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C-Zentrix is one among the leading companies providing Contact Centre Software and Enterprise Solutions with a difference.
Our Products and Services are extensively used for Predictive Dialing, Inbound / Outbound telephone calls, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice Logging, IP-PBX, Voice Commerce and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

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C-Zentrix Company Profile

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. Company TVT is incorporated in 2002 More than 200 clients across the globe from various domains Over 15,000 seats in active useTechnology Contact Center Technology Specialists – World’s First Single Box Solution capable of handling over 200 simultaneous calls Expertise in VoIP, TDM, Linux, RTOS, Networking and Web Applications
  3. 3. Victor Alexander ( Chief Executive Officer) 37 years of work experience Worked with IBM (Middle East / Europe Operations) in Senior Management Abhijit Chaterjee (Director –Technology) Bhishm Sharma (Director – Development) M.sc. Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur & ME ME (Hons)Computer Science, BITS-Pilani (Hons)Computer Science, BITS-Pilani 10 years of experience in various software 12 years of experience in Telecom, platforms Networking, Linux kernels Saket Setu (Director –Marketing) Sharad (Director – Voice Commerce) MBA in international business from Serial Entrepreneur - cofounder electronic IIFT , New Delhi and mobile payment companies like A Little Young and Enterprising director with World, ATOM 10 years of work experience 11 years of experience has involved ideation, strategizing, creating development teams and exploring new business 30 Development Engineers opportunities 24 Support Engineers
  4. 4. - Rajiv Mishra (Religare Technova)
  5. 5. Contact Center Solutions In- built IPBX Powerful ACD IVR - XML based IVR Builder Auto Dialer with Progressive/Preview/ Auto-Preview/ Predictive modesC-Zentrix Express Voice Logger Capacity to Support 150-180 Customizable Agent Screen(CRM)simultaneous blended(Inbound and Verifier ModuleOutbound) seats with 240 voice MIS Reportingchannels VoIP Gateway C-Zentrix Express can be integrated Payment gateway moduleswith third party systems like SAGE, Skill Based Routing / DNC SupportMicrosoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM for Robo calling / Timezone based callingCRMs and with Nuance / MScriber / Barge-in/Whispering SupportSprec / Vachak for ASR and TTS Remote Agent Support Conformance to PCI DSS Conference Support Unlimited Campaigns and Lists Multi-tenant
  6. 6. Contact Center Solutions LDAP Integration of company’s HR system Access and automatic backup any node’s voice log, data and reports C-Zentrix Distributed Ability to update/add any node or group Manage multiple call centers from a of nodes from central viewcentral location Ability to change the dial plan for an Each node can have 150-180 node and route calls to other nodesblended seats on a single server Barge In to any call on any node from the Central command can login to the central servercentral server and access any node of Automatic generation of SMS and EmailC-Zentrix to see live status of calling, to IT administrators, if any malfunction withbarge in to any call, have backup of server.the voice logs of any remote locationautomatically
  7. 7. Contact Center Solutions C-Zentrix Clustered C-Zentrix Clustered can handled upto 1000 seats targeted for largeEnterprises which cater to multipleprocesses/clients Self heal mechanism to identifyissues with the telephony engines andfix it automatically with manualintervention
  8. 8. Contact Center Solutions C –Zentrix Conf Plus C-Zentrix Conf Plus is an advanced conferencing bridge solution Multiple Meeting Rooms Simultaneously with 120 people for single conferenceAuthentication based access to conference roomAdd conference room dynamicallySet Monitor only mode (Listen only , No talking)Inbuilt Voice Logger for 100% recording of the conference in WAV/MP3 formatProgressive addition of the members to the ongoing conferencePre-Scheduling ConferencesEmail and SMS Notification for conferencesCapability to bridge conference call over Analog/Digital/VoIP LinkZip Tone alert for members already in conferenceMute and Un-mute conference by the adminFacility to create multiple supervisors by the super admin for the conference
  9. 9. C-Zentrix Custom CRMSales lead management(SL-CRMs)Trouble Ticketing and customer support(TTS CRMs) Patient appointment management(PA-CRMs) Voice Commerce Payment gateway. IVR based transaction platform ASR, TTS and Speaker Identification integration with third parties already or in plan
  10. 10. C-Zentrix customers are backed by 24 X 7 support engineersround the clock Multi mode support on chat, phone and E-mail; On groundlocal engineers to handle issues on sites; resident engineers forlarge contact centers Auto escalations by the Ticketing system High Responsiveness and accountability TAT for critical issues is less than 10 minutes
  11. 11. Requirements Solution Implemented For a large telecom process need a fully C-Zentrix Mini Cluster implementedredundant inbound call center solution in withmultiple locations Three Server architecture to Solution had to have 0% downtime with 24x7 handle hundreds ofavailability as hundreds of customer were calling simultaneous calls withat any given time of the day automatic failover to ensure 100% call logging zero downtime due to hardware Call barging to monitor calls from anywhere failureusing any phone Voice Logger Highlights of the implementation • C-Zentrix has proved to be a reliable, robust solution for this most punishing process with zero tolerance for any downtime • Innovative solution implement to allow Telecom officials to call from any landline or mobile or barge on agent calls
  12. 12. Requirements Solution Implemented Set up 24 X 7 support team for co-location C-Zentrix Express is implemented withteam who internally manages client’s rack ACD (Automatic callservers distribution) to route calls Maintain the database of all clients with Voice Loggerserver rack details Trouble ticketing CRM with all 100% call logging client’s rack server database Call barging to monitor calls by theadministrator Highlights of the implementation • C-Zentrix has proved to be best cost effective solution • Ticketing System was dynamically designed to add and manage client’s database with multiple logins
  13. 13. Requirements Solution Implemented Dr Fixit wanted to establish an Advice center C-Zentrix is implemented withfor all its customers over a national toll free Language based routingnumber algorithm was implemented for Calls have to routed to agents based on call distributionlanguage SMS and Email integration Remote monitoring facility was done to send emails and Trouble ticketing system with email and sms sms to customersintegration Redundancy servers Zero Downtime and customized IVR system configured to ensure zero downtime Highlights of the implementation • Dr. Fixit Advice Centre has grown from being a customer enquiry service to business lead generation system • Trouble ticketing CRM has evolved to full fledged lead management system
  14. 14. Requirements Solution Implemented Needed an effective Tele calling solution to C-Zentrix Distributed is implemented atreach more and more customers multiple locations Centrally manage all the leads to different • Allows to listen and download allcenters across the country voice logs of different locations Agents should log on to C-Zentrix using their • LDAP authentication module isLDAP ids integrated Real time calling campaigns for leads which • SMS leads were integrated withcome through SMS real time calling campaigns 100% Voice Recordings • Redundancy servers are placed in Zero Down time all location and central back up system facility is available Highlights of the implementation • Agents productivity was doubled after dialer implementation • Leads and call logs are centrally maintained and distributed without any hassles • Lombard is expanding the dialer integrations to all its locations
  15. 15. For Further InformationSaket Setu+91 9810 509 403; saket@tvtworld.comSharad Aggarwal+91 9967 653 537; sharad@tvtworld.comVishal Sharma+91 9535 000 579; vishal@tvtworld.com