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ANIS2013_Social Innovation Led by Technology_Wang Ping

  1. 1. YouChange Foundation ——The Angel Investment to stimulate social innovation in China Madam Wang Ping, Founder and Chairperson YouChange Social Entrepreneur Foundation 2013.10.09
  2. 2. The Establishment of YouChange Foundation The best route to tackle social problems, like education, environment, and sustainability est., was to establish a new, private foundation. Project Operation Advocacy
  3. 3. The Lag of Concepts • Most of the non-profits in the third sector in China barely understood and recognized the new concepts of social innovation and social enterprise. • Blurred definition of social enterprises • Lack of policy towards social enterprises. • Ongoing debates in media on whether the charity and philanthropy shall have any connection with making money
  4. 4. The inefficiency of resources allocation • The biggest obstacle to Chinese urban and rural comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development
  5. 5. Things we are not short of Things we are short of
  6. 6. An advocator and supporting platform in social innovation
  7. 7. Neo-Philanthropy and Social Innovation Integration of resources Cross-sector cooperation Capacity building Enhance the operational efficiency of philanthropy projects maximize the use of funds, pursue the fairness and sustainability
  8. 8. The Importance of Collaboration • Complexity calls for vision from many angles and participation from all stakeholders. • The connection between decision- making of public policies from the top down and fulfillment of social demand from the bottom up, can only be realized by collaboration.
  9. 9. What YouChange is Gov. The public Enterprises a supportive and promotional private foundation The third sector Academia
  10. 10. 7 Trends in Social innovation • Advocate New Concepts and Ideas • Develop New Frontiers • Discover New Driving Forces • Integrate New Resources • Experiment New Methods • Adopt New Technologies • Nurture New Talents
  11. 11. Angel investment to stimulate development of the third sector • Piloting 11 programmes and supporting more than 100 fledgling non-profit organisations and social enterprises across 16 provinces.
  12. 12. Neo-Philanthropy Research and Awareness Raising • • Strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs:Enhancing the Performance of Your Enterprising Nonprofit • YouChange Social Innovation and Social Enterprises Collective Translation Philanthrocapitalism: How the Rich Can Save the World The Search for Social Entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector
  13. 13. Neo-Philanthropy Research and Awareness Raising Neo-Philanthropy Society of Scholars
  14. 14. Neo-Philanthropy Research and Awareness Raising Study Tours over Taiwan, Hongkong, Bangladesh, US and Japan
  15. 15. Neo-Philanthropy Research and Awareness Raising Social Innovation Awards and Blue Book on Social Innovation by Central Compilation & Translation Bureau Social Innovation Column on 21st Century Business Report
  16. 16. Social Innovation Carnival 2010
  17. 17. Social Innovation Carnival 2012
  18. 18. Peking University’s Social Innovation Credit Course Startup Café – Social entrepreneurship 101 for university students • Teach social entrepreneurship and practical assistance and mentoring to budding social entrepreneurs in Chinese universities and colleges • 78 institutions have signed up so far • over 8930 users have registered online
  19. 19. “Skills for Social Entrepreneurs” & “YouChange Social Enterprise Awards” with British Council in China Skills for Social Entrepreneurs YouChange Social Enterprise Awards
  20. 20. Langlang Learning Potential Development Center ——A non-profit organization committed to promote the development of local disabled people and their organizations. ——A professional institution focusing on improving the environment of education and the learning ability of dyslexia children.
  21. 21. Buy 42 Online Charity Shop ——The first charity shop in China ——The voluntourism activities lauched by a group of backpackers.
  22. 22. People- Oriented:YouChange’s Funding Policy All of the world’s problems stem from mankind’s problem. Human development is the greatest public good.
  23. 23. Another Mission:Find and Support Neo-philanthropy Leaders • Find − Different from a commercial investment fund − Even the potential is not so clear and business model is not perfect yet, we can zoom in to see the promise and leadership in the person. • Capacity building and networking − Equally important as funds when we talk about supporting social enterprises
  24. 24. Another Mission:Find and Support Neo-philanthropy Leaders • Selectively use the following processes to support social enterprises according to its development stage and needs. − Transmission of ideas − sharing of methods − strategy consultation − project design − introducing resource factors mature expansion − recommending channels Start-up − professional training − evaluation services − supportive communication network − relationship facilitation seed
  25. 25. Mr Mi Lai and His Pu Run Yuan ——A cultural education institution based on traditional Chinese culture.
  26. 26. Idoo Commonwealth Service Center ——A non-profit organization which provides professional care for the disabled old person in the community.
  27. 27. Social Resources Coordination Platform & Volunteer Stations MianZhu Social Resources Coordination Platform Follow-up Workshops on Disaster Management 71 Volunteer Stations ZunDao Volunteer Center 21 Social Resources Coordination Platform
  28. 28. 3A Criteria of Social Enterpreneurship • Aim • Approach • Action
  29. 29. Xixiang County Women’s Development Association Yi Zhong Community Development Center ——A professional institution engaged in ——A non-profit organization which microfinance and the development of protects the interests of producers, women in rural area provides city consumers with safe food and urban leisure
  30. 30. CANYOU Jianshi Comprehensive Peasant Cooperation ——A Comprehensive Peasant Cooperation ——A Social Enterprise committed to aiming to cultivate the comprehensive promote the development of disabled development ability of rural communities, and people. form the neo-rural governance model.
  31. 31. Association for Rural Development of YiLong ——A people-oriented organization that alleviates rural poverty through sustainable development. Youchange Purong Microfinance Consultancy Firm ——A Social Business Dedicated Advancing Microfinance to the Poor and the Poorest in China
  32. 32. Haemophilia Association of Chongqing ——China‘s first registered institution engaged in policy promoting of hemophilia treatment and hemophiliac care.
  33. 33. YouChange is a social innovation support platform. We are in the midst of a huge historical changes .Unlike in the past,Modern humans have a special liking to innovation rather than revolution,this is the new progress of human. Innovation in essence is different from the old , It is a win-win approach, through the means of value creation and mode change to solve social problem,rather than using the method of zero-sum, value destroy and the interests of the reorganization. Instead of the confrontational, static,and closed ways, We want to use integrational,dynamic and open eyes to look at new charity.
  34. 34. THANK YOU! 【Website】 【Sina weibo】友成基金会) 【Tencent weibo】友成基金会) 【Wechat】“友成基金会”