OJMR designbuild 2012


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2012 Residential Design + Build project brochure

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OJMR designbuild 2012

  1. 1. O J M R designbuild501   S   Fairfax   Avenue   Suite   202   Los Angeles   CA   90036   323   931   1007 OJMRDESIGNBUILD
  2. 2. O J M R designbuild OJMR is a fully integrated Architecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Firm specializing in high‐quality remodels, additions, new custom homes, kitchen/bath remodels and all exterior spaces. We provide excellent service for our clients from inception through to completion. We value our clients direction and enjoy the collaborative approach in achieving a unique solution to the pragmatic and look forward to a successful project in individualizing their homes to suit their taste and lifestyles. Our projects are built upon a solid foundation of design excellence, fiscal responsibility, and expert project management. We look at projects from a design perspective with a keen sense of cost and how the project will get built. OJMR has cultivated highly effective relationships with expert construction trades, material vendors, and consulting engineers enabling us to provide a comprehensive team to implement any size project locally or regionally. OJMR will even work with your interior designer or recommend a select group aligned with your taste and style to interview if desired. OJMR will also work with your preferred general contractor referred to you by your realtor or friends to create a seamless project as an alternative to the designbuild method of delivering the project.A R C H I T E C T U R E         I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N        C O N S T R U C T I O N        L A N D S C A P E PROFILE O J M R designbuild
  3. 3. S E L E C T E D  R E S I D E N T I A L  P R O J E C T SWelts Residence l id Cortez Avenue  CDesign and construction of an Interior and Design and construction of a new 2,100 SF exterior renovation of a 3,500 SF residence, residenceincluding site work and landscaping Palm Springs, CA   2006Palm Desert, CA 2010 ‐ 2011(in progress) Johnson ResidenceRising Glen Residence Design of a new 4,500 SF residenceInterior remodel of a 2,750 SF residence Westlake Village, CA 2007 (design)West Hollywood, CA  2010 (completed) 36th Street Residence Street ResidenceStrempek Residence Design of a new 3,750 SF residenceDesign of a new 2,800 SF residence Manhattan Beach, CA  2007 (completed)Chicopee, MA  2010 (completed) Hilliard ResidenceHighcliff Residence Design of a second story addition and Design and construction of a new 5,600 SF  remodeling of a 2,800 SF residenceresidence Westwood, CA  2007 (completed)Tustin Hills, CA  2009 (completed) Casa Geo : EvaMorongo Road Homes Interior remodel of a 2,400 SF residenceDesign and construction of (2) 2,1000 SF  Los Angeles, CA  2006 (completed)residencesPalm Springs, CA    2008 (completed) Lieber Residence Design of an interior and exterior remodeling for Bulwer Drive Residence a 3,500 SF residenceDesign of a new 5,500 SF residence Pasadena, CA   2006 (completed)Los Angeles, CA   2008 (design) Cardenas ResidenceLow ResidenceL R id Design  and construction of a 3,500 SF  D i d t ti f 3 500 SFDesign of a new 3,000 SF residence remodeling and second story additionPalos Verdes Estates, CA    2007 (design) Los Angeles, CA   2006 (completed)Alta Vista Residence Overlook Road ResidenceDesign of a second story and remodeling of a  Design of a new 3,000 SF residence2,400 SF residence Palm Springs, CA    2006 (completed)Los Angeles, CA   2007 (completed) El Tovar ResidenceSisson Liszt Art StudioSisson‐Liszt Art Studio Design and renovation of a 2,000 SF condo Design and renovation of a 2,000 SF condoDesign of new 1,800 SF art studio Santa Monica, CA   2005 (completed)Brentwood, CA   2006 (completed) Park Tower Residence Design and build‐out of a 5,000 SF condo Las Vegas, NV   2005 (completed) PROJECTS O J M R designbuild
