ANIS 2012-Special Session_Toshio Sugawara


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ANIS 2012-Special Session_Toshio Sugawara

  1. 1. ANIS 2012 Seoul Sugawara ToshioThe Japan Research Institute for Local Government
  2. 2.  Promotion of PFI act 1999  Apply to local governments Market testing act 2006  Apply to local governments Administrative reform act 2006  Apply to local governments
  3. 3.  Designated administrator system • Local Autonomy Act 2003 rev. Open tender • Limitation of Single tendering Eliminate the Bid rigging • Act on Elimination and Prevention of Involvement in Bid Rigging, etc. and Punishments for Acts by Employees that Harm Fairness of Bidding, etc.2002 • “government-initiated collusive bidding”
  4. 4.  NPOs Act 1998 Specified Nonprofit Corporation Approved(Certified ) Specified Nonprofit Corporation 45,280 incorpolated NPOs 252 Certified NPOs (30.Apr.2012) Public-interest corporation reform Act 2006(enforcement 2008) • Realize: (may be the best in the world) the donation tax system • But narrow scope of application
  5. 5.  Thescreening process of budget requests • Budget cut (700billion yen≒1trillion won) • Scraping up: for realizing the DPJ Manifest • But not enough
  6. 6.  New Public Commons • The government supports a "New Public Commons," under which not only the government but also citizens, NPOs, private businesses, and other parties, with the spirit of mutual assistance, play an active role in providing services for our everyday life, such as education, childcare, community development, nursing care and welfare services.
  7. 7.  new public common support project • Cabinet Office promotes for the purpose of aiming at expanding and fixing a new public commons • Backs up self-supporting activity of NPO etc. which serve as a new public commons • By the supplementary budget in the 2010 fiscal year • 8.75 billion yen 2011-2012 • Creates the prefectural funds
  8. 8.  new public common support project • By the supplementary budget in the 2010 fiscal year • 8.75 billion yen 2011-2012 • Creates the prefectural funds • Countermeasures for the Great East Japan Earthquake 0.88 billion yen 2011
  9. 9.  Workingpoor : government- manufactured. • Public contract ordinance Passing the buck • Fundamental Law of Public service the “mini bubble economy” for the NPOs • Expect the good governance