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Agile&DevOps-whats it about


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Agile and DevOps in the Enterprise
What's it all about? Is It About the Plan, Tools, Craftsmanship, Delivery or the Business?

Paul Peissner

Published in: Technology

Agile&DevOps-whats it about

  1. 1. Planning With a Long-term Vision Know the… •External market potential •Internal strengths / weaknesses •ROI includes short & long-term costs
  2. 2. Can Tools Can Block Progress? Insist that the tools work for you and are… •As open, collaborative & friendly as the people •Scalable & Sustainable •Transparent & Secure
  3. 3. Visibility And Craftsmanship Agility reveals quality, quickly… •Small enough to see everything •Continuous (peer/process) feedback •Quick Continuous Improvements
  4. 4. How Important Is Delivery? Explore delivery innovations… •Ideas to - Portfolio prioritization to - Projects •Projects to - Production to - Support •Products to - Customers to - new ideas
  5. 5. The Business Nothing is separated from business success… •Competitive agility: Learn fast & adjust quickly •Or die!
  6. 6. Agile & DevOps is Cross-discipline and Business Focused Planning Projects Products
  7. 7. Planning Projects Products Considering many future changes Picking correctly Resisting all unnecessary changes Operating effectively Exploring the possible changes Delivering on-time Gets Silo rewarded for…. Not anticipating the right kinds of changes Poor selections Not pushing-back or shutting-down the disruptive changes Not business aligned Not having or making enough timely changes Missing schedules Gets fired for…. (Traditionally) (Traditionally) Traditionally Managed in Silos…
  8. 8. Agile & DevOps involves… A Maturity model with a growing number of stakeholders and participants collaboratively involved in… Planning Projects Products Making SW plans to maximize business success! Delivering secure, high-quality and Business needed SW Exploring innovative ways to get “done” better & faster! Rewarded for…. No shared planning for success (efficiency/scale/aligned) Building unsecure & unsustainable products Not embracing modern advantages Fired for….
  9. 9. Some Questions To Consider?
  10. 10. Is Innovation Seasonal?
  11. 11. Managing Stonewalls &Visioneers
  12. 12. Understanding Risks And Rewards
  13. 13. Holding Back The Change Train!
  14. 14. Is The Change Train On Track?
  15. 15. Getting Your Signals Crossed
  16. 16. Reflecting On The Process
  17. 17. Dealing With Focus and Perspective
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Happy to Ponder Questions with You, And Point You to Someone Smarter than Both of Us! Paul Peissner Agile and DevOps Enthusiast Paul (at) Peissner (dot) Com www.About.Me/PaulPeissner @PaulPeissner