  4. 4. S E L E C T E D  R E S I D E N T I A L  P R O J E C T S  page 2Jennings Residence i id Fritz Residence i idDesign and renovation of a 1,500SF condo. Design and construction of a new 2,600 SFNew York, NY 2005 (completed) residence Palm Desert, CA 2004 (completed)Stockwell ResidenceDesign , renovation and second story addition  1738 Residencefor a 3,850 SF residence Design and construction of a second story and Long Beach, CA    2005 (completed) remodeling to a 3,250 SF residence Los Angeles, CA  2004 (completed)Texas HouseTexas HouseDesign of a new 3,000 SF residence Beverly Grove ResidenceDallas, TX    2005 (design) Design of renovation to a 7,000 SF residence Trousdale Estates, CA  2003 (design)Arregoces ResidenceDesign of a second story and addition to a 3,000  Stieg ResidenceSF residence Design and renovation of a 3,850 SF residencePalos Verdes Estates, CA    2005 (design) Sherman Oaks, CA  2003 (completed)Duffy‐Martin Residence Hansen ResidenceDesign of a second story and addition to a 3,500  Design  and construction of a interior renovation SF residence to a 3,000 SF condoWest Hollywood, CA   2005 (design) Santa Monica, CA    2003 (completed)MacPherson‐Nissen Residence Strempek‐McMillan ResidenceDesign and construction of an interior and  Design  and construction of a interior renovation exterior renovation to a 2,500 SF residence to a 3,500 SF residenceLos Angeles, CA    2005 (completed) Pacific Palisades, CA   2003 (completed)Stensby ResidenceSt b R id Reiners Residence R i R idDesign of a new 4,500 SF residence Design of a renovation to a 3,500 SF residenceYorba Linda, CA    2004 (completed) San Jose, CA   2003 (design)Bell/Grant Residence Rosenfeld ResidenceDesign and build‐out of a 4,000 SF condo Design of a second story and renovation of a West Hollywood, CA    2004 (completed) 6,000 SF residence Brentwood, CA   2003 (completed)Evans Road ResidenceDesign of a new 5,800 SF residenceDesign of a new 5,800 SF residence Bighorn Estate Bighorn EstateBrentwood, CA    2004 (design) Design of a new 7,500 SF residence Palm Desert, CA   2003 (design)Toole ResidenceDesign of a 800 SF second storyMar Vista, CA     2004 (completed) PROJECTS O J M R designbuild
  5. 5. J  A Y  M.  R E Y N O L D S   AIAMr. Reynolds is the President and CEO of OJMR‐Architects, Inc. and OJMR Build, Inc. in LosAngeles, CA. He is a licensed Architect in the states of California and Texas. He graduatedfrom Columbia University New York City in 1989 with a Master of Science Degree in University,Architecture and Urban Design, and he graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1987with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture.Mr. Reynolds was a letter award winner in baseball in 1984‐85 at the University ofOklahoma and was selected in the 22nd round of the 1985 MLB amateur draft by the TexasRangers Baseball Club. He began his professional architecture career in Oklahoma Cityjoining the office of Rand Elliot + Associates while completing his undergraduate studies atthe University of Oklahoma. After graduation and a stint in minor league baseball, Mr.Reynolds moved to New York City to attend Columbia University. Upon graduation from y y y p gColumbia University, he joined I.M. Pei and Partners, NYC in 1989 where he was part of adesign team engaged in several high‐profile projects, including First Bank Place tower inMinneapolis, Thamesgate mixed‐use project in London, World Trade Center and GrandMarina Hotel in Barcelona, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington,D.C., and a private residence for Steven Jobs. Mr. Reynolds formed OJMR‐Architects in 1991in New York City, later relocating the office to Los Angeles, CA in 1994. The firm’s workincludes large‐scale master planning, urban design and architecture, and interior design fordomestic and international clients in China, India and the Middle East. Projects includemixed‐use commercial and retail, hospitality, medical, educational, and multi‐family/private residential works.f il / i id i l kThe firm’s work has been featured in a number of publications including ProgressiveArchitecture, The Japan Architect, Architectural Record, Interior Design, Los Angeles Times,Real Simple and HGTV. Reynolds’ work has been exhibited at the National BuildingMuseum, Washington, DC; Universita di Architettura