My school 2012 -13


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My school 2012 -13

  1. 1. MY SCHOOL1st Primary School of Ilioupolis, Athens,Greece
  2. 2. My name is Konstadinos. My school is big and has about 25 teachers. Wehave lots of subjects: P.E., Art and Craft, Language, Maths, Geography,Science and History, Foreign Languages (English, German, French), Dramaand ICT. Mrs Irene teaches us the main subjects. Mrs Anthi teaches usEnglish.BY KONSTADINOS S.
  3. 3. The name of my school is ‘1st Primary school of Ilioupolis’. It is opposite asquare. My school has fifteen classrooms: three for year 1, two for year 2, threefor year 3, two for year 4, two for year 5 and three for year 6. Also, myschool has special classrooms like the computer lab, the drama class, the gymand the offices of the teachers and the headteacher. My school is very beautiful!!! It has a very big playground for us to playbasketball, football and handball. On the right side there are the toilets anda little park with lots of trees. On the left side there are classrooms for theyounger children, i.e. years 1, 2 and 3. Now you may be wondering where theclassrooms for older students are, namely, years 4, 5 and 6. They arestraight ahead, as you enter our school, inside the big building. Also, thereare the headteacher’s and the teachers’ offices in this building The teachers of my school are about 25: 3 for gymnastics, 3 for English,18 teachers for the mainstream subjects (Language, Maths, Physics etc.), 1for music, 1 for Social and Political Education, 1 for Environmental Education,1 for Drama, 1 for Art and Craft, 1 for German and 1 for French. The kids of my school are 300!!! My own class consists of 21 kids and thename of our mainstream teacher is Mrs Irene. She tries to make us laugh allday long and she does that very well! My favourite thing at school is talking with my friend Manos in the parkevery morning before we start lessons. We talk about gymnastics, computergames and for our next meeting to his house or to my house. BY GEORGE G.
  4. 4. My name is Telemahos. My school is opposite a square. The school has300 students and 15 classes. The teachers I have in my class are Mrs Irenewho teaches us Language, Maths, History, Geography and Science, Mrs Anthiwho teaches us English, Mr Spyros P.E., Mrs Christina teaches us Music, MrFotis teaches us ICT. BY TELEMAHOS
  5. 5. My school is in Ilioupolis and it is near my house. My school is a nice, old, big building. It has got two floors. On the firstfloor there are the three first year classes and on the second floor thereare the classes of the older pupils. My school has got a huge yard where weplay during the breaks. There are also some very old trees and beautifulflowers in the school’s garden. In my school there is also a computerclassroom, an event room where we prepare and present our school events.You can also see a theatre classroom and a gym. I’m in the fifth grade. In this class we have Mrs Irene for the basicsubjects. For the rest, we have a teacher for English and recently we got ateacher for the subject of French. Finally, we have teachers for gym, music,drama and art. I like my school and I spend nice moments there. Every day I lookforward to being there! BY ANGELIKI CH.
  6. 6. My school is big. It has some trees and two basketball courts. Thereare fifteen classrooms. There is a canteen, too. The classrooms are big and nice. In the classrooms there are desks,chairs, boards and the teacher’s desk. There are nice children’s drawings onthe walls. They are clean because we clean and tidy them. I like my school because it is big and beautiful. I’d like it to have moretrees and to be even cleaner. BY ANGELIKI M.
