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Digital Marketing Strategies for Travel


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Travel Business is facing disruptive challenges. New consumer trends, different experiences and expectations demand some industry reinvention. This presentation is about understanding this new traveler and to explore how (digital) communication with new tools and better consumer knowledge can bring the competitive advantage to keep ahead of the competition.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Travel

  1. 1. digital marketing strategies for travel pedro tavares
  2. 2. From an offline strategy to a digital “social” one Let’s start
  3. 3. Remember the “Marketing Funnel”?
  4. 4. Everything started here Awareness Consideration Conversion Loyalty Evaluation Marketing Funnel
  5. 5. Questão
  6. 6. View ad Go to Store Compare Choose Buy And a clear decision-process
  7. 7. What - Advertising Who- Referrals Where - Available medium Content producers and consumers clearly identifiable Offline
  8. 8. The web changed things progressively (at first)
  9. 9. But the strategy was not that different
  10. 10. Only with a new model things changed
  11. 11. 1 billion users (End 2012) Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site More than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook 30 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook each month 25new contributions ever minute. 40 million users every month. Luxor Las Vegas hotel has 6,100 reviews. Word count on the site is the same as 9,420 copies of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit every month (as of February 2011) YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month Let’s start with some stats
  12. 12.
  13. 13. 35% edit or generate web contents in Portugal “A  Utilização  da  Web  em  Portugal”   2010  (LINI/UMIC) Content creation is evolving into microblogging GlobalWebIndex,  2010.  51.000   worldwide  users “Today’s generation are not content to remain spectators, they are tomorrow’s players. Their slogan: we think, therefore we are”. “We  Think”  –  Charles  Leadbeater User Generated Content
  14. 14. A new decision-process
  15. 15. Watch video Youtube Test in retail Buy online Read blog reviews Compare modelsShare interest Search for brands Click on banner View in Timeline Brand control none or small brand control Information both oflline & online
  16. 16. A more difficult to predict decision process - Consumers/content producers at all stages of process and in different medium Social But “social” it’s not the same as online!
  17. 17. The new enhanced consumer experience COCO-MAT Flagship NYC store let’s consumers nap for a couple of hours Some examples to deal with uncertainty
  18. 18. Experience-it-before-you-buy Adidas flasghip store inTokio allows consumers to test running shoes and provides showers inside the store
  19. 19. In-store Engagement AT&T opened a massive flagship store in Chicago where customers experience technology oriented to their daily living
  20. 20. More power to consumers Volga rewards users with discounts based in social popularity Combine both online&offline tools for an enhanced brand perception
  21. 21. New consumer experience Some ways to deal with uncertainty ZIP Car mixes online and offline tools to create a customized experience Smart shopping experience
  22. 22. Extra-customized shopping experience US retailer Neiman Marcus offers an app that provides customers with information on new products and staff availability upon check-in, while providing sales associates with consumer data they can act on in real time.
  23. 23. Social discovery The Palms resort is pulling in data from Klout as part of their reservation process, to find customer social score and provide guests with special treatment, in hopes that these influencers will want to communicate their positive experience to their followers.
  24. 24. Offline or Online, first stop: strategy A good strategy and a marketing plan Media Audience How? Outdoor Press
  25. 25. So... Fully Blended Experience More demanding consumers They combine both offline and online tools to reach a decision Brands have less control of the whole experience It’s essential to use better tracking tools to monitor and keep the pace with the new consumer trends
  26. 26. From a full marketing plan to an inbound marketing strategy Part 2
  27. 27. Let’s start form the beginning: Plan ahead 1.Segmentation 2.Target 3.Goals 4.Positioning
  28. 28. A simple SWOT analysis: a place to start
  29. 29. Next: Why online? New Markets: Geography, segmentation Differsification: Related business integration Integration with suppliers Market penetration: market share, Loyalty Better product: added value, digital version...
  30. 30. Who How Where Different ways Where and how to reach
  31. 31. Find out who really is your customer As you know your family
  32. 32. How do we know? Research, research research ...research!
