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March cover story Power Women


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Published in: Career, Education, Technology
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March cover story Power Women

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  2. 2. www.peoplematters.inPower WomenThe path to a successful career for a woman is often strewn with obstaclesthat transcend aptitude and competence; it is a path rife withprejudices, perceptions, competing priorities and traditions. Women whohave defied the tide to chart out successful careers reveal that it is abouttime we, as individuals, as organisations, and as a nation, took charge ofthe demographic potential.By Vikram Choudhury
  3. 3. www.peoplematters.inBridging the gender gapThe buck does not stop at creating robust policies; we need concertedeffort through systemic changes in assessment methodologies, culturalcampaigns and opportunity creation for the organisation to demonstratecommitment.
  4. 4. www.peoplematters.inAre women different at the workplace?Research shows that women wait to be recognised rather than beingproactive in seeking out recognition for their accomplishments. Successfulwomen summarize their achievements and take credit for theirperformance.
  5. 5. www.peoplematters.inWomen who took charge and created the life oftheir dreams…share their stories
  6. 6. www.peoplematters.inWomen who took charge and created the life oftheir dreams…share their stories
  7. 7.“If one looks at failures as learningopportunities or obstacles asopportunities to be more successful,one’s outlook changes. Do notsettle. If you love what you do thenit is not like work, it is part of youand you are making a difference.Never settle; life is too short.”Sue Marks, CEO, Pinstripe
  8. 8.“Executive presence, the notion of howyou communicate, and the leadershipyou display, factor in the creation of yourbrand as a professional. Ambition is theway you declare it, the way you makepeople aware of your aspirations. Menseem to be better than women at bothbrand and aspiration so we need toteach women to declare their ambitionsand present their brand.”Kerrie Peraino, Sr. Vice President Int’l HR & EmployeeRelations, Americal Express
  9. 9.“Men traditionally build wide networksand different groups of networks;women tend to build deep networks,they find people they align with and getcloser to them. To grow in theorganization, one needs both and that ishow you get mentors. Mentors willadvise and support you and are essentialfor career growth.I think women who have managed togrow in this ecosystem, should make thepath easier for those after them.”Leena Nair, Global Sr. Vice President, Leadership &OD, Unilever
  10. 10.“How you are able to hold yourown defines the length and successof your journey. What keeps yougoing is your inner strength andconviction – the extent to which youbelieve in your own competence andthe confidence to feel deserving ofevery achievement.”Anuranjita Kumar, Country HR Officer, Citigroup
  11. 11.“Being part of the management, theownership and the family structure, myjob never ends. It is 24 by 7. Even when Ihad my children, I only took two weeksoff. Sometimes, being a Kohler atKohler Co makes it harder.”Laura Kohler, Sr. Vice President, HR, Kohler Co.
  12. 12.“Every time I have taken a break, I havemade use of that time and come backwith new energy. The fear of losing outon one lap has never bothered me – in along career, like in a long race, those 5 or6 months, do not really matter, atsome point it all balances out.”Shalini Pillay, Head of HR, KPMG
  13. 13.“Policies alone are not going to make adifference. The people who executethe policy make all the difference;how you see the policy and how youapply the policy is what matters.Women too need to strategize theirupward movement. It is equallyimportant to make changes and takecharge.”Dr. Reena Ramachandran, Founder President of Women in PublicSector & Former CMD, Hindustan Organic Chemicals
  14. 14. www.peoplematters.inTo read the complete story click here “Power Women”
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