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3 Ways to Use Social Media for Fundraising


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See3 CEO Michael Hoffman gave this talk to the 2013 International Fundraising Conference in the Netherlands. Watch to find out why what you thought you knew about social media fundraising should go right out the window.

3 Ways to Use Social Media for Fundraising

  1. 3  Smart  Ways  to  use  Social   Media  for  Fundraising   Presented  at  the  Interna:onal  Fundraising  Congress  –2013  
  2. WHO AM I?! •  Former senior nonprofit fundraiser and political consultant" •  Online marketing and communications specialist" •  Founded See3 Communications to merge video and the web for richer donor engagement experiences " Email me – " "
  3. This  presenta,on  is  only  made  possible  because  of  the  contribu,ons  of  those   that  think  a  lot  about  this  subject.  In  par,cular,  let’s  thank:     Beth  Kanter   Look  them  up  on   Slideshare  and  Google  and   see  their  awesomeness   Darian  Rodriguez  Heyman   Carie  Lewis  Carlson   Lesley  Mansford  
  4. You don’t have to look far to find people in fundraising who think social media is a waste of time. Is it a coincidence that most of those people are in the direct mail business? " "
  5. Direct  Mail  lands  a  punch  to  Social  Media’s  head   Well, they do have a point: Digital fundraisers have been talking about the decline and death of direct mail for a decade or more, but that’s not what’s happening. " " Direct mail produces dollars. " "
  6. Social  Media  for  Fundraising   AWESOME?   OR   STINKY?  
  7. Why  do  organiza,ons  use  social   media?   Unlike  direct  mail,  which  has  the  singular  focus  of  fundraising   and  is  a  closed  system  that  can  be  measured  to  the  nth  degree,   social  media  is  used  for  many  reasons  by  organiza9ons:     •  Awareness   In  social  media,  lots  of   •  Customer  Service   teams  involved  (press,   marke,ng,   •  Advocacy   programming)  &  lots   •  Counter  nega,ve  stories   of  goals  >>  a  lack  of   clarity,  and  a  wide   •  Stewardship  of  exis,ng  supporters   variety  of  ac,ons  to   •  Fundraising   take.   •  Understand  consumer  interest  and  behavior  
  8. Let’s   Look  at   Some   Numbers  
  9. This  number  represents  the  12   month  value  of  a  donor  that  came  in   from  Facebook  across  all  dona,on   sources.  So  donors  who  like  are   worth  this  much  over  12  months.  Of   course  only  a  frac,on  of  the  likers  on   a  page  are  actually  donors.  And,  this   is  an  average  of  averages  across  a   select  group  of  organiza,ons.  So   what  does  this  really  mean  for  you?       2012  Nonprofit  Social  Media  Benchmark  Report   This  number  doesn’t   mean  what  you  think.  
  10. Source:  M&R/NTEN  e-­‐benchmark  study   It’s  useful  to  just  look   at  the  overall  scale   right  now  of  social   compared  to  other   methods  of  reaching   donors.      
  11. Clearly,  there  is  a   connec,on  between   social  media  and  people’s   awareness  of  and   connec,on  to  causes  –   even  if  the  fundraising   results  are  lagging.       Source:  Stanford  Social   Innova,on  Review      
  12. Source:  Waggener  Edstrom  Digital  Persuasion  Report   And  just  as  clearly,  there  is   poten,al  when  someone   learns  about  causes  to  get   them  more  engaged,  even  if   we  don’t  believe  all  these   numbers  we  see  from  self-­‐ reported  surveys.    
  13. What  Should  You  Do?  
  14. The  lack  of  clarity  in  terms  of  what   is  possible  should  not  become  a   lack  of  clarity  inside  the   organiza,on  about  the  amount  of   ,me  we  spend  on  social  media.  If   learning  is  a  goal,  fine,  but  let’s  set   clear  investment  boundaries  and   have  expecta,ons  about  what   should  happen  –  even  if  the  goals   lean  toward  experimenta,on.    
  15. 3  Places  Social  Media  Works  for  Fundraising   Crowdsourcing   Peer-­‐to-­‐Peer   Mul:channel  Fundraising   Cura:on  –  Lead   Acquisi:on  
  16. Mul,channel  Fundraising    “I  just  got  a  keychain  and  address  labels  in  the   mail  from  you  guys.  Now  that  I  see  you  pos,ng  on   Facebook  and  know  you're  legit,  I'll  be  sending  a   dona,on.  Thanks  for  the  work  you  do.”   –  Posted  to  Humane  Society  of  the  United  States  (HSUS)  Facebook  Page  wall,   January  2010   How  many  more   people  are  giving   offline  because  of   what  they  found   online?   (next  few  slides  courtesy   of  the  HSUS)  
  17. Humane  Society  of  US   The  Human  Society  is  one  of  the  top  NGO   players  on  Facebook.  So  lets  look  at  where   the  bar  is  set  right  now:   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  1.7  million  Facebook  fans   200,000  Twifer  followers   103%  growth  rate  on  Facebook  from  2012  to  2013   93%  growth  rate  on  Twifer  from  2012  to  2013   $1  million  raised  on  Facebook  (life,me  at  the  middle  of  2013)   $200,000  raised  per  year  on  Facebook   300,000  ac,ons  per  year  taken  on  Facebook    
  18. A  donor  is  a  donor   •  Start  considering  social  media  follows  like   they  are  supporters  –  social  CRM  /  moves   management   •  Consider  match/append  and  other  efforts  to   combine  social  media  and  email  data  to  get  a   befer  picture  of  who  they  are   •  Build  your  efforts  reasonably,  don’t  over-­‐ invest  and  expect  high  direct  returns   •  Ideal  situa,on:  Move  online  donors  to  offline   –  they  will  give  more,  higher  life,me  value   Use  your  fundraising   skills  and  remember  that   new  methods  and   mediums  do  not  mean   the  core  of  what  we   know  to  be  true  is  no   longer  true.  It  is!    
  19. Why  Crowdfunding?  
  20. NOT  a  place  for   nonprofits.  It  is  for  the   arts  and  crea,ve   projects.  If  you  have  a   “cause,”  they  will  reject   you.    
  21. The  following  slides  are  courtesy   of  Kickstarter  
  22. Indiegogo  is  a  much   befer  plamorm  for   nonprofit  projects.   Here’s  one,  a   museum  dedicated   to  the  life  and  work   of  Nikola  Tesla.  
  23. This  funding  project  got   its  real  excitement  and   reach  from  a  cartoonist.     So  this  is  an  example  of   tapping  into  exis,ng   online  networks  to  fund   projects.      
  24. Crowdfunding  is  not   totally  new.  Donors   Choose  in  the  USA  lets   people  contribute  to   specific  US   classrooms.      
  25. JustGiving  has  much   of  the  peer-­‐to-­‐peer   fundraising  market  in   the  UK  and  elsewhere,   and  is  geong  on  this   bandwagon  of   crowdfunding.    
  26. Razoo  is  a  terrific   plamorm  in  the   U.S.  for  peer-­‐to-­‐ peer  fundraising.      
  27. How  to  Launch   Just  Do  It   Fail  Fast,  Fail  Forward     Advice  from  Darian  Rodriguez-­‐Heyman  
  28. How  to  Launch   Pick  a  Well-­‐Defined  Goal  &  Deadline     •  Fundraiser  to  honor  her  father   who  passed  away,  suppor,ng   Surf  Rider  Founda,on   •  $5000  Goal   •  2  Weeks  to  raise  the  money   •  Promoted  through  social  media   •  Very  specific.  Time  limited   Beth  Kanter  
  29. How  to  Launch   Fundraiser  =  Campaign     Your  fundraiser   should  look  like  this   promote   Start   promote   Great  advice  from   Razoo  about   trying  to  have  a   more  even  growth   of  your  campaign.       promote   End   Not  like  this   Start   promote   Deadline  panic.    Promote!     End  
  30. How  to  Launch   Tell  Your  Story  and  Be  Crea:ve     Beth  Kanter  used  old   photos  and  a  virtual   event  to  make  her   story  s,ck  and  be   crea,ve.      
  31. How  to  Launch   An  example  from  Razoo   Pick  a   PlaYorm   Upload   Content     Larger  orgs  say,  we   already  have  dona,on   func,onality  and  are   loathe  to  use  yet   another  plamorm  with   yet  another  source  of   data  …   But  are  you  able  to   op,mize  the  important   things?  Befer  to  deal   with  moving  the  data   over  than  deal  with  a   bad  process  for  the   donor.      
  32. How  to  Launch   Images  are  Powerful…    
  33. How  to  Launch   …Videos  Even  More  So     Fundraisers  with   videos  typically     earn  4X  more!  
  34. How  to  Launch   Promote  Your  Fundraiser     Widget   Social  Media     Website   Press  Releases   You  need  to  be  all  in  on  your  campaign  and  use  your  reach  on  the  website,  social,  press,  etc  …      
  35. How  to  Launch   Start  With  Your  Inner  Circle    Build  momentum,  then  branch  out     •  Staff   •  Board  of  Directors     •  Key  Influencers     •  Volunteers     •  Friends       •  Donors     •  Your  Social  Network     Don’t  let  your   campaign  be  a   surprise  to  your   closest  cons,tuents.   Bring  them  in  early,   give  them  tasks  and   goals  to  make  it  go   into  their  networks.      
