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Our school

  1. 1. *
  2. 2. *Hello, kids!*Tell us about your school!Hello, Nanny Shine!We live in Moscow.Welcome to ourschool #1062!We are in form 4A.
  3. 3. Hello! I’m Milena. Ourschool is big. It has morethan 800 pupils in it.There is a beautifulflower garden. There aredaffodils, daisies, tulipsand other flowers.
  4. 4. My name’s Lena. We wear a uniform inour school, and it is very comfortable.Girls wear tunics, jackets, skirts andtrousers. Boys wear trousers, jacketsand vests. The colors of our uniformare dark or light grey, pink and black.We like our school uniform!!!Do you wear a school uniform?
  5. 5. *Our classroom is very large and light. There is ourteacher’s table, twelve desks, three bookcases, aninteractive board and a lot of flowers in it.*There is a special corner in the classroom. You cansee our photos and awards there.*We do our homework, have many parties andcelebrate holidays in our classroom.*I love my school and my class!
  6. 6. This is a sportsground, where we oftenplay football and othersport games. There is arunning road and a roadfor long jumping.They’re very important forus!
  7. 7. Hi! I’m Lera.I like to go to my school gym.It is big and comfortable.I go their twice a week becauseI have PE classes. The gym helps me to keep fit.My classmates and I play different gamesthere.We enjoy our timetogether.What’s yourfavourite place atschool?
  8. 8. Our school library is big and cozy.There are a lot of bookshelveswith interesting books. We can siton the sofa and read a book whichwe prefer. Sometimes when weneed to make a report we go tothe library. Our librarians can helpus to find a book which we need.
  9. 9. My name’s Artyom.There are a lot of interesting thingspupils can do after their lessons.They can play soccer in a footballclub, paint pictures in an artclass, dance in a dance class or dokarate in a martial arts class and domany other things.What can you do afterschool?
  10. 10. After lessons I do myfavourite hobby. It isbeadweaving. Look at myworks.I made a banana, two birds, apig, a bear, a bell, asnowflake.
  11. 11. We sing in the school choir. It’sfamous in Moscow.
  12. 12. Hello! I’m Sasha. Usually atschool, we celebrate the NewYear’s party at the end ofDecember. All the children come infancy dresses. We watch shows andhave fun.Do you have school parties?
  13. 13. On March, 5 at our school we hadthe Day of the world nationalities.We represented Greece. Milenafirst talked about Greece, thenSasha read poetry, and the girlsdanced the Sirtaki. It was a reallyspecial day!
  14. 14. Hi! I’m Ira. Our canteen isvery big and nice. There aremany cozy benches and tablesin it. On the walls there aremany beautiful pictures anddecorations.Have you got lunch at school?
  15. 15. When it`s time to eat, our class withour teacher go to the canteen. Thereis a lot of tasty food and drinks, andthere is a place, where we can buysome snacks: chocolates, biscuits or acarton of orange juice.
  16. 16. *Thank you for yourattention!Good bye!See you next year inSpotlight in Russia.