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Converging People Before Formats


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Converging People Before Formats

  1. 1. Convergingpeople beforeformats
  2. 2. We are @Carlsonator (consultant) &@steveWINton (hacker)We <3 digital innovation, socialbusiness, behaviour change, andDISRUPTION!
  3. 3. Today…Where we’ve been: DatacopterWhere we are now: Drugs LivePiloting working directly with a production companySo what next?
  4. 4. Datacopter!
  5. 5. Channel 4 / The Promise / Twitter Tracker
  6. 6. Channel 4 / Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial
  7. 7. Channel 4 / Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial
  8. 8. Behind the scenes…Working directly with aproduction company to createa programme with socialbaked into the editorial
  9. 9. But first, let us set the toneWe’re sharing our ownexperience – not necessarily abalanced view(although we have tried)
  10. 10. <insert audience engagement here/>
  11. 11. Goal: Creating a one off programmewith digital baked into the editorial
  12. 12. Three parties…C4 (Publisher, parent, matchmaker)P (Production company)NM (Digital company)
  13. 13. Three perspectives…
  14. 14. “Off you go kids, makeus a trulysocial, convergedformat!” C4
  15. 15. “Oh boy! We’re gonna get ourstuff on the telly!!!” NM
  16. 16. “Whatevs. We’ve got a programmeto make. Not that bothered aboutthe website.” P
  17. 17. Exhibit A. “How about we make you an NM ipad app to feed tweets as they happen to the presenters!” P “What? But what if no one tweets? No one uses Twitter do they?? Too risky.” NM “:(”
  18. 18. Exhibit B. NM “Aaargh, we need those design assets NOW!” “Oh, those wont be ready P until a week before TX.” :( “We have this small .gif from C4 marketing” NM “:(:(”
  19. 19. Exhibit C. “So we’re totally gonna gamify the NM cognitive tests, we’ve commissioned a games designer, engagement’s gonna go off the chart!!” “No. You can’t do that. It will :( P compromise the integrity of the scientific study.” NM “:(:(:(”
  20. 20. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not all doom andgloom…We thrive on the newExciting to be piloting a new way of workingC4 very supportive and visionaryWe got some insight into a culture other than ourown little tech bubbleDid we mention… telly is EXCITING!!!! :)
  21. 21. TV people Digital peopleConcept happens early, designlater "painting the set on day of Design happens early, often firstTX" FledglingMore stable, less industry, evolving, constantlychangeable, muture industry changing, attracts chameleon typesRisk averse, nothing left to chance Release early and often, neverand finished products, MVP is BIG finished, always evolving, MVP is smallMass market, accessible (most Niche, long tailpeople dont tweet)Traditionally considered first Traditionally considered last… …
  22. 22. Fundamentally we are all ideas people wholove creating entertainment experiences
  23. 23. How can we learn to work together tocreate innovations in convergence?
  24. 24. Green shoots…Channel 4s programme:secondments, asking digitalcompanies for TV ideas, Fuel 4Super indies bring digital in:Endemol have a DigitalBoard, Freemantle have a digitaldivision, others have madeacquisitionsIndividuals acting as conduits;Connect4productions
  25. 25. What we’re doingPartnering: productioncompanies, writersPitching product ideas -staying closer to the digitalendSharing knowledgeMaking mistakes, hedging ourbets, feeling around, findingour way
  26. 26. And you?
  27. 27. Thanks! :)@NixonMcInnes / @Carlsonator / @steveWINton
  28. 28. Picture creditsPandas: poll: the scenes: woods: