DevOps: The art of making better software


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DevOps: The art of making better software.
Does Agile always improve software efforts?
Does Cloud make your Apps better?
Could DevOps make your Enterprise IT more productive?
Could DevOps be a global game-changer for your business?

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DevOps: The art of making better software

  1. 1. DevOps: The Art of Making Better Software The Formula for Continuous Innovation and Continuous Improvement Paul Peissner Agile and DevOps Enthusiast @PaulPeissner -
  2. 2. Agile and DevOps are a means to an end…they not the goal! Agile and DevOps – a means to an end…not the goal! more more Invest in People and Processes that can… Make Better Software …use Agile and DevOps!
  3. 3. A Quick IT Technology History on DevOps Dev was Ops 1960’s Dev vs. Ops 1980’s & 1990’s DevOps Today
  4. 4. A Quick IT Career History (many Devs & many Ops) Your business results will vary…
  5. 5. Cloud – The Environment that Accommodates Innovation…
  6. 6. Agile – The Culture that Encourages Innovation… Agile
  7. 7. Agile – The Culture that Encourages Innovation… but is it running blind? Agile
  8. 8. DevOps – Extends Agile, Leverages Cloud and Continuously Improves… DevOps
  9. 9. DevOps - Getting Careers collaborating and Innovating together…again How Are You Responding to New Opportunities?
  10. 10. DevOps & Innovation - Polarizing Views – Utter Distrust & Blind Optimism What siloed Ops teams want… What siloed Dev teams want… Ops with no agility Dev with instability
  11. 11. DevOps & Innovation - Polarizing Views – Not so Compromising Silos… How siloed Ops teams compromise… Ops with little patience How siloed Dev teams compromise… Dev with plenty of fast moving mistakes
  12. 12. DevOps: Speed-Racer vs. Chaos Monkey – What Really Matters & WIN! Lessons from Speed Learnings from Chaos Monkey BE READY! BE READY! Agile DevOps
  13. 13. DevOps – Designing In Resilience Resilience in the App Resilience in the Project process Resilience in the Deployment process Resilience in Development and Operations Resilience for the Business and future Projects
  14. 14. DevOps – Innovative Cycles of Value! Warmly welcome change…
  15. 15. DevOps – A Changing World, Can Learn A Lot From The Past Fast Changing Technologies and Markets (Agile) – Slow Internal Change Cadences (Waterfall) Globally Distributed Collaborative Teams – Siloed Organization with “hand-offs” Hybrid IT practices (Cloud, SaaS, Mobile…) – Traditional on premise & packaged software
  16. 16. DevOps – We were to Designed to Collaborate and Share Information Agile does work…
  17. 17. DevOps – Old & New, Local & Global, Small & Big, Short & Long DevOps scales Agile A Collaborative Culture… …Colliding Great Ideas!
  18. 18. DevOps – Focus on Making a BIG “Business” Difference - Solve real “business problems” with and for real people - Take complicated things and simplify them - Resolve conflicts and surprises…collaboratively - Create systems that fix things once for global teams - Design things that… - Last, scale, can be measured and improved - Make people happy (Project teams, product teams, customers…) - Really MATTER…then reuse it and improve it!
  19. 19. DevOps & Agile – Getting Past the Silos… - See the Business opportunity & the Portfolio of priorities - Know the User, User Stories and the Requirements - Collaborate across projects with iterative efforts - Automated Project flows and Product deployments - Stay connected long-term with metrics & feedback loops - Coordinate with Go-To-Market and launch activities - Listen to Customers / User experience / Support concerns - Integrate with the Business teams and their goals
  20. 20. DevOps – The Art of Better Software Making Allow your network, new data and the global process/systems to expand your view, re-use great work and inspire new innovations that matter to the business and keeps things improving!
  21. 21. DevOps – Maps DON’T instill Knowledge (they give general directions)
  22. 22. DevOps – Data is NOT Knowledge (visibility and feedback really matter)
  23. 23. DevOps – Information is NOT the same as Community Knowledge
  24. 24. Sounds good…. So how do we get some of that deployed around here? Agile? DevOps?
  25. 25. You don’t make it or deploy it! more more
  26. 26. Invest in the people and their processes
  27. 27. DevOps Enables Software for the Business
  28. 28. DevOps – Invest in People and Processes (and leverage Agile & DevOps) Investment Investment DevOps Processes Agile People Make Better Software …for the Business!
  29. 29. DevOps: The Art of Making Better Software 1. Create the environment (formal/informal, local/global…) 2. Form relationships (with team members and beyond) 3. Leave your comfort zone (integrate processes/practices) 4. Solve “real” business problems and know your customers 5. Leverage existing great work & improve it when possible 6. Integrate-with and listen-to the Business teams and goals
  30. 30. DevOps: The Art of Making Better Software Invest in People and Processes…to make better software! Agile Values create Innovative Cultures DevOps Practices enable Business Agility Your Adaptive Environment! Your Competitive Advantage! Paul Peissner Agile and DevOps Enthusiast @PaulPeissner - Questions?