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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. ABOUT ME
  2. 2. My name is Alba Martinez, l´m 11 years old and my birthday is the 29th of March.
  3. 3. I go to school by car.
  4. 4. My favourite subjects are Sport, Art and Spanish Language.
  5. 5. I would like to go to New York and to Canada.
  6. 6. In this photo l was 8 years old. I was in a birthday with my friends.
  7. 7. My favourite sports are rollerblading, basket and baseball.
  8. 8. My favourite singers are Miley Cyrus and Brenda Asnicar.
  9. 9. I like reading comics, swimming, playing tennis and eating sanwiches .
  10. 10. I don´t like eating rice, playing the guitar or sailing
  11. 11. I like watching the snowy mountains.
  12. 12. My favourite animal is a panda.
  13. 13. My favourite movie is…
  14. 14. My favourite colour is blue.
  15. 15. I´ve got a dog called Nala. She´s 6 years old.
  16. 16. My favourite book is “Kika Superbruja”