Venezia, Venice, Italy; AveryHall/Columbia University, New York City; Des Moines Art Center; Pacific Design Center, LosAngeles; and Archicenter, Chicago. OJMR is featured in several books, most notably GreatHomes Under 3000 Square Feet, 100 More of the World’s Best Houses showcases OJMR onthe cover 50+ Great Bathrooms by Architects and New American Additions and cover, Architects,Renovations published by the Whitney Library of Design in 2001. His design work has twicegarnered him a place in the New Blood, 101 Emerging Architects Exhibition ‐ 1998 and2000, in Los Angeles.Reynolds is also active in various regional symposiums such as the recent Dwell MagazineON DESIGN Architectural Tour of Palm Springs, California, where Reynolds was a keyspeaker at the weekend conference discussing the future of modern architecture in PalmSprings. Mr. Reynolds has served as design instructor, lecturer, and visiting critic at OtisCollege of Art and Design, Woodbury University, USC, and Art Center.Professional License: California C23639 Texas 21246Memberships:  American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles ChapterEducation:  Columbia University, New York NY MS in Architecture and Urban Design   1989 University of Oklahoma, Norman OK Bachelor of Architecture    1987 O J M R designbuild
  6. 6. O J M R designbuild The Design / Build Process It provides the client a single source for design and construction which  will provide a quicker project delivery period. The budget is  established in the beginning preliminary design phase and is verified  at several stages through the development of the construction  documents. During construction an “open‐book” method of tracking  p j project costs is followed with all costs being pass on to the client at  gp cost. Control and management of the quality of design and  construction costing is maintained prior to final bidding by  subcontractors.  Services Design / Pre‐Construction Phase OJMR will provide budgets at various milestones Bidding Phase OJMR will competitively bid the project to qualified subcontractors  after the completion of the construction/permit drawings Construction Phase OJMR will provide Construction Cost Control accounting will provide Construction Cost Control accounting Sub‐Contractor Control and Detailed Approval Process Critical Path Scheduling Client  and Trade Communications, drawing clarifications On‐Site Project Control Quality Control Project Completion Procedures and Manuals A R C H I T E C T U R E         I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N        C O N S T R U C T I O N        L A N D S C A P E PROFILE O J M R designbuild
  7. 7. P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S O J M R designbuild
  8. 8. FRITZ RESIDENCEPalm Desert, CANew 2,600 SF custom residenceCompleted 2006 O J M R designbuild
  9. 9. FRITZ RESIDENCEPalm Desert, CANew 2,600 SF custom residenceCompleted 2006 O J M R designbuild
  10. 10. FRITZ RESIDENCEPalm Desert, CANew 2,600 SF custom residenceCompleted 2006 O J M R designbuild
  11. 11. WEBSTER RESIDENCELos Angeles, CAMaster bathroom remodelCompleted 2008 O J M R designbuild
  12. 12. LIEBER RESIDENCEPasadena, CAPasadena CAComplete remodel and exterior enhancement Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design Completed 2008 O J M R designbuild
  13. 13. LIEBER RESIDENCEPasadena, CAPasadena CAComplete remodel and exterior enhancement Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design Completed 2008 O J M R designbuild
  14. 14. LIEBER RESIDENCEPasadena, CAPasadena CAComplete remodel and exterior enhancement Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design Completed 2008 O J M R designbuild
  15. 15. MORONGO ROAD HOMES Palm Springs, CAPalm Springs CA(2) New 2,100 SF residencesArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Completed 2009 O J M R designbuild
  16. 16. MORONGO ROAD HOMES Palm Springs, CAPalm Springs CA(2) New 2,100 SF residencesArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Completed 2009 O J M R designbuild
  17. 17. PINK RESIDENCEWestwood, CAWestwood CAInterior remodel of Study, Office, Master Suite, Powder RoomArchitecture and Interior DesignCompleted 2005 O J M R designbuild
  18. 18. 1738 SHERBOURNE RESIDENCELos Angeles, CALos Angeles CAFull remodel and second story addition to original 1939 homeArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Completed 2007 O J M R designbuild
  19. 19. 1738 SHERBOURNE RESIDENCELos Angeles, CALos Angeles CAFull remodel and second story addition to original 1939 homeArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Completed 2007 O J M R designbuild
  20. 20. 1738 SHERBOURNE RESIDENCELos Angeles, CALos Angeles CAFull remodel and second story addition to original 1939 homeArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Completed 2007 O J M R designbuild
  21. 21. 1738 SHERBOURNE RESIDENCELos Angeles, CALos Angeles CAFull remodel and second story addition to original 1939 homeArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Completed 2007 O J M R designbuild
  22. 22. DEFEO RESIDENCEVenice, CAVenice CAComplete remodel and second story additionArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Completed 1996 O J M R designbuild
  23. 23. DEFEO RESIDENCEVenice, CAVenice CAComplete remodel and second story additionArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Completed 1996 O J M R designbuild
  24. 24. DEFEO RESIDENCEVenice, CAVenice CAComplete remodel and second story additionArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Completed 1998 O J M R designbuild
  25. 25. MacPHERSON/NISSEN RESIDENCESherman Oaks, CASherman Oaks CAComplete remodel including kitchen and bathroomsArchitecture, Interior Design, and ConstructionCompleted 2003 O J M R designbuild
  26. 26. MacPHERSON/NISSEN RESIDENCESherman Oaks, CASherman Oaks CAComplete remodel including kitchen and bathroomsArchitecture, Interior Design, and ConstructionCompleted 2003 O J M R designbuild
  27. 27. MacPHERSON/NISSEN RESIDENCESherman Oaks, CASherman Oaks CAComplete remodel including kitchen and bathroomsArchitecture, Interior Design, and ConstructionCompleted 2003 O J M R designbuild
  28. 28. CASA GEO:EVAHollywood Hills, CAHollywood Hills CAComplete remodel including lower level additionArchitecture, Interior Design, and ConstructionCompleted 2006 O J M R designbuild
  29. 29. HATWAN RESIDENCEStudio City, CAStudio City CARemodel and second story additionArchitecture, Interior Design, and ConstructionCompleted 2008 O J M R designbuild
  30. 30. CARDENAS RESIDENCEStudio City, CAStudio City CAComplete remodel and second story additionArchitecture, Interior Design, and ConstructionCompleted 2008 O J M R designbuild
  31. 31. JOHNSON RESIDENCESanta Clarita CASanta Clarita CANew 4,500 SF residenceArchitecture, Interior Design, Construction and Landscape Design Design & permit drawings completed 2008 O J M R designbuild
  32. 32. OVERLOOK ROAD RESIDENCEPalm Springs,  CAPalm Springs CANew 3,500 SF residenceArchitecture, and Landscape Design Completed 2007 O J M R designbuild
  33. 33. STOCKWELL RESIDENCELong Beach,  CALong Beach CARemodel and 1,250SF second story additionArchitectureDesign  and permit drawings completed 2005 O J M R designbuild
  34. 34. ROSENFELD RESIDENCEPacific Palisades,  CAPacific Palisades CAFull remodel and second story addition – 6,500 SFArchitectureDesign  and permit drawings completed 2003 O J M R designbuild
  35. 35. DUFFY/MARTIN RESIDENCELos Angeles,  CALos Angeles CAFull remodel and second story addition – 3,250SFArchitectureDesign 2006 O J M R designbuild
  36. 36. BEVERLY GROVE RESIDENCEBeverly Hills,  CABeverly Hills CAFull remodel and second story addition – 10,500SFArchitectureDesign 2007 O J M R designbuild
  37. 37. HIGHCLIFF RESIDENCETustin, CATustin CANew custom residence – 6,500SFArchitectureDesign 2008 O J M R designbuild
  38. 38. CAMPBELL RESIDENCEEast Lansing, MIEast Lansing MINew residence‐ 3,500 SFArchitectureCompleted 2008 O J M R designbuild
  39. 39. For references, additional information or you  would like to set up an initial personal consultation to discuss your  residential project , please contact  Jay M. Reynolds at jay@ojmrarchitects.net or at 323.931.1007 ext 102 501   S   Fairfax   Avenue   Suite   202   Los Angeles   CA   90036   323   931   1007 OJMRDESIGNBUILD.NET