  36. How  to  Launch   Don’t  Be  Afraid  to  Ask       Ask  Clearly     “   Tie  to  Direct  Impact   “$10  provides  500  liters  of  clean  drinking   water  to  refugees  in  Somalia.”   ”  
  37. Using  Social  Media  
  38. Using  Social  Media   Plan  for  Success       •   Editorial  Calendar   •   Facebook  <  3  /  Day   •   Twiier  1++  /  Day   •   P2P  Asks  Are  Key   •   Seed  the  Tip  Jar   On  Facebook,   frequency  mafers,   don’t  go  over  3  posts   per  day  or  you  will  lose   people.  On  Twifer  it  is   more  like  a  moving   river  and  you  need  to   post  more  ouen.    
  39. Using  Social  Media   Ac:ve  Social  Media  Times       •   Mornings:  8  –  9AM   •   Lunch:  12  –  1PM   •   End  of  Day:  4:30  –  6PM   •   Nights:  9:30  –  11PM   • Weekends  vs.  Wednesdays!  
  40. Using  Social  Media   ROI  =  Realiza:on  of  Influence       •   ?  Vs.  .   •   Media:  Photos,  Vids   •   Tag  Everyone!   •   Emo:cons  Rock!  :)   • Respond,  Recognize  &  Retweet   Make  sure  you  recognize   people’s  contribu,ons   publicly.  That  creates   “social  proof”  that  this  is   something  the   prospec,ve  donors  want   to  be  a  part  of.        
  41. Using  Social  Media   Share  &  Ask  for  Shares   $10-­‐ =   $18       In  peer-­‐to-­‐peer   fundraising  shares  are   valuable  in  increasing   the  campaign  size  
  42. Using  Social  Media   Form  a  Social  Media  Marke:ng  Commiiee       The  Ask:  5  Minutes/Week   A  great  volunteer   opportunity  is  to  get   people  on  the  Campaign   Commifee.  You  can  send   them  a  t-­‐shirt,  give  them   a  ,tle  and  they  will  do   amazing  things  for  you  
  43. CELEBRATE!     Thank  Your  Donors    
  44. Thank  Your  Donors   Stay  In  Touch         •  Announce  when  milestones  are  met     •  Send  “thank  you”  notes   •  Show  donors  their  impact  
  45. Beth  Kanter’s  Campaign  –   Results     •  $5563  –  10%  over  goal  in  2  weeks   •  128  donors  with  45%  at  suggested  giving  level  of   $25   •  43%  gave  more  than  suggested  level,  12%  less   •  92%  of  people  had  STRONG  ,es  to  Beth,  almost   none  knew  her  father   •  85%  of  dona,ons  converted  through  Facebook   •  Thanking  donors  individually  triggered  new   dona,ons   •  95%  of  dona,ons  through  Razoo  site,  5%  mobile  
  46. Beth’s  Lessons  Learned   Set  a  realis,c  goal   Don’t  set  minimum  giu  levels  too  low!   Use  “Social  Proofing”  to  get  more  donors   Offer  many  ways  to  par,cipate  –  this  is  a  non-­‐ linear  supporter  journey.    Sharing  story,   dona,ng,  par,cipa,ng  in  event.  Not  a  simple   funnel  in  the  age  of  control  and  info  overload   •  Find  the  influencers   •  Use  promoted  posts  strategically   •  Honor  your  network’s  crea,vity   •  •  •  • 
  47. CONTENT  CURATION   is  the  process  of  sor,ng  through  the  vast   amounts  of  content  on  the  web  and   presen,ng  it  in  a  meaningful  and  organized   way  around  a  specific  theme.    
  48. The  magic  is  in  the   framing  of  the  story  as   much  as  the  story  itself.   Just  by  changing  ,tles   Upworthy  gets  much   more  trac,on.      
  49. Can  you  do  this?   hfp://www.groundswell-­‐       See3  client  Groundswell,   part  of  Auburn  Seminary   in  New  York  is  doing  this.   And  we  just  broke  the   internet  with  one  story.   Views  and  lists  are   growing.  
  50. You  have  to  start   doing  some  things   differently  if  you  want   to  succeed  on  social   media.      
  51. Take  that  Direct  Mail!   So  we  didn’t  quite   knock  out  the  Direct   Mail  folks,  but  it’s  a   work  in  progress.      
  52. THANK  YOU!!!   S E E 3 . C O M   E M A I L :   M I C H A E L @ S E E 3 . C O M   @ M I C H A E L _ H O F F M A N