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Tracking DevOps Changes In the Enterprise @paulpeissner


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DevOps - Train and Rails theme
Questions to consider when exploring, adopting or scaling DevOps in the Enterprise.
Hybrid models are the "only" option for organizations with legacy business models they must support, while they search for the right balance and strategies to enable DevOps to co-exist with legacy practices.

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Tracking DevOps Changes In the Enterprise @paulpeissner

  1. 1. Tracking the Difference Between DevOps-driven Agility & Monolithic-legacy ALM/IT
  2. 2. Remember Monolithic-legacy ALM/IT?
  3. 3. What is Enterprise DevOps Agility?
  4. 4. Why Is DevOps and Agility Needed?
  5. 5. Can Enterprises’ Support DevOps?
  6. 6. Can Enterprises’ Support Legacy?
  7. 7. Can Enterprises’ Fast-Track Innovation?
  8. 8. @Bordalo_II What Is DevOps Suppose To Do? Artist @Bordalo_ii
  9. 9. What Are Fast-fix DevOps Practices?
  10. 10. @Bordalo_II What Are DevOps Feed-back Loops? Artist @Bordalo_ii
  11. 11. @Bordalo_II Could You Orchestrate Hybrid DevOps? Artist @Bordalo_ii
  12. 12. @Bordalo_II How Can You Track DevOps Success? Artist @Bordalo_ii
  13. 13. How Can You Prioritize Hybrid DevOps?
  14. 14. Merge/Buy into Adjacent Markets? Explore and Move into New Markets? Optimize and Maintain the Current Markets? How Can You Fund Hybrid DevOps?
  15. 15. Is Your Organization Tracking Both Modern DevOps & Legacy ALM/IT Practices?