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Spacepoints: Space Outreach at Ludicrous Speed!


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Sarah M Worthy shares the status of development of Spacepoints at the 2012 SpaceUp Houston Unconference. Spacepoints is an online social sharing platform designed to grow a community and build awareness of space-related activities while providing a revenue stream to support space-related causes.

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  • I am hoping Astro Robonaut will sign-up to earn Spacepoints on my software!
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Spacepoints: Space Outreach at Ludicrous Speed!

  1. 1. How it works for UsersHow We’ll Build it on TendenciHow You Can Help Us Expand
  2. 2. The Story of Spacepoints Dennis Bonilla – came up with the Idea!Cindy organized a The Requirements and RulesSpaceUp were Created and DevelopmentHouston Began.SpacepointsConference. And the Idea took off – all the way to SXSW where it will beta launch!
  3. 3. The Platform: Tendenci CMS
  4. 4. From Idea to a Platform…
  5. 5. Spacepoints Today
  6. 6. Spacepoints UsersSpaceFans can register on Spacepoints and beginadding Activities: “I did, I went, I wrote, I gave, Ishared, and I made.”
  7. 7. User Profiles
  8. 8. Spacepoints Activities:• I Did - Plan an event, Volunteer, Shared ISS pass, Took people along• I Shared – Give a Point for sharing to User’s Social Network (ie Twitter/Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn• I Gave - Money, Space Souvenirs• I Wrote - Tweetup Blog/pictures, Conference presentation, Wrote to congressman, A song• I Went - launch, tweetup, conference, Yuris Night• I Made - Hardware, Software
  9. 9. I Earned a Spacepoint When I Did…
  10. 10. I Earned a Spacepoint When I Shared…
  11. 11. I Earned a Spacepoint When I Gave…
  12. 12. I Earned a Spacepoint When I Wrote…
  13. 13. I Earned a Spacepoint When I Went…
  14. 14. I Earned a Spacepoint When I Made…
  15. 15. Use Help Files for “I Need”
  16. 16. The Launchpad• This is the main Spacepoints stream• All of the 6 actions are pulled into one view, with newest comments on top• Ability for registered users to “launch” / rank favorites• Ability for registered users to share any of them on other social platforms/integrated communities
  17. 17. Space Events
  18. 18. How We Track Points• User selects an Action from a list of 6• User adds a description in a text field, and can attach links (how many chars allowed?)• Submitting Action shares with Launchpad community, connected social sites, and awards a Spacepoint• “Launch” and “Go!”
  19. 19. Spacepoints After Today
  20. 20. Mobile Template
  21. 21. Plugins/Admin-Only Add/Edit
  22. 22. Dashboard – Need to Customize It
  23. 23. Earning Spacepoints - Ideas• User posts an activity in one of the above categories and earns a point• Earn a point for each person that gives that activity a thumbs up (come up with space name for "liking")• Earn a point for logging in each day (to encourage people to see what others are doing for outreach and to vote on the activities taking place)• Each category will award a point to the activity with the most thumbs up for the day• For every 25 votes a user makes they then earn 1 point
  24. 24. Additional Capabilities?• Besides thumbs up button, have a "launch it" button to move an activity to the top of the category list (does not award points, but is equivalent of Twitter retweet providing higher visibility)• Have a friends list in the system so you can easily vote for what your friends did• Show highest ranking users• Highlight big winners of day (most thumbs up) and (most launch it) by categories• Have each posting open for voting for 3-7 days (at first until users in database grow then close voting after 24 hrs)• Provide 3 ways to view – everyone, friends, people who have voted for me• Provide links to share post on twitter and/facebook• Make sure database is open to anyone who wants to create their own apps.
  25. 25. Launch and Go!• Launch – – From the Launchpad platform, users can select to “launch” other users’ posted actions to promote them and top “launched” posts are displayed on the homepage/main column for everyone to see – Can have a Launch button that embeds on websites and when clicked, will give the content a chance to be promoted on the Launchpad also.• Go! – Button that can be embedded on websites and Spacepoints users will earn a “point” by clicking the Go! Button and this will share the content with their followers on Launchpad
  26. 26. Apply Online For Exclusive Access!
  27. 27. Spacepoints Thanks Our Supporters!
  28. 28. Questions? Want to Help? Sarah M. Worthy