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Texas Gift Baskets and Gift Ideas for the College Bound


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Texas gift baskets filled with delicious Texas goodies can bring some comfort and joy to college students.

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Texas Gift Baskets and Gift Ideas for the College Bound

  1. 1. Texas Gift Baskets and Gift Ideas for the College Bound Whether you’re looking for a gift that will ease the transition for a new college freshman or something to milestone the beginning of a senior’s final year, sending a back-to-school gift can bring some comfort and joy to college students that are already homesick. College students have enough to worry about--remembering where their classes are located on campus and getting along with new roommates. A back-to-school gift is your opportunity to send your loved ones some delicious Texas goodies and let them know you’re thinking of them. The best support you can offer from afar is a gift basket filled with Texas treats. With the start of school, college students can become homesick for that cherished home cooking that got them through the summer. A new semester can be a stressful time when kids need to be reminded of their home-base support, and all college kids love to eat. Gift baskets are the best because you can include a variety of gifts. Below are a few gift suggestions to help college students from Texas navigate their new independent lives. By sending them Texas gift baskets, their school year can start off right with a touch of Texas comfort. Let’s face it, college students are still kids for the most part and at the beginning of school long for the relaxing reminder of home. As syllabus shock greets them the first week of school they are tempted to drown that in the local Chick-fil-a. However, that can be a lonely experience – trust me. By sending them a gift that can replace those food runs, you make the experience a relational one! Your Texas gift basket can include: - Wild West Cookies (2 oz.) - Cowboy Snack Mix (2 oz.) - Padre’s Popcorn (2 oz.) - Texas Tortilla Chips (2.5 oz.) - Texas Firecrackers – spicy baked snack crackers with a Texas kick! (2.75 oz.)
  2. 2. -Texas Playing Cards - Texas Pralines - Texas jelly beans
  3. 3. If this list did not whet your appetite, then maybe Texas jams, jellies and honey that are thrown in with it will! Also, take a gander at the college-specific gift baskets for UT, A&M, or Baylor students. Go one step further and put together your own gift basket by browsing the College Care Package Ideas section of the website! Every student has their own style! If you don’t know any students but have a sincere desire to make someone’s day with a tasty gift think about sending this gift to a soldier overseas, using it as a welcome basket to that neighbor down the street, or delighting a Texan who was forced to move out of state with a reminder of Texas’ rich flavor! So send that displaced Texan a gift box filled with tastes of the Lone Star State! About Texas Treats Texas Treats specializes in Texas-size gourmet gift baskets and gifts with a Lone Star theme. The company also provides Texas-theme food items and souvenirs for those independent folks who want to create their own Texas-theme gifts. For more information, please visit: