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New Asset Commissioning Process at Shell


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Capital projects requires significant work up front – planning, engineering, development, testing. If the process is fragmented, handoffs and misunderstandings delay startup - it’s all investment and no return, millions of dollars lost. Shell Oil, one of the pioneers of business process management, tackled this problem through a new Commissioning-to-Operations process.

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New Asset Commissioning Process at Shell

  1. 1. New Asset Commissioning and Startup A Process Approach Webinar June 1, 2016 Tom Purves Hickory Ridge Development Company To subscribe to the webinar series, email or call 617 245 0265
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  3. 3. 2©2016 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. The Challenge Major Capital Asset Commissioning and Startup (CSU) activities are very intensive, highly visible and complex CSU occurs at the point in a project where the vast majority of the money has been sunk and the owners are anxious for returns Many different systems or approaches have been used yet success seems to depend more on individuals involved Common belief has been that this activity is too dynamic and complex to use process thinking Overlap with construction completion provides point of conflict
  4. 4. 3©2016 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. A Recent Example
  5. 5. 4©2016 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. The Evolution of C&SU Approaches People Dependent Contractor Led Defined Boundaries Lengthy Process Custom Checklists Inconsistent Results Difficult Handover Procedure Dependent Joint Teams Defined Boundaries Shorter Process Standard Checklists Better Results Handovers Planned “Best Practices” Process Driven Owners Team Few Boundaries Eliminate Time Waste Standard Checklists Excellent Results No Handover Solid Foundation for Normal Operations 1980’s and Earlier 1990’s – 2000‘s 2012 (this project)
  6. 6. 5©2016 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. Our Approach Requirements Processes To Deliver Requirements Jobs and Tools to Execute Processes Organization to Support People
  7. 7. 6©2016 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. Operationalizing the Approach “Seamless CSU to Operation” strategy Standard operating and maintenance processes People who would ultimately operate and maintain the asset Scaled up processes to use in high-demand environment Organization in place at start of CSU Process and hardware learned simultaneously Clean break with construction Result: Virtually no “handover”
  8. 8. 7©2016 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. Your Turn