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My english teacher

  1. 1. “My English Teacher.”In the course of our life, we come across different people. Some ofthem come into our life and then just leave without influencing us,while others leave an indelible imprint in our memories and determineour future life. My English teacher at high school has been one of themost influential people in my life. Not only did he teach me a lot ofuseful skills that I will definitely need in my academic life and futurecareer, but he also nurtured the most positive features in me.When I was a teenager, I was not that confident and outgoing; I wasnot talented either. I was shy and reserved. I was just an averageschoolgirl who enjoyed reading and lived in the world of her own. I didnot like my English lessons, since my teacher always looked down onall of us and disrespected most of the students in the class. Everylesson was torture for me because I felt miserable. Thus, when sheresigned, I did not feel sorry for that. When a new school year started,we had a new English teacher. I did not expect any change in myattitude to the subject, but I was wrong. Our new teacher was a stockyman of medium height in his late thirties with pepper-and-salt hair andalways dressed spic and span. His vivid dark brown eyes and radiantfriendly smile enchanted everybody at once. He had a deepknowledge and understanding of the subject and could explain to usthe most complicated issues. He encouraged us to think critically andlook at any piece of literature from different angles. He taught us toform our own opinions and feel confident about expressing them.Perhaps, one of the brightest memories about my teacher is the taskhe gave us once. It was another gloomy rainy day at the end of thewinter and all of us felt exhausted and worried after a difficult mathtest. Our teacher asked us to advertise some unreal products like amusical mousetrap or nail polish for teeth. We had to prove that ourproduct was the best and the most useful.My teacher 2
  2. 2. I am a student of Tagore International School, New Delhi. There are 100teachers in my school. My class-teacher is Mrs. Gupta. She teaches us English.She is a young lady of twenty five. She mostly wears suits and saris. Her voice isvery sweet and clear.She is a lady of discipline. No one can misbehave in her class. She is strict butnever beats anyone. She is always cheerful. She is a lady of good habits. She has agood command over English. She is an M.A. in English. She has knowledge ofother subjects. Her method of teaching is very good. She comes to school in time.All the students like her very much.She always takes keen interest in games and extracurricular activities. She is anideal teacher for me.(In the 12th grade, my English teacher was a unique person for me. I lovedhim so much. He had an amazing ability to communicate with students. Itmight be because of his young age, so he )my english teacher 3When I see the words "Educator of the Year," I think immediately of thewoman who has been there for me as an educator and as a friend, myEnglish teacher. Ms. Gaines is the most amazing teacher Ive ever had andshes helped me through everything from being sexually assaulted to friendproblems to needing a new book to read. One time, she sang us a song sowed understand the lesson! She isnt like any other teacher Ive had, sheshelped me through everything, and shes been there for me when I reallyneeded someone. I know she is so much more than the educator of theyear, because shes the educator of the century, of all time. I really dontknow what Ill do next year when I have a bad day and I wont be able toeat lunch in her room, or ask her for advice in editing my book. Just the littlethings have helped me make it through all my problems. Ms. Gaines is asmart, beautiful woman who is my best friend and my favorite teacher, and Isee her as the most amazing educator of the year.My English Teacher
  3. 3. English has always been my favorite subject, I love to read and writingpoetry is my hobby. I never knew it was possible for someone my age toactually have their own work published that is until I met Mrs. Bell mysophomore year.When Mrs. Bell told us at the beginning of the year that we would have to doat least one publication every six weeks I was excited! My work can actuallybe seen, so I got right on the first one. I went through my poems and pickedone out, and asked Mrs. Bell to help me edit it. Two weeks later I got a laterstating that my poem had been chosen to be published! If it wasn’t for Mrs.Bell, this would’ve never happened.Mrs. Bell is the type of teacher that pushes you to your fullest, and is therefor you every step of the way. She’s very loving and caring and has a tenderheart. I had never seen her get mad at us. How can someone be so toughyet so sweet at the same time? I don’t understand but I don’t really care, Ilove this teacher so much.I was sad to leave her class sophomore year, but I felt confident, I hadlearned so much that year. Everything she taught me I carried on to myjunior year and ended up being published again! I loved English more thanever before. Now that junior year was over, I could only hope that I wouldhave Mrs. Bell again for Senior English.First day of my senior year, at the top of my schedule was Mrs. Bell, EnglishAP. I was so excited; I knew she would be the perfect teacher to helpprepare me for college. It hasn’t been anything but great this year; she hashelped us so much on so many different levels in preparing us for college.Now I know for a fact I am college bound, and all I can do now is say ThankYou Mrs. Bell, I owe you everything. I would’ve never gotten this far in mywork without you Mrs. Bell. I hope everyone’s English teacher is as amazingas mine is, and they get the same opportunity to experience all the amazingthings I have experienced in High School English!