementprograms like foodstamps• Increased thenational debtDomestic Policy GoalsAchievedDomestic Policy GoalsNot Achieved
    5. 5. Guidelines to create your JanusfigureStep 1: Determine roles.• Researcher: Responsible for identifying at least five domestic policy goalsthat the president achieved or did not achieve while in office. Also helpswith the layout of the Janus figure.• Illustrator: Responsible for designing symbols or illustrations on the Janusfigure that represent the domestic policy goals the president achieved ordid not achieve while in office. Also helps with the layout of the Janusfigure.• Writer: Responsible for writing annotations to accompany the symbols orillustrations for the Janus figure. Also helps with the layout of the Janusfigure.• Analyst: Responsible for preparing notes that explain symbol choice andpresidential rating for the gallery walk presentation. Also helps with thelayout of the Janus figure.
    6. 6. Guidelines to create your JanusfigureStep 2: Learn about your assigned president.• Read the section in your text for the president you have been assigned.• Fill out the section for your president on the graphic organizer.Step 3: Brainstorm ideas for the Janus figure.• Identify at least five domestic policy goals for the president you havebeen assigned. At least one of your chosen goals must have beenachieved and one not achieved.• Think of one symbol or illustration to exemplify each goal.• Think of an annotation for each goal to explain how that goal was or wasnot achieved.• Use the model of a Janus figure for Ronald Reagan as a guide.Step 4: Create a rough draft.
    7. 7. Guidelines to create your JanusfigureStep 5: Create the Janus figure.• Cut out the profile of the president’s face from Student Handout 58B.Tape it onto the poster paper and draw the outline of a body for thepresident.• At the top of the poster paper, write “Domestic Policy Goals Achieved” onone side of the president and “Domestic Policy Goals Not Achieved” onthe other side.• Add all the symbols and annotations that show domestic policy goals thepresident did achieve on one side of the Janus figure and the domesticpolicy goals the president did not achieve on the other side of the Janusfigure.• Connect each symbol to an appropriate place on the Janus figure, asshown in the sample figure.• Prepare explanations of your symbol choice to be used during the gallerywalk presentations.
    8. 8. Guidelines to create your JanusfigureStep 6: Develop a rating and rationale for the president.• Use the following scale to rate the president’s ability to achieve hisdomestic policy goals:1 = achieved most of his domestic policy goals2 = achieved some of his domestic policy goals3 = achieved few of his domestic policy goals• Prepare explanations of your presidential ranking to be used during thegallery walk presentations.
    9. 9. Policies for George H. Bush• Americans with Disabilities Act• Clean Air Act of 1990• Economic growth• Expanding the economy• Flag desecration constitutional amendment• North American Free Trade Association(NAFTA)• “Read my lips, no new taxes”
    10. 10. Policies for Bill Clinton• Balanced Budget Act of 1997• Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act• Corporation for National and CommunityService• Family and Medical Leave Act• North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)• School-to-Work Opportunities Act• Universal health care plan• Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act• Welfare reform bill
    11. 11. Policies for George W. Bush• Embryonic stem cell research ban• Federal marriage amendment• Healthy Marriage Initiative• “Marriage penalty”• Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit• No Child Left Behind Act• Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives• Secure Fence Act• Social Security Reform• Tax cuts