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Philanthrogeek gmn 14.2


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Updated slides for a recently presented Grant Managers Network webinar.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Philanthrogeek gmn 14.2

  2. 2. OVERVIEW The Social Giving Framework Social Media for Grantmakers Data: Big, Open, Strategic Crowdfunding + Grantmaking
  3. 3. What’s the problem? Philanthropy is seen, when it is seen, as… Elitist Opaque Inaccessible Unaccountable Fickle Arbitrary Secretive Arrogant = Anti-Social
  4. 4. What’s the problem? Challenging the effectiveness of the “strategic philanthropy” model in a complex world. …strategic philanthropy assumes that outcomes arise from a linear chain of causation that can be predicted, attributed, and repeated, even though we know that social change is often unpredictable, multifaceted, and idiosyncratic… Emergent strategy does not attempt to oversimplify complex problems, nor does it lead to a “magic bullet” solution that can be scaled up. Instead, it gives rise to constantly evolving solutions that are uniquely suited to the time, place, and participants involved. It helps funders to be more relevant and effective by adapting their activities to ever-changing circumstances and engaging others as partners without the illusion of control. - John Kania, Mark Kramer, & Patty Russell, “Strategic Philanthropy for a Complex World”
  5. 5. It doesn’t have to be this way. The social giving framework provides new directions.
  6. 6. Social Giving Values Participation Transparency Accessibility Clarity Accountability Trust Vulnerability Open systems
  7. 7. SOCIAL GIVING BENEFITS Philanthropy Designing for Innovation Disrupt negative power dynamics. Tap into community and crowd power (money, knowledge, action). Engineer for serendipitous connections. Takes the power of joy, play & identity in giving seriously. Millennial ready.
  8. 8. Social Giving Overview social media open data How? micro-grants giving circles crowdfunding
  9. 9. Social Giving Overview social media Today crowdfunding data
  10. 10. Social Media If you show your human side by communicating like a human being, chances are good you will be seen as accessible and approachable. Then you are on your way to establishing a relationship and building trust. - Marie Deatherage, Meyer Memorial Trust, Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency
  11. 11. Social Media
  12. 12. Social Media Strategically motivated sharing: Save time! (no, really) Enhance proposal quality & fit. Celebrate & engage grantees. Accelerate organizational learning. Build thought leadership. Transparency: give an “inside look.”
  13. 13. Social Media Case Study: Knight Foundation Note the high ratio of “re-tweets” A grantee celebrating a grantmaker!
  14. 14. Social Media Case Study: Case Foundation Visual content
  15. 15. Social Media Getting started Listen: start with grantees. Choose one “audience” profile. Choose one platform. Leverage your existing information assets: subscriptions, internal reports, etc.
  16. 16. Social Media: a word of warning - Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency
  17. 17. Social Media Questions & Discussion
  18. 18. Data What’s a data strategy good for? Save time! (yes, really) Reduce bias and arbitrary decisions. Equity in accountability (aka transparency). Attract new expertise.
  19. 19. Data Data terms to know Open data Big listening Ambient data
  20. 20. Data Initiatives: Fdn. Ctr. Reporting Commitment
  21. 21. Data Reporting Commitment: What is hGrant?
  22. 22. Data Initiative: Ashoka Feedback Labs
  23. 23. Data Getting started Start simply, change culture. Share aggregate impact metrics creatively. Embrace social media. Research hGrant compatibility. Produce and share grantee perception reports.
  24. 24. A note on transparency It’s coming, with or without you. Speak Truth to Money Honest Feedback to Improve Philanthropy Foundations are beginning to publish their grantee perception reports. Form 990 will be machine readable soon!
  25. 25. Data Questions & Discussion
  26. 26. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers
  27. 27. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers Why should grantmakers care? Save time! (ok, maybe) Surprise: the crowd has more $ and knowledge than you. Build your grantees’ capacity: capital, supporters/volunteers, new leaders.
  28. 28. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers New study Based on this evidence, the change from a hierarchical expert‐led system to a mixed expert and crowd‐based one may have large positive effects on the types of innovations that the system produces, as allowing more ideas to come to fruition has been shown to lead to increased innovation quality. Similarly, a crowdfunding approach has the ability to include individuals who would not otherwise have access to… A more diverse pool of individuals can further increase innovation. - Ethan Mollick and Ramana Nanda, “Wisdom or Madness? Comparing Crowds with Expert Evaluation in Funding the Arts”
  29. 29. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers Case study: Kickstarter Curated Pages
  30. 30. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers Case study: Kansas City 10% Crowdfunding Requirement
  31. 31. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers Case Study: ioby grantmaker collaborations +
  32. 32. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers Case Study: StartSomeGood collaboration + 3 pilots 4.5 x the match in crowd $
  33. 33. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers Case Study: Kapor Center & Black Girls Code + $27K match generated $114k New messaging: Everyone’s gift matters!
  34. 34. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers Getting started Play with the platforms & give. Survey your grantees for interest. Reach out to the platform leads. Pilot a campaign match. Advanced: find your next grantee through a platform.
  35. 35. Crowdfunding for Grantmakers Questions & Discussion
  36. 36. Resources Strategic Philanthropy for a Complex World Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency Infographic: What’s Trending With Foundations and Social Media infographic The Value Added of Engagement (on foundation executives using Twitter) Knight Foundation on Twitter: Case Foundation on Twitter:
  37. 37. Resources, continued Also see Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s various social media accounts: On “Big Listening,” Beth Kanter interviews Rachel Weidinger of Upwell Is “Ambient Data” from Social Media Channels Useful for Funders? Reporting Commitment Map reporting-commitment-map The hGrant format used by the Reporting Commitment Ashoka Feedback Labs:
  38. 38. Resources, continued Kansas City Community Capital Fund Case development-tool/ Kickstarter curated pages ref=home_curated ioby collaborations • • StartSomeGood Network Pages (like Kickstarter’s curated pages) Black Girls CODE/Kapor Center case study joined-crowd/
  39. 39. Thank you! Nathaniel James,, @nj140 on Twitter, @Pg33k on Twitter The Philanthrogeek fire hose of links: