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Conference Bridge


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Conference Bridge

  1. 1. Virtual Meeting Area In Touch Conferencing Platform Professional Services Enterprise Solutions Call Centers IVR TT/VR SIP Based IVR Call Recording Call Accounting Conference Bridge SIP Soft-phones PBX Monitoring
  2. 2. CONNECT YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY & PARTNER Poltys, a company with exceptional knowledge and expertise in developing products with and for Panasonic for over 12 years. Thousands of Panasonic end users are using Poltys software today in a variety of ways all over the world. Poltys core areas of expertise are: application developer, SIP technology developer used for Voice over IP, and professional services. Professional services allow us to deliver complete solutions to customers like you by customizing or integrating our applications with other software solutions. In Touch Meet Me conference solutions can be used as a stand alone product or become part of a suite of applications designed on open standards. We understand that communication with your people or Important customers is not only necessary it is required. The cost of traveling or using insecure conferencing solutions is both expensive and at times risky. Flexible Solutions Helping you manage your business Today technology exists to add powerful conferencing solutions at an affordable price placing you in control of your communications. Conferencing solutions available today are generally based on analog or digital technology and don’t leverage the newer technology that can save you money. Control of sensitive corporate information On the fly meeting with Dial out capability Automatic Gain Control for Audio Levels Meet me Conference with pin code for entry Easy to use Web based administration menus Calendar scheduling for recurring meetings Music on hold for attendees waiting Recordable message for attendees waiting Built in call recording of conference calls Availability of conference features 24 X 7 Easily scalable to grow with you Ability to use SIP or PRI for lines Conversion of SIP to PRI Trunk side or Extension side connections Key Benefits Non IP based conferencing solutions may limit growth to a fixed number of conference paths and adding new features may require replacement of the unit all together. The In Touch conferencing solution leverages IP technology and has the ability to connect to a PBX using SIP or PRI lines. In either case the unit can scale larger and incorporate new enhancements quickly and efficiently. In Touch starts with A PRI interface and has the capacity for 55 ports for conferencing and can scale much larger protecting your initial investment.
  3. 3. COMMUNICATING WITH EMPLOYEES IS NOW SIMPLE Dial Out Conferencing Experience the freedom of establishing the communication you need without being confined. In Touch Dial Out Conferencing will call a list of attendees and get them into the conference room for you. In Touch can store several lists and once you activate the conference room assignment it starts dialing the people on the list immediately. Fast and secure because you know who is being called. An ideal tool for management and sales to keep their teams informed of targets or strategies that change rapidly. Set a meeting schedule every week at a specified time and activate the Dial Out conference. When you are late your staff can continue to work until they get your call to start the meeting. When you have a need to communicate with your team frequently this is the easiest way to do it. When you create the Dial Out call list you have an option to record the call as well and this is stored in the system for later access if needed. For larger groups of attendees a detailed call log is also maintained by the system so you can see who attended and who did not. It has all the details about the attendees time of entry, and when they dropped from the conference room . Just like having a time keeper and note taker working for you full time keeping track of all the details.
  4. 4. Meet Me Conferencing STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR WORLD In Touch also provides you with Meet Me Conferencing as a second method of building a conference call. The Meet Me Conference Room has additional features to help you inform people attending a conference call. You can select to record calls and the call logs automatically occurring in the background with all the details related to the callers that participated in the conference. The attendee guests can also be provided a special message when entering the conference room if the moderator is not present and then hear music on hold. To establish a Meet me conference the administrator or moderator of the conference will create a name for the conference room. Next you need to establish the time for the meeting, record or select a pre-recorded announcement if required, enter a Pin and Room number to enter for the conference. You can establish the meeting as a recurring meeting for up to one year. You have an option to automatically record the conference call as well. To enter the conference room the attendees just call the DID number and enter the room number followed by the pin number.
  5. 5. Leverage the latest SIP line technology even if your system can’t support SIP. In Touch is an ideal solution that can leverage the cost savings of SIP trunks and convert them to PRI for older legacy phone systems. This gives you an added benefit of using new technology that can lower monthly line prices. In Touch conferencing solutions can be used as a stand alone solution, PRI network node connection to the PBX, or in front of the system. When the configuration is in front of the system the conference bridge can then be used to change the SIP lines to PRI for older systems to take advantage of. If you have remote workers that travel frequently and need to be included in the conference call In Touch has the ability to connect SIP based soft phones for conference attendees. And yes we make these as well. In Touch even supports connection to the PBX using SIP extensions from the PBX. Simply Elegant Scalable IP Conferencing solution 23 Party conference attendees in basic unit 55 Port capacity Expansion to over 100 Party conference attendees *  Maximum 50 conference rooms per unit Industrial Server 4U platform 80 Gig Drive Standard Optional 500 Gig Mirror Drives & Redundant Power Recording time based on disk size 80 Gig Drive 2,700 Hours 500 Gig Drive 17,000 Hours * Note : Requires Higher End Server configuration In Touch General Specifications
  6. 6. Application Suite Feature Matrix 3300 N. Main Street, Suite D Anderson, SC 29621-4128 864.642.6103 phone 864.752.1568 fax