  33. 33. Which goals and metrics? 1. ROI - It’s essential to measure how successful the investment was! 2. Sales from marketing (Incremental Sales, Cost per Lead...) 3. Engagement - Leads from communication 4. Social Interaction 5. Traffic Sources 6. SEO Ranking 7. Funnels & conversions
  34. 34. Establish the positioning 1.Marketing Mix Who are we? What do we sell? Where do we sell? What differentiate us? 2.What is our value proposal? 3. What is the message that we want to pass around?
  35. 35. This is just the beginning!
  36. 36. Let’s create a value proposal. Online
  37. 37. And find out how to sell it. Online
  38. 38. New demands, New skills
  39. 39. New demands, New skills
  40. 40. Attract customers with content
  41. 41. Attract customers with content
  42. 42. Attract customers with content
  43. 43. And much more... From person to person
  44. 44. “Be authentic and organic. It can’t be forced or it won’t work. And most importantly, have fun.” Richard Branson - Founder of Virgin Group
  45. 45. “Be authentic and organic. It can’t be forced or it won’t work. And most importantly, have fun.” Richard Branson - Founder of Virgin Group
  46. 46. Back to basics...
  47. 47. Remember the Marketing Funnel? Awareness Consideration Conversion Loyalty Evaluation Marketing Funnel
  48. 48. Inbound Marketing
  49. 49. We’re all mad scientists?
  50. 50. Video
  51. 51. So... Digital marketing combines different strategies Marketing plan and business plan stand side- by-side and are the first step An inbound marketing strategy generates a closer relation with the client There’s no success to-do list, but just a combination of different tools
  52. 52. The 4 main areas for digital and inbound marketing Part 3
  53. 53. It’s essential to master the model Paid Search & SEO Blogging Website Social Media Email Mkt & user content curation
  54. 54. SEO & Paid Search 1
  55. 55. Paid Search
  56. 56. The long tail in paid search
  57. 57. The long tail in paid search Target the investments
  58. 58. The long tail in paid search Test & optimize
  59. 59. Basic Concepts CTR – Click Trough Rate Percentage of people who click a link CPC – Cost Per Click The value paid for each person who clicked a link Conversion Rate % of people who take the conversion action (i.e. trial, downloads...) Cost/Conversion The value paid for each conversion action How to measure i.e.
  60. 60. Attention: Google Score!
  61. 61. Optimization improves ranking with better investment control
  62. 62. Where? Check: Google keyword tool
  63. 63. Where? Check: Google keyword tool & keyword planner
  64. 64. And then there’s SEO
  65. 65. 70% of the links search users click on are organic. 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results. 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. GroupM states “when consumers were exposed to both search and social media influenced by a brand that overall search CTR went up by 94 percent.”
  66. 66. SEO Best practices Googlers recommendations: 1 Pages are for users, not engines. No cloacking! Same content for search agents and users 2 A website needs clear hierarchy and text links. All pages should be link reachable 3 Your pages should have clear content and information-rich. <title> elements and ALT should be descriptive and accurate. 4 Keywords generate descriptions and human friendly URLs. Provide one version of a URL to reach a document, using 301 redirects or the rel="canonical" element to address duplicate content. SEOMoz Blog
  67. 67. How the search ranking works
  68. 68. So, SEO... 1 Acessibility - What you cannot see has no indexation 2 Content - Good content generates virability. Virability is essential for ranking. 3 Page elements correctly organized (titles, URL, internal links...) 4 User Experience - Good Information Architecture and User experience improves links e from other websites and conversions 5 Marketing - Says it all! 6 Advanced page optimization - pay attention only after you (start) taking actions to address 1-5 issues.
