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Organizational Health and Wellness Service Providers slide_share_2013


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The right service provider can help a company turnaround its productivity by implementing its health and wellness programme rigorously

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Organizational Health and Wellness Service Providers slide_share_2013

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  4. 4. Click for full story Through an analysis of research findings as well as its own wellness programme, Towards Wellbeing, Towers Watson has developed a list of best practices for employers that continue to feel their way forward towards health and productivity effectiveness. 1.Create a vision 2.Get employee feedback 3.Give the programme an identity 4.Launch with a bang 5.Create your organisation’s health profile 6.Use this data to launch evidence based interventions 7.Communicate, communicate, communicate
  5. 5. Click for full story While companies are fast realising the importance of such measures, here are a few common gaps which are noticed during the selection of health check-up services by organisations: 1.Buying mass packages 2.Going for basic health check-ups 3.Trust issue often comes as a problem Tips to make this intervention successful 1.Instead of selecting one package for everyone, broader packages for different population should be opted 2.It is essential for the employer to facilitate the pursuit of health by employees 3.Along with the right package, it is also about the right service provider
  6. 6. Click for full story A health check can be as easy as giving 10 minutes of your employees’ time and one draw of blood, with the samples being collected from one’s home/office and the reports being delivered to via courier or email, at the person’s convenience. Predictive tests for heart diseases: The most effective way to control the rising incidence of heart diseases is through personalised care taking into consideration the genetics as well as lifestyle factors to provide a holistic approach to reduce heart diseases. These help: 1.Motivate individuals to make the necessary lifestyle changes taking into account their genetic status 2.Clinicians can also create personalised treatment plans for each patient based on these
  7. 7. Click for full story 1. Success Factor #1: Change the paradigm from illness to wellness 2. Success Factor #2: Employee health check-up is just a part of the wellness journey. This should be used as trigger to initiate other programes as needed 3. Success Factor #3: Involvement of the senior leadership 4. Success Factor #4: Organising onsite programmes 5. Success Factor #5: Creating an engaging week-long event out of the activity
  8. 8. Click for full story In order to reduce losses due to presenteeism there is a need to focus on helping individuals deal with these health risks. Health & Wellness Evidence Based Approach 1. Management of behavioural risks: This is a more broad-based approach targeting 30-40 Per cent population at risk. It focuses on Unhealthy lifestyle choices i.e. smoking,dietary habits, high BMI & lack of exercise & includes individual lifestyle counselling & workshops. 2. Management of specific conditions: This is for the 3-5 per cent of the high-risk individuals. A programme is developed to tackle conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, helping individuals reduce risk factors and manage the condition better.
  9. 9. Health and Wellness October 2013 For Further Information Kindly Contact +91 (124) 4148102 Connect with us on Subscriber Now!
  10. 10. Health and Wellness October 2013 For Further Information Kindly Contact +91 (124) 4148102 Connect with us on Subscriber Now!