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The art of marketing a startup and the techniques used to launch and raise capital for nearly a dozen successful Silicon Valley ventures. Practically speaking, how these techniques apply to any business from a small lifestyle based business to a local restaurant. Startup marketing fundamentals are critical to the success of any enterprise.

Found in the slides here is the framework to guide you. The importance of a foundation, how to apply functional marketing and advertising programs, and the paramount importance of a little finesse. To go beyond the framework, visit The Art of Startup Marketing - to learn how and why to apply these techniques, when to hire industry expertise and experience, how much to expect to invest, and how to think big.

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Startup Marketing

  1. 1. The Art of Startup Marketing #beAUSOME
  2. 2. The Art of Startup Marketing Who the heck is this guy? local search, event management, small business accounting,crowdsourcing, translation, ecommerce, social data intelligence, coworking, payment platforms, mobile, incubation, fund raising
  3. 3. The Art of Startup Marketing Spot the Difference #beAUSOME @seobrien
  4. 4. The Art of Startup Marketing1. Fail, fail fast, fail frequently2. Collaboration and focus create synergy3. The results that matter are not the results that matter #beAUSOME @seobrien
  5. 5. The Art of Startup Marketing Allocate everything accordingly1. Foundation2. Function3. Finesse #beAUSOME @seobrien
  6. 6. The Art of Startup Marketing Your Foundation- Analytics- Design- Technical SEO- Optimization- Lead capture and email #beAUSOME @seobrien
  7. 7. The Art of Startup Marketing Your Foundation: Analytics- Google Analytics– Set up goal and event tracking– Set up social analytics– Use segmentation– Use funnels, reverse goal paths, and assisted conversions– How you organize and use Campaign tracking is critical– Set up dashboards for everyone in the organization IMPACT? Cost : $0 Investment: <$500 #beAUSOME Opportunity: Knowing @seobrien
  8. 8. The Art of Startup Marketing Your Foundation: Design- Theme Forest (Designer for everything else)– Build your site in WordPress – pay $50 for the design–- Hire a WordPress designer if you MUST have something custom--- WP developers in India run $7-$10 / hour– Good Designers are worth their weight in gold IMPACT? Cost : $250 Investment: $50-$2000 #beAUSOME Opportunity: Conversion @seobrien
  9. 9. The Art of Startup Marketing Your Foundation: Technical SEO- Work with the Developers / Designers– WordPress SEO or All-In-One help– Site architecture– Prioritization and organization of pages– Recognizing the impact of bounce rates (design & performance)– Appreciating the importance of user experience on social media– Best done in house IMPACT? Cost : Org. Culture Investment: $2000 #beAUSOME Opportunity: Organic @seobrien
  10. 10. The Art of Startup Marketing Your Foundation: Optimization- Why Google Analytics? Content Experiments– Formerly Website Optimizer– Puts multivariant testing in everyones hands– Not A/B?– Very least: messaging, buttons, call to action, & forms IMPACT? Cost : $0 Investment: Org. Culture #beAUSOME Opportunity: Conversion @seobrien
  11. 11. The Art of Startup Marketing Your Foundation: Lead Capture & Email- MailChimp (in WordPress: GravityForms)-– Every opportunity to capture an email address– Segment database by location and context– Email twice a month– Fliptop? Email addresses into full social profiles IMPACT? Cost : < $100 / month Investment: $500 / month #beAUSOME Opportunity: Database @seobrien
  12. 12. The Art of Startup Marketing Functional Marketing- SEM- Affiliate Marketing- Marketing Automation- Direct Mail #beAUSOME @seobrien
  13. 13. The Art of Startup Marketing Functional Marketing: SEM- Google AdWords– Start simple: brand terms and product names– Work into category and industry terms– Appreciate the data as much as the customers– Always be optimizing!!– Understand the importance of contextual relevance IMPACT? Cost : ~$1000 ($2000) Investment: Perf. Based #beAUSOME Opportunity: $$$ & Data @seobrien
  14. 14. The Art of Startup MarketingFunctional Marketing: Affiliate Marketing- Share a Sale (Zferral)– Favor content producers who will write about your business– Compensate well : You pay for a sale but benefit from the advertising– Work the relationships – these are partnerships (big ones are gold) IMPACT? Cost : Perf. Based Investment: $1000 #beAUSOME Opportunity: $$$ & Partner @seobrien
  15. 15. The Art of Startup MarketingFunctional Marketing: Marketing Automation - Net-Results – Track known individuals on your site ---- Score them for Sales or BD ---- Automatically email them depending on their actions – Remember: were capturing EVERY email address – Automate customer support, appear to care IMPACT? Cost : $500+ Investment: Variable #beAUSOME Opportunity: Conv. & $$$ @seobrien
  16. 16. The Art of Startup Marketing Functional Marketing: Direct Mail- Get lists overseas– is an incredible data source---- Implications to Marketing Automation?– Work with a print designer on the mailing– Mail letters, not ads– Works incredibly well for B2B IMPACT? Cost : $200 / 4000 Investment: $1500 #beAUSOME Opportunity: $$$ @seobrien
  17. 17. The Art of Startup Marketing The Finesse- Marketing SEO & Content- Public Relations- Social Media #beAUSOME @seobrien
  18. 18. The Art of Startup Marketing The Finesse: Marketing SEO & Content- Raven Tools– Think like your audience. Google does.– Track every imaginable keyword – leverage that data for SEM– Track all of your competitors – optimize realistically– Create Pages for every key concept, location, product, and service– Develop relationships with bloggers in your industry (start with affiliates)– Can be outsourced IMPACT? Cost : $500 Investment: $1500 #beAUSOME Opportunity: $$$ & Data @seobrien
  19. 19. The Art of Startup Marketing The Finesse: Public Relations- PUBLIC RELATIONS not “Press”– Deal with the press directly. Press releases only mark milestones.---- Notable business news---- Industry stories in which you are only featured---- HARO is a great place to start– Bloggers often more valuable – they understand SEO– Includes Customer Support team, return policy, review management– Consider role of Sales and Business Development IMPACT? Cost : $500 Investment: $2000 - $3000 #beAUSOME Opportunity: Awareness @seobrien
  20. 20. The Art of Startup Marketing The Finesse: Social Media- Starts with your blog!– Social marketing is about telling stories---- Blog > Facebook > Twitter---- Social validation affects SEO– Understand the impact of the @ (on Facebook too)– Trying to reach customers or partners, influencers, and media?– Fans affect conversion rates (get to 1,000) IMPACT? Cost : $500 / $75 per post Investment: $1000 #beAUSOME Opportunity: Growth @seobrien
  21. 21. The Art of Startup Marketing Putting it all together Finesse Function Foundation #beAUSOME @seobrien
  22. 22. The Art of Startup Marketing The Impact Fail, fail fast, fail Finesse frequently Collaboration and focus creates synergy Function The results that matter Foundation are not the results that matter #beAUSOME @seobrien
  23. 23. The Art of Startup Marketing Paul OBrien seobrien 512-944-0007