  69. 69. Where? Google Webmaster Tools SEOMOz Read more:
  70. 70. Blogging 2
  71. 71. Blogging improves customer confidence
  72. 72. Why? Better marketing strategy Central tool for a successful marketing strategy - improves loyalty and can attract new customers Better SEO & Rankings Updated contents improves its relevancy (vs. static website). More regular users. Create content only once, distribute in social media You can share the content in the right social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & content-oriented like Slideshare, Youtube or Instagram. Improves user conversation and interaction with visitors: a “sneak peak” It can be a good tool for returning clients, that can generate a recurring hotel visit.
  73. 73. Where? Tumblr Wordpress Blogger... You just need your domain!
  74. 74. Website experience 3
  75. 75. Architecture Design Technology
  76. 76. SO... Usability.
  77. 77. “We don't just use technology, we live with it. (...) People who design, use, and evaluate interactive systems need to be able to understand and analyze people's felt experience with technology” (McCarthy & Wright, 2004).
  78. 78. How about the Web?
  79. 79. Usability is all about the web If a user cannot find the right information, there’s another website where he will
  80. 80. Wait! I’m outside!
  81. 81. Users can access information from multiple devices Adapt to different use-contexts and take advantage of devices
  82. 82. Your web presence Make sure you know your goals Different users, different use-types Standards are everything Remember mobility Test, re-test, and test again!
  83. 83. Social Media 4
  84. 84. The right social media MicroBlogging/Interaction- Facebook, G+, Twitter... - (and specific market trends). You can choose which social media Content: Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Slideshare, Issu, ....
  85. 85. Video killed the text star “The 2nd largest search engine”
  86. 86. Promote interaction with the right content
  87. 87. Open up for conversation
  88. 88. Tools Sprout Social Hootsuite Hubspot...
  89. 89. Mail Marketing 5
  90. 90. Mail marketing is still essential
  91. 91. Create a strategy Step 1 - Targets Step 2- Goals why do they want to read about me? how can i help? what do i want to achieve? Step 3- Expected results Step 4- Frequency Step 5- Schedule
  92. 92. Some best practives 1. Give Your Reader the VIP Treatment 2. Keep it Useful 3. Keep it Short 4. Show Some Personality mailchimp
  93. 93. Tools Mailchimp and the rest of email marketing tools
  94. 94. Dont forget to monitor and act with information
  95. 95. Analytics Also reports from social media
  96. 96. Other User generated content
  97. 97. So Digital Marketing is all about different dimensions For the best strategy and results you must combine them successfully Analyze based on facts and real-time information and act fast
  98. 98. Tail-in-Your-Marketing.aspx benefits-to-starting-a-hotel-blog/ google for more! More
  99. 99. Some strategies for travel Part 4
  100. 100. Travel, at last!
  101. 101. But there’s a narrow road ahead
  102. 102. Travel industry is facing great challenges
  103. 103. Some stats & trends
  104. 104. - Four Pillars
  105. 105. - Four Pillars
  106. 106. - Four Pillars
  107. 107. Travelers are moving moved to online channels 100
  108. 108. How about the new traveler profile?
  109. 109. The next generation traveler comes from a new background but the other travelers are also adapting fast!
  110. 110. The new “social traveler”
  111. 111. Looks for different lodging experiences
  112. 112. Expects new and different experiences (fully customized)
  113. 113. Uses more and more mobile technology for guides, reviews, maps.... Mobility is everywhere!
  114. 114. Sharing experiences with the community new
  115. 115. And is planning ahead and looking for suggestions and also the opposite, when looking to be surprised!
  116. 116. What is the impact of all this changes?
  117. 117. For hospitality 1
  118. 118. do you track the hotel descriptions across all booking platforms? pictures are the same as your website? Unified strategy Define the model, what partner, agents: it’s essential to mantain coherence between channel operators and corporate website Positioning/promotion Segmentation Price
  119. 119. Track and engage Track and engage with your customers: Before they arrive strong messages, track preferences - reservation channels and social media During stay add experiences, track reviews After departure CRM - invitations, promotions, experiences, track reviews Know what your competition is doing (social media, reviews, agents, ....)
  120. 120. Track and engage Find the best usage of social media Storytelling It’s what makes us different It’s original And authentic Costumers can be participate or can even act as producers The secret is to find campaigns with voluntarily customer participation And with the right image and positioning Finally engagement is essential virability factor
  121. 121. Some trends The gap between “social hotels” and “tradicional hotels is going to increase in the near future At the same time, more and more hotels will use the best campaign practices and re-use strategies New niche network campaign strategies will appear More multimedia user generated content Better mobile strategies (with rewards) The Palms resort is pulling in data from Klout as part of their reservation process, to find customer social score and provide guests with special treatment, in hopes that these influencers will want to communicate their positive experience to their followers.
  122. 122. Trends: Social CRM Imagine arriving to your room and instantly start watching your favorite series and episode where you just had left at home? Or if the restaurant had prepared a fully customized menu based on your favorite ingredients? Evolving from a simple “social campaign” to a real knowledge integration in all the business processes (+ big data)
  123. 123. Trends: Social CRM The process of monitoring conversations and creating a close relationship with current and future clients through digital channels More information about customers coming from different areas for the sales team Marketing teams can access real time conversations, tracking trends, preferences, allowing fast adjustments on strategies Better product testing and allowing instant feedback Better service with more information and complete history tracking (+ big data)
  124. 124. Trends Set the difference with new experiences
  125. 125. Loyalty & referrals Responding to customers is essential It’s the best way to show that you pay attention to their needs and expectations Some guidelines 1. Search for the website rules and practices 2. Act fast 3. Customize responses 4. Be polite 5. Keep it simple 3 years later is not ok!
  126. 126. Levar a sério o modelo!
  127. 127. Loyalty & referrals Set the benchmark Ask for reviews Promote random contests and rewards Customize emails and look for experiences and stories from your customers
  128. 128. Airbnb could be an opportunity for hotels to differentiate Deal with fast evolving new models! Service, Service Service!
  129. 129. For transportation 2
  130. 130. Track and engage Again, track and engage with your customers Be innovative. Everyone is already using social tools. Need to stay ahead of the competition by identifying key business goals, such as loyalty. Close gap between social and real world
  131. 131. Track and engage Engage the traveller in a specific manner (eg mobile). Offer new services: eg on demand movies Offer the best customer service: social needs to support key business functions SimpliFlying Airline Social Media Outlook 2012 report revealed that the top business goals of social media are aimed at brand engagement, customer service and revenue.
  132. 132. Track and engage Be aware of crisis!
  133. 133. Central (and local) tourism strategy 3
  134. 134. Central (and local) tourism strategy Positioning Track new trend behaviour and respond fast Promote new ways of selling, not only by major operators, to attract trending experiences (shared online) such as Surf destination, music events, nature, food...
  135. 135. Central (and local) tourism strategy Engage visitors in central portals and social media: interaction, social connector, suggestions, customized experiences, The user needs to be the main content provider: Storytelling with videos, photos
  136. 136. Central (and local) tourism strategy How locals (and not tourists) can share the experience
  137. 137. Central (and local) tourism strategy Aim for a unique experience
  138. 138. Central (and local) tourism strategy Best practices worlds-biggest-social-media-team-16545786
  139. 139. For travel operators 4
  140. 140. For travel operators New (and challenging) times demand new ideas: Better CRM - know what your customers are saying EVERYWHERE Create new full experiences (leisure+adventure; food +culture...) Use online and offline tools: reservations, promotions, engagement Engage in social media: create a storytelling by users (and respond fast to reviews and crisis) Track data, act fast!
  141. 141. So Digital Marketing (for travel) is not a distinct area of business of your organization Assuring that you know your customer and interact based in all the social knowledge is a competitive advantage It is essential to fully fit this “social” strategy in all the business processes of the travel company
  142. 142. Guestcentric - full hotel management tools & marketing Springnest - website management Olery - Online reputation Management for hotels Viatecla - Travel Software PHC FX - Cloud Business Software SalesForce - CRM Tools Some tools
  143. 143. Google for more! More
  144. 144. digital marketing strategies for travel pedro tavares @ everywhere