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  1. 1. Power Plant Startup andCommissioning Services A proven plan using dedicated resources
  2. 2. Startup and commissioning activities of a steam generating or environmental equipment control system will directly influence the ultimate success of an entire project. Proper strategic planning is key to avoiding delays, cost overruns and potential safety hazards. Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc. (B&W PGG) has a dedicated staff and the resources available to administer its proven startup and commissioning plan for your power plant project. The group is centralized at our headquarter offices to facilitate direct involvement with planning and implementation activities. Our startup and commissioning services are a natural extension that bridge the gap between equipment design,construction and full plant operation.
  3. 3. B&W PGG’s startup and commissioning professionals have extensive knowledge of our equipment, resulting in a faster turnover of plant operation to the customer.Startup and commissioning capabilitiesfor power plant applicationsB&W PGG provides startup and commissioning servicesfor the entire steam generator and environmentalequipment systems, including:• Boilers and auxiliary equipment• Wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems• Dry FGD systems• Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems• Fabric filter baghouses• Mercury control systemsApplications include new installations or retrofitsfor both utility and industrial customers.
  4. 4. Planning philosophy provides benefits B&W PGG believes that commissioning and startup engineering system boundaries. These equipment planning should begin during the design of the original boundaries provide isolation from other systems and equipment. minimize project interference. This allows individual engineering systems to be completed and tested We design our boilers and environmental equipment without interruption of other work and thus, helps considering future startup and commissioning activities to shorten the project span. and ultimate turnover to the customer by establishing The project is designed and organized such that material delivery, installation and the startup and commissioning sequence are established from a very early stage in the project lifecycle. This method has proven effective in eliminating many of the issues inherent in developing this plan as the project progresses. Utilizing B&W PGG’s startup and commissioning services, the customer will benefit from our: • dedicated startup and commissioning staff, • proven and organized planning process, • seamless integration between engineering systems, • more simplified and structured turnover of To facilitate communication, A dedicated staff of plant operations, and planning and implementation professionals will be on site • extensive boiler system and environmental activities, the startup and to direct, coordinate and equipment expertise.commissioning group is centralized perform startup activities at our headquarter offices. based on the detailed plan.
  5. 5. A dedicated staff B&W PGG’s dedicated B&W PGG has assembled a team dedicated solely to performing startup and startup and commissioning commissioning activities. They work closely with our design, construction and professionals effectively technical field engineers to develop the most effective, safe and efficient startup bring together various plan for the project. In addition to planning, this dedicated staff of professionals disciplines for a seamless will be on site to direct, coordinate and perform all startup activities based on theturnover of plant operations to the owner. plan. They also have extensive knowledge of our equipment, resulting in a faster turnover of plant operation to the customer. The skilled staff of the commissioning group has expertise in the following technical areas: • Analytical analyses of process chemistry • Performance optimization • System reliability • Operating data monitoring and reduction Various responsibilities for startup and commissioning activities are administered by these B&W PGG professionals: • Technical adviser • Commissioning engineer • Commissioning technician • Commissioning test engineer • Commissioning manager • Training coordinator
  6. 6. Working closely with the customer, our professionalsproperly check all equipment and systems to assurethat the plant is complete and will perform in a safe,satisfactory, controlled and efficient manner.A proven processPrior to operation, all equipment and systems must be Progress monitoring procedures – describes theproperly checked to assure that the plant is complete methods that will be used to effectively monitorand will perform in a safe, satisfactory, controlled and progress such as regularly scheduled meetings thatefficient manner. B&W PGG provides a detailed startup increase in frequency as the project nears completion.and commissioning plan to verify that the structures,components and systems will perform as designed. Technical manual – includes technical procedures on how to checkout and startup all pieces of equipmentThis plan includes the following: and components during the startup activity phases.Administrative manual – details the startup organiza- Procedures in this manual provide general checkouttion; describes interfaces throughout the startup phase and startup methodology for the various pieces ofof the project and the respective responsibilities of all equipment.parties; discusses the methodology for the turnover Checkout procedures – includes detailed and specificof equipment, components, systems and structures procedures on how to checkout and startup eachbetween construction, startup, and plant operations; engineering system. These procedures are preparedand addresses the various reports and overall control at the engineering system level.and procedural methods which have been institutedfor the startup phase.
  7. 7. Turnover packages – describes the startup segmentof the project which begins when the facility, or aportion of the facility, is mechanically and operationally “I wonder if the installationready to begin startup checkout activities. The sequence will affect commissioningstartup segment ends when all testing phases have of the unit?”been completed and the portion of the facility, orengineering system, is turned over to plant operationsfor control. “Will my equipment be started up safely and per the vendorStartup schedule – establishes a detailed schedule recommendations?”to effectively monitor all startup activities beginningwith the initial system turnover from construction tofinal system turnover to plant operations. The startup “Should I include andschedule is formulated to support the major project schedule additional vendormilestones and to ensure that the components and support for startup?”equipment for each milestone have been thoroughlytested and checked out. “What is my manpowerCommencement of acceptance tests – once loading for startup andeach engineering system undergoes the following commissioning?”procedures, the facility will be ready to enter theacceptance test phase of the project:• Mechanical/electrical completion of turnover from construction to startup B&W PGG has the answer• Startup, checkout and testing activities to these and all your startup• Operational system tests and ultimate and commissioning questions. turnover from startup to plant operations B&W PGG provides a detailed startup and commissioning plan to verify that the structures, components and systems will perform as designed.
  8. 8. B&W PGG is a total package provider of complete power plant and environmental equipment, services and construction. Our dedicated startup and commissioning services are a natural extension that bridge the gap between equipment design, construction and full plant operation. www.babcock.comBabcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc. Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc. is a subsidiary of20 S. Van Buren Avenue The Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W). Established in 1867, B&W isBarberton, Ohio 44203 USA a world leader in providing steam generating and emissions controlPhone: 330.753.4511 equipment, nuclear operations and components, and defense programFax: 330.860.1886 management services.The information contained herein is provided for general information For more information, or a complete listing of our sales and servicepurposes only and is not intended nor to be construed as a warranty, anoffer, or any representation of contractual or other legal responsibility. offices, call 1-800 -BABCOCK (222-2625), send an e-mail to, or access our Web site.© 2008 Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.All rights reserved.E101-3201 2KDC8E