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How to document a community project with digital media


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Presentation by ABC Open Central Victoria at ANHLC conference 22 March 2012.

Tips on ways to document a community project with photography and video.

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How to document a community project with digital media

  1. How to documenta community project with digital media
  2. #abcopen@abcopen_vicABC OPEN
  3. What is ABC OPEN? A big, exciting new project that you can be part of. We invite regional communities toproduce and publish photos, stories,videos, and sound through the ABC. We help you make stories.
  4. People tell stories about their lives and communities. Stories are made by you, not journalists.
  5. ABC Open :• runs free workshops• teaches digital media skills from photography, audio and video recording, editing and social media
  6. How do Neighbourhood Houses and ABC Open work together in Victoria?
  7. Since Sept 2010, neighbourhood houses in Victoria have offered over 100 workshops
  8. run by ABCOpen producers
  9. where peoplehave produced over 500
  10. Now and Then at Buninyong Community Housephotos
  11. Buddha in a Chocolate Box music video in Port Fairyvideos
  12. Guest blogger at Our Place, Eaglehawkblogs
  13. The Moment Behind The Photo at Swan Hill Community Housedigital stories
  14. video at Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre What is a‘community project’?
  15. Examples?• pilot • collaborative• one-off • with partnerships• short term • important• long term • less important• ongoing • interesting• funded • radical• volunteer run • critical/not critical to document
  16. 2 example projects
  17. • What are the different stories in your project?• Which are the most interesting?• And most important?• Are there stories happening NOW?• Are there things you could ALWAYS record?
  18. What parts to document?
  19. What parts to document? Before the project starts:the location, the problem before it’s solved, how things are now
  20. 2 example projects?
  21. What parts to document? the inspiration:sketches, ideas, scribbles, dreams, feelings
  22. What parts to document? the planning: meetings, surveys, flyers
  23. What parts to document? the planning: models, maps, plans
  24. What parts to document? milestones: work begins, start of a new phase
  25. What parts to document? special events
  26. What parts to document? interesting or extraordinary things
  27. What parts to document? resources:tools, equipment, materials
  28. What parts to document? people doing stuff! (action shots)
  29. What parts to document?the different people involved
  30. What parts to document? small details
  31. What parts to document? place markers:signs, landmarks, street signs
  32. What parts to document? other documentation (bits of paper!)
  33. Photo tips basic cameratraining: portrait, landscape and macro
  34. Photo tipsKeep a notebook with you: • who • location• quote from them
  35. Photo tips Take 5:Take at least 5 photos each time
  36. Photo tipsTry different angles: • your view • up high • down low • from the side
  37. Photo tipsFor people:Go in closer
  38. Photo tipsFor people:Photograph hands
  39. Video tips• lean the camera on something or use a tripod • keep it short 1 -3 mins • & simple: a video interview + photos
  40. How could we document the 2example projects?
  41. Photo and video tips file well! (so that anyone can make sense of what’s there)
  42. Photo and video tips borrow ideas of simple ways to record a ‘story’
  43. Who is this for? • the community • stakeholders • the world! • people who know nothing about the project• the next generation
  44. FlickrPhotos How to share photos: online eg
  45. organise into sets
  46. don’t forget the description!
  47. How to share photos: • website • eNews • your Facebook • others Facebook • Twitter
  48. How to share photos: offline albums, boards, newsletter, email
  49. Where toshare or
  50. Things to considerWhat are the different stories in your project?Which are the most interesting? And most important? Are there stories happening NOW? Are there things you could ALWAYS record?
  51. Things to consider What parts to document? Who documents? Who manages?Training? Time? Equipment? Where it goes? How build documentation into your project plan? Who is this for?
  52. Photo credits from Flickr The Learning Community