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TNAU Seed Portal


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TNAU Seed portal-An online database for Indian Minimum Standards,varietal characters,Seed production,seed processing,seed testing and seed legislation's etc...

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TNAU Seed Portal

  1. 1. TNAU Seed Portal By V.Neethi Kumar BTI-09-018 TNAU Genomics
  2. 2. Introduction • Seed play an important role in any technology embedding and we have to produce pure, quality, resistant, healthy seeds for production of healthy food to satisfy our needs. • The vast variety of information regarding seeds is scatted and no such organized one stop database available at present • Hence information regarding quality seed production, maintenance of seed quality and purity, minimum seed standards of the crop, Varietal characters, DUS characters and many to be incorporated in the user friendly interface. TNAU Genomics
  3. 3. Objective • To provide an easy user friendly integrated interface for easy accessing and retrieval of accurate data in the organized format using the PHP,Mysql and HTML technologies.
  4. 4. Database Architecture • Three layers • Web page-User Interface • Interface-Intermediating Platform • Database-Data Storage TNAU Genomics
  5. 5. Languages and Soft wares Used Languages Used: • • • • • PHP 5.3.1. (Hypertext Pre Processor) MySQL 5.0.8. HTML 5.0 (Hyper Text Markup Language) JDK 1.5 (Java Development Kit) CSS 3.0 (Cascading Style Sheet). Soft wares Used: • Wamp Server 2.2 • Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 TNAU Genomics
  6. 6. Database Schema TNAU Genomics
  7. 7. TNAU Seed Portal -Home page TNAU Genomics
  8. 8. Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards TNAU Genomics
  9. 9. Result Page TNAU Genomics
  10. 10. Varietal Search TNAU Genomics
  11. 11. Conclusion • TNAU seed portal is an organized database that provides the information about all crops seed standards, Varietal characters, DUS characters seed production, processing, testing techniques and seed legislations. • Database has huge expansion properties in both horizontal and vertical direction. • More crops and varieties will be added frequently added to the both Indian minimum seed certification Standards and Varietal characters search. • Seed multiplication ratio and seed replication ratios will be developed in to a search option. The other students study materials all so be updated in coming days. TNAU Genomics
  12. 12. Reference • Tunwar N.S. ,Singh S.V .Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards ;The central seed certification board July 1988. • Prabakaran.P,Sreedevi.G.S,Sumathkumar.M,Shobana.V.G, Dhanya.S,Khusbhoo.R.Biogenbase-An interactive Database for phenomics platform; NCCSE 2011. • • •