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3d3 Presentation

  1. 1. 3/d3 Studio, LLC.Principals:R. Gabriel Zavala, IIDA, AIALidia Szydłowska, IIDA, AIAAssociateSenior Design Consultant:Jay Philomena, IIDA, IFMAInterior Designer:Rouba Haykal
  2. 2. about us Commitment to Client – Focused SERVICE Commitment to TEAMWORK• Registered Architect since 1984 • Throughout her career, Lidia Szydłowska has• Interior Designer, 2010-2011 President - IIDA New approached every design opportunity as a dialogueEngland between design theory and practical experience.• Gabriel Zavala has pursued a career practice with apassion for integrated design. • As Co-founder and Principal, she provides• 30 years of experience collaborating with national oversight of the firm’s design projects and staff.corporate clients to maximize real estate and facility Her experience includes work for public institutionsoptions with creative “out of box” thinking about real like Salem Housing Authority, Beverly Housingestate assets and investments. Authority, DHCD, and Salem State College. In the•As Co-founder and Principal, he provides a highly private sector, she specializes in corporateexperienced oversight of the firm’s design projects.• His experience also includes designing award interiors and architecture.winning transportation facilities, award winning • She provides direction through a strong designadaptive re- use of historic structures, and designing vision and extends her involvement from inceptionretail banking prototypes for national financial firms. R. Gabriel Zavala Lidia Szydłowska through project completion. IIDA, AIA IIDA, AIA Associate • Proven leader ship in all • Proven experience in all aspects of Interior Design. aspects of Interior Design. • Deeply experienced in multi- • International background in Commitment to building corporate project design & management environments. • Firm leader in computer-aided DESIGN QUALITY • Recognized leader in Design rendering and animation. & Change Management. • Provides leadership in specific • As Senior Design Consultant, areas of the practice including provides design leadership in finish material selection and Jay Philomena, Rouba Haykal specific areas of the practice furniture. IIDA, IFMA including Law Firm design, assuring best-practice planning for specific areas of expertise.
  3. 3. service offerings Client Design Services ▪ Site Due Diligence Analysis ▪ Feasibility Services ▪ Architecture & Interior Design ▪ Tenant Programming ▪ Multi-Phase Real Estate Planning ▪ 3D Conceptual Building Design ▪ Schematic Design Planning ▪ Construction Design Documentation ▪ Accelerated Permit Documentation ▪ Construction AdministrationLandlord / Broker Services Design Process Management Services▪ Fit Planning Concepts ▪ Contract & Bid Negotiation Assistance▪ Tenant Leasing Exhibits ▪ Workplace Standards Development▪ BOMA Standard Area Calculations ▪ “Smart Growth” Visioning▪ Graphic & Branding Design ▪ Systems Furniture Evaluation & Selection▪ Lighting & Signage Standards Development ▪ “Best Practice” Planning▪ Common Tenant Area Finishes Selection ▪ Corporate “Change Management”
  4. 4. vision and process • The “craft” process evolve involves the entire mind, body • craft and soul; marrying the physical and metaphysical practice of • technology the profession. • integrated designWe craft our projects as a team , Our business relationships begin and end withnot only by working intelligently,finding optimal solutions but, trust and respect flowing in both directions.moreover, by conceptualizing ideas By harnessing our skills and expertise withthat are buildable for the contractor engaged clients, we propose to create well-and practical for the client. designed environments that add value to our client’s “bottom line.”
  5. 5. experience Tower I The initial project for Litle & Co. involved designing a space for 139 staff relocated from cramped office space into 25,000USF. The previous space was fully demolished and a new corporate headquarters designed and Litle & Co. constructed. At critical junctures, specific design elements were introduced to highlight a contemporary aesthetic and a new beginning for the client.Principal-in-Charge: Gabriel Zavala , IIDA, AIA [Principal in other firm]Construction Cost: Withheld at Client requestClient: Litle & Co.Completion Date: 2007
  6. 6. experience Litle & Co. Litle – Tower II Tower II 3/d3 Studio was commissioned to design a 30,000USF expansion of their corporate HQ. By interviewing various Engineering groups and extensive planning, we derived a modular pod approach. A pod configuration can include teams of 8, 14, 16, or 24 engineers in workstations, andPrincipal-in-Charge: Gabriel Zavala , IIDA, AIA dedicated enclosed project rooms. WeConstruction Cost: Withheld at Client request designed a new Data Center with 36Client: Litle & Co.Completion Date: 2010 servers and 10 Network racks.
  7. 7. experience Litle & Co. - Tower IIPrincipal-in-Charge: Gabriel Zavala , IIDA, AIAConstruction Cost: Withheld at Client requestClient: Litle & Co.Completion Date: 2010
  8. 8. experience Sterling Commerce 7th Floor Cross Point Towers I & II Lowell, Massachusetts The distribution of 240 employees and 23 Departments over two contiguous tower floors meant unifying two adjacent elevator lobbies into a single, cohesive design to act as a signature element for Sterling Commerce. Design motifs and finishes developed for the lobby were translated into other employee zones to promote the singular look of the lease space spread over 50,000SF. A progressive approach to office planning that included hotelling Sterling Commerce and touchdown stations, bullpen layouts, break-out and training environments, were all designed to foster an interdependent teaming culture. Dynamic design elements included carpet tile patterns zoned by area, de- construction of corners through glazing, and introducing curved walls & ceiling features in collaborative teaming areas.Principal-in-Charge: Gabriel Zavala , IIDA, AIA [Principal in other firm]Construction Cost: $3,075,000Client: Sterling CommerceCompletion Date: 2007
  9. 9. experience Navigant The MDF panels are painted Boston, Ma with a 7 layer pearlescent paint finish and accented by The project occupies recessed lighting. A series of approximately 7,000SF of drywall soffits, cherry millwork combined private and open filing cabinets and decorative office spaces. The Entry and recessed lighting help define Reception areas use Italian circulation and increase visual marble floor tiles, metal coil awareness. Navigant, Boston draperies and carved and gouged MDF panels from France to create a sensuous and rich experience for visitors and clients.Architect-in-Charge:Gabriel Zavala, IIDA, AIA [Director in another firm]Client: Navigant ConsultingCompletion Date: 2005
  10. 10. experience Navigant recessed, illuminated soffit. Boston, Ma From the public space, the use of drywall soffits, cherry Navigant Consulting millwork panels and decorative relocated its existing offices track lighting define circulation into 17,500 SF of combined and promote visual awareness. private and open office Various ceiling treatments also space. Conference and assist in creating a dynamic training rooms are visible experience. Navigant, Burlington from the elevator lobby through expansive use of glazing. Anchoring the reception space is a tapered column that engages aArchitect-in-Charge:Gabriel Zavala, IIDA, AIA [Director in another firm]Client: Navigant ConsultingCompletion Date: 2004
  11. 11. experience UBS Financial use of Steelcase One Post Office Square Architectural partitions and Boston, MA striped glazing. The office has a small UBS Financial Offices were footprint of 4,500SF with relocated into new space offices arranged around the using corporate space and perimeter and a highly furniture standards. This glazed conference room as created a contemporary a central focal point. environment using Kimball Support areas are internal to UBS Financial Office “ Change” furniture in cherry, contrasted with the the footprint.Architect-in-Charge:Gabriel Zavala, IIDA, AIA [Director in another firm]Client: UBS FinancialCompletion Date: 2005
  12. 12. experience Fleet Bank, leads customers to a separate ATM Springfield, Ma and on-line banking zone, a 4-6 teller station area, and offices for 6 Customer Service managers. Staff Working with NYC branding firm support services are in secure areas. InterBrand to develop a cohesive On the exterior, the curvilinear roof graphic approach during Schematic and 17 foot tall glazed curtain wall are Design, the retail building prototype custom-colored to express the required a sensitive and critical interior vaulted ceiling. integration of components from multiple vendors. To comply with the Mass Energy Code, the curtain wall uses a special Fleet Bank, MA Within a footprint of 3,500SF, it glazing product that allows for contains a signature entry area that extensive use of natural daylighting.Architect-in-Charge:Gabriel Zavala, IIDA, AIA [Director in another firm]Client: Fleet BankCompletion Date: 2002
  13. 13. experience Fleet Bank, incorporates a sweeping , illuminated NYC sign band over a customer service desk. Located in an architecturally significant space near Columbus The window niches are attractively Circle, NYC, the corner space was used for on-line information tablets planned to take advantage of two and to display banking information. major street frontages. The separate zones are highlighted Using many of the same design with multiple changes in ceiling Fleet Bank, NYC components developed during the prototype stage, the interior layout heights and flooring materials.Architect-in-Charge:Gabriel Zavala, IIDA, AIA [Director in another firm]Client: Fleet BankCompletion Date: 2006
  14. 14. experience O’Keefe Gymnasium Addition The University commissioned a study to expand the building and re- program interior spaces into new exercise facilities, classrooms, seminar spaces, and student lounge. To replace the existing concrete ramp entry, a folded roof canopy over an angled, tinted curtain wall was O’Keefe Gymnasium designed to provide an attractive signature entry .Principal-in-Charge:Gabriel Zavala, IIDA, AIA [Principal in another firm]Client: Salem State UniversityCompletion Date: Study Only
  15. 15. Tumbra This is a conceptual exploration in architecture and urban planning. It expresses our approach in experimenting with experimental concept design and cutting edge technology to yield visually arresting and dynamic spaces.Principal-in-Charge:Lidia Szydlowska, IIDA, Associate AIA
  16. 16. Tumbra The building provides multiple patterns of movement individually determined by the users. Movement yields experimental concept visual cues to the arrangement of spaces and are dynamically expressed by the structure.Principal-in-Charge:Lidia Szydlowska, IIDA, Associate AIA
  17. 17. experimental concept Tumbra 3/d3’s process of architectural exploration involves marrying conceptual design to a 3D technology that allows for inter- active testing of concepts. Our experience drives the design – our technology illustrates our commitment to our craft.Principal-in-Charge:Lidia Szydlowska, IIDA, Associate AIA
  18. 18. Tumbra Exterior Views of Performance Hall experimental conceptPrincipal-in-Charge:Lidia Szydlowska, IIDA, Associate AIA
  19. 19. Tumbra Interior views of skyline from Performance Hall experimental conceptPrincipal-in-Charge:Lidia Szydlowska, IIDA, Associate AIA