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Reported speech


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Reporting Speeches

Published in: Education
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Reported speech

  1. 1. REPORTED SPEECH. PROJECT. Students work in groups. Each group should have a leader coordinating the work assigned to the group. 1)Group 1 will select a memorable speech. Blood, Sweat, and Tears Quit India The Decision to Go to the Moon What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? 2)Group 2 will be responsible for reporting extracts on this memorable speech. 3)Group 2 will derive the necessary grammatical rules to carry out the reporting. 4)Group 3 will select an extract from a film that could be reported. 5)Group 4 will be responsible for the reporting of the extract of this film. 6)Group 4 will also derive the necessary grammatical rules necessary to do the reporting of the extract.
  2. 2. 7)Group 5 will write a speech of a topic of their choice. 8) Group 6 will report extract of the speech presented by group 5. By the end of August we will have learnt Reported Speech perfectly well!!!!