security cloud computing internet of things cryptography wsn authentication iot qos manet information technology clustering classification sensors machine learning mobility wireless sensor network load balancing bandwidth adaptive video streaming cloud dash video dsr aodv applications openflow optimization e-learning software engineering data mining encryption throughput routing cloud services wireless sensor networks cbir php cache delay data security aomdv hash function wireless sensor networks (wsn) challenges round-robin scheduling priority based scheduling taxonomy genetic algorithm vanets collaboration packet loss prescription sensor networks creativity hierarchical iot architecture xor operation 2’s complement process queue markov chain model multi-level feedback queue scheduling transition probability matrix zigbee wireless networks online communication support vector machine services intrusion detection system device fingerprinting virtualization network computing pattern recognition feature selection feature extraction rfid secret key social network facebook mobile computing enterprise mobility spatial analysis customer satisfaction steganography checkpointing rollback recovery denial of service aco authenticity internet education sdn decryption internet of things (iot) distributed computing monitoring intrusions cluster head energy agent privacy soa multi-criteria link disjoint node disjoint loop-free paths oil & gas industry mes scada coordination process optimizing information systems integration trade union macromedia-flash unionism mysql dynamic website cyberspace asup ids cloud intrusion detection system elastic festive panda tapas time-varying stalling flickering bottleneck desktop application seed vigour index seed germination percentage ontology semantic personalized relays. pic microcontroller bc547 transistor android application video spreading codes synchronization spectrograph hamming distance correlation audio spreading codes x-frame-