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Startling presentations:some useful guidelines


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Dra. Núria Hernández Nanclares, from Universidad de Oviedo, has prepared this presentation to show her students that there are amazing ways to present ideas or projects: sliduments are killing us so, please, be creative and enjoy presenting.
There are three stages necessary to do a superb presentation: Fist, preparation; second, design, and third, delivery. Go through this presentation to gather some useful ideas about them.

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Startling presentations:some useful guidelines

  1. 1. Startling Presentations: Some helpful guidelines Dra. Núria Hernández Nanclares Dpto. Economía AplicadaImage courtesy of twobee/
  2. 2. What makes good presentations? Preparation Design DeliverySource: Ernest von Rosen, Image: creativedoxfoto /
  3. 3. Preparation Image: creativedoxfoto /
  4. 4. Questions to ask!!! How much time do I have? What’s the venue like? What time of the day? Who is the audience? What’s their background? What do they expect of me? Why was I asked to speak? What do I want them to do? What visual medium? What’s the story here? What is the fundamental purpose of my talk?…Image: graur codrin /
  5. 5. What ‘s my absolutely central point?Image: porbital /
  6. 6. Why does it matter?
  7. 7. Planning analog!!! Image: sixninepixels /
  8. 8. Image: nuttakit /
  9. 9. Now...make the presentation Image: Ohmega1982 /
  10. 10. What does make the message stick? Simplicity Unexpectedness Concreteness Credibility Emotions Stories
  11. 11. Designmatters!!! Image: creativedoxfoto /
  12. 12. Youre Killing Me With PowerPoint! Image: zirconicusso /
  13. 13. Avoid “slideument”
  14. 14. Empty space
  15. 15. Only... thing remember per slideImage: Stuart Miles /
  16. 16. Image: digitalart /
  17. 17. Other presenting approaches exist...
  18. 18. And the “Golden rules” are.... Simplicity Clarity Brevity Image: Idea go /
  19. 19. Delivery
  20. 20. Know your audience
  21. 21. Put in place of your audience
  22. 22. Connect with your audience Image: Salvatore Vuono /
  23. 23. Communication!!!
  24. 24. Presenting as storytelling
  25. 25. Get inspired by masters!!! xnP_G5s&feature=related
  26. 26. “A journey of athousand miles begins with a single step” Lao-tzu