  7. 7. My school is big and has a basketball court, a garden, two WCs, fifteenclassrooms and about twenty-five teachers. There are many flowers andtrees and enough place for little children to play carefully. My favouriteteachers are Mrs Irene, Mirs Anthi, Mr Spyros, Mirs Christina, Miss Georgiaand Mrs Marina. I think that I have the best school! I love it so much!!!BY KATERINA
  8. 8. My name is Denise and I come from Greece. My school is in the front of a big street called Irene Street. It has300 students. Its name is 1st Primary School of Ilioupolis. It has 15classrooms and a computer lab. It has a big yard and a gym. It has a canteen,too. The teachers are very friendly and so is the headteacher. I thinkthey’re thirty. My school is old but I love it. The bad thing is that I will leave it in oneyear when we finish primary school. BY DENISE
  9. 9. I live in Ilioupolis. Every day I go to the ‘1st Primary School of Ilioupolis’ Inmy school there are 300 children and there are 15 classrooms. In the computer classroom there are 23 computers. I can learn a lot ofthings and I can find information on the internet. In the Drama classroomthere is a carpet. On the carpet my classmates and I play a lot of interestinggames! At Physical Education we play a lot of games, too. I have a lot of teachers at school. My teacher’s name is Mrs Irene, I thinkshe’s very funny and she can’t keep serious. Mrs Irene teaches us Maths,Language, History, Geography and Science. My English teacher is Miss Anthy.Miss Anthy is the best English teacher. Mr Fotis is our ICT teacher. MrPanagiotis can make statues and he paints very well. Mr Spyros, our P.E.teacher trains our team! I think he can be a world football champion. MissChristine is a music teacher; she sings wonderfully and she teaches us lots ofthings. I love my school and all the teachers; they’re very pretty and fantastic attheir work! I don’t want to change school because I don’t want to lose all myclassmates. My school is the best! BY CHRISTINE
  10. 10. My school is the ‘1st Primary School of Ilioupolis. My school is near a square. We are 300 students. We have fifteen classrooms. We have a computerlab, a gym, a drama classroom and a school yard. Our headteacher’s name is Mrs Dimitra. There are twenty-five teachers inour school. The subjects they teach are Language, Maths, Music, German,Computer Science, Physical Education, History, Physics, Geography. I like my school! BY MANOS
  11. 11. My name is Martina. I go to the 1st Primary School of Ilioupolis. There are300 students in my school. There are fifteen classrooms. There are three year 1, two year 2, threeyear 3, two year 4, two year 5 and three year 6 classrooms. There is also agymnasium and a computer lab. Our headteacher is Mrs Dimitra. There are generally 38 teachers. We haveMrs Irene, Mrs Anthi, Mrs Tania, Mr Spyros, Mr Panagiotis, Mr Fotis andMrs Christine. Mrs Irene teaches us Maths, History, Physics, Geography andReligious Education. Mrs Anthi teaches us English, Mrs Tania TheatreEducation, Mr Spyros gymnastics, Mr Panagiotis Visual Arts, Mr FotisComputer Science and Mrs Christine Music. They are very good. I like my school very much and I have a good time there! BY MARTINA
  12. 12. The name of my school is 1st Primary School of Ilioupolis. There is a computer lab and many maps in our classroom for us to learnbetter. There are fifteen classrooms and twenty-five teachers. There arethree year 1, two year 2, three year 3, two year 4, two year 5 and three year6 classrooms. The names of year 1 teachers are Mrs Rodoula, Mrs Alexandraand Mrs Efi. The names of year 2 teacher are Mrs Vagia and Mrs Catherine.The names of year 3 teachers are Mr John H., Mr John S. and Mrs Maria.The names of year 4 teachers are Mrs Filenia and Mrs Sia. The names ofyear 5 teachers are Mrs Irene and Mrs Georgia. The names of year 6teachers are Mrs Marina, Mrs Anthi and Mr Leonidas. BY NEFELI
  13. 13. My school is called 1st Primary School of Ilioupolis. The classrooms are fifteen. There are twelve classrooms for Greek andforeign languages and some extra ones used as a computer lab, a gym, adrama classroom. There is also a big canteen. There are 12 teachers and a headteacher. My teacher is Mrs Irene. Theheadteacher is Mrs Dimitra. My English teacher is Mrs Anthi, my Artteacher is Mr Panagiotis, my drama teacher is Mrs Tania, my P.E. teacher isMr Spyros, my German teacher is Mrs Georgia, my Social and PoliticalEducation teacher is Mr Joseph, my ICT teacher is Mr Fotis and my musicteacher is Mrs Christine. I like my school and I hope secondary school will be like primary school! With love, Milianna. BY MILIANNA