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Jobs of the Future - Are you ready to "Keep Pace"


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A presentation examining the "Jobs of the Future", the challenges they present, and actionable steps to "Keep Pace" going forward

Original Presentation Date - 01/14/2017

Published in: Education

Jobs of the Future - Are you ready to "Keep Pace"

  1. 1. Jobs of the Future Are you ready to "Keep Pace"? Technology Insights Series January 14th, 2017
  2. 2. Breaking News (Jan 4th, 2017) replaced-ibm-watson-explorer And this ISN’T FAKE
  3. 3. About this Presentation
  4. 4. POP QUIZ !!! Who did the Homework? Anybody’s dog eat the Homework? Did you LIKE the Homework?
  5. 5. Today’s Presentation in ONE Slide Opportunity Skills Awareness
  6. 6. Source – Forbes What is influencing the “Jobs of the Future”? Homework #1 - Forbes Article Your Personal Career Strategies Must Adapt Organizational Change Technological Change Societal Change You are here !!
  7. 7. It is harder to “Keep Pace” than ever before ! Rate of Change Amount of Change Information Overload
  8. 8. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller's Day Off "The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” Rupert Murdoch
  9. 9. Example #1
  10. 10. Example #2 What do these jobs have in common? Chief Listening Officer Uber Driver Driverless Car Engineer Elder Care Services Coordinator Drone Operators Youtube Content Creators Answer None of these jobs existed 10 years ago Sustainability Manager Online Community Manager Telework Manager / Coordinator Millennial Generational Expert Cloud Computing Specialist Big Data Analyst / Scientist
  11. 11. The Reality of “Jobs of the Future” They are forming RIGHT NOW How do you get there? This is about THINKING DIFFERENTLY
  12. 12. The “Jobs of Future” - In Depth Analysis What it Enables Potential Skill Sets The Technology Start Learning “Investment” Job Opportunities Identify / Assess the Opportunity Your Career Curriculum NOTE: Following Examples are a taste of what is coming
  13. 13. Evolving Technology- Cloud AWS– 11 Years ago (2006) What it Enables Compute on Demand (Commoditization of the Data Center) Job Opportunities Migration Specialists Cloud Architects Cloud Native Developers Program Management Project Management “Investment” Gartner - $55 Billion IaaS Revenue by 2020 AWS – $2.9B Revenue 1M+ Active Customers AWS - 1,000 New Functions in 2016 Skill Sets Creativity Problem Solving Experimentation Cloud ROI Where to Start Learning AWS Free Tier (1 Year)
  14. 14. Evolving Technology - Drones DJI – 11 Years Ago (2006) What it Enables Aerial access to any location Job Opportunities Construction Real Estate Agriculture Jail / Event Security Package Delivery News Reporting Safety / First Aid “Investment” FAA Sales Estimate 7M Unit Sales by 2020 University of Missouri Journalism (Reporting Course) Amazon Drone Delivery Google / Facebook Internet Drones Skill Sets Creativity Experimentation Problem Solving Data Collection / Analysis Aviation Skills Video Skills Where to Start Learning Buy a Drone ($100-$1,000)
  15. 15. Evolving Technology - BlockChain Bitcoin – 8 Years ago (2009) What it Enables Trade anything with anyone around the world without dealing with an intermediary Job Opportunities DISRUPTION Business Process Redesign Developers Application Architects “Investment” R3 Company – Corda Project (70 Financial Institutions) PwC – est 1.4 Billion invested in 2016 UBS / Deutsche Bank Santander / BNY Mellon (Industry Std to Clear/Settle Trades) HyperLedger Project Ethereum Project Skill Sets Encryption Identity Protection Problem Solving Creativity Where to Start Learning Join either the HyperLedger or Ethereum Projects
  16. 16. Evolving Technology - Artificial Intelligence IBM Watson – 6 Years Ago (2011) What it Enables Machines that answer questions by processing vast amounts of data Job Opportunities AI Governance / Legal AI “Testing” AI Enabled Management “Investment” Amazon AI Microsoft Cortana Google Now IBM / Sloan Kettering Samsung VIV Acquisition Skill Sets Creativity Problem Solving Experimentation Data Collection “Business” Logic Where to Start Learning Amazon Echo / Google Home ($50-$200)
  17. 17. Evolving Technology – Internet Of Things SmartThings – Years Ago (2012) What it Enables The ability to connect / exchange data across disparate devices Job Opportunities IoT Security IoT Planners / Installers (Cities / Agriculture) Data Stewards Product Designers “Investment” 50 Billion Connected Devices $450 Billion in Sales by 2020 nternet-of-things-investment/ Skill Sets Hardware Design Machine Learning Security Big Data Experimentation Where to Start Learning Purchase an IoT Hub Explore IFTTT.COM Explore
  18. 18. So many more change agents exist .. Robotics Virtual / Augmented Reality Autonomous Vehicles Gene Editing Alternative Energy
  19. 19. Indeed Web Site Search Jobs mentioning these Technologies Blockchain Drones AI IoT 2,146 12,642 473 329 71,212
  20. 20. Its all about perspective
  21. 21. The “10 Steps” to Keep Pace Introducing Are YOU Ready for the “Job of the Future”?
  22. 22. Step #1 ANYTHING that CAN be Disrupted WILL BE DISRUPTED
  23. 23. Step #2 You can be become technically “old” VERY QUICKLY
  24. 24. Step #3 Move with the Market
  25. 25. Step #4 Vision First
  26. 26. Step #5 You are more than a tool
  27. 27. Step #6 Lose the Religion
  28. 28. Step #7 Embrace the inevitable
  29. 29. Step #8 Leverage the Strength Exploit the Weakness
  30. 30. Step #9 Experimentation is the new normal
  31. 31. Step #10 There is no free lunch
  32. 32. The 10 Steps Summarized If it were easy Everyone would do it
  33. 33. What are the ACTIONABLE Steps to “Keep Pace”?  Finding the early Trends  Assessing the Skills of tomorrow  Sites describing “Jobs of the Future”
  34. 34. Early Trends Example Gartner 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Source: Gartner “News Room” -
  35. 35. World Economic Forum Skills of the Future Source: “Five years from now, over one-third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed”.
  36. 36. Management Skills AI Reading Homework Source: - November 2, 2016
  37. 37. Jobs of the Future Site #1- Jobs of 2030
  38. 38. Jobs of the Future Site #1- Jobs of 2030 - Details
  39. 39. Jobs of the Future Site #1- Jobs of 2030 - Details
  40. 40. Jobs of the Future Site #2 – 162 Jobs that don’t exist yet
  41. 41. Jobs of the Future Site #3 – Cool Future Jobs
  42. 42. Presentation Summary
  43. 43. Just “One more thing”
  44. 44. Keep Pace Technology YouTube LIVE Video Series
  45. 45. How to Keep Pace with Me !
  46. 46. Technology moves FAST You can move FASTER If you KEEP PACE with Technology