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Introducing Ning 3.0

  1. Your Own Community of Fans Build And Cultivate Introducing
  2. pioneered the ability to create your own social network
  3. We have helped build over 2 million social communities
  5. Social LEADERS like you have attracted fans and followers
  6. to take the next step Now it’s time create your own place to reach your community WHEN YOU WANT HOW YOU WANT &
  7. We completely re-imagined to meet these social leader needs
  8. &Publishing Community  Social is built-in, not tacked on  Add multiple blogs, forums and photo sharing pages  Control who can contribute to and view each (and everything in between)
  9. awesome fan experience on any device Designed with HTML5 responsive design
  10. Design Flexibility
  11. Social Destination  Real-time activity feed combines site activity with Facebook, Twitter and RSS  Social streams pull in YouTube and Vimeo channels  Seamless sharing and cross-posting to Facebook, Twitter & more  Member sign-up via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more
  12. Unlike other social networks, Ning gives you complete access to membership data
  13. Fully Hosted
  14. delivers incredible value
  15. Try Ning 3.0 for FREE Get started in minutes. Really! Call (866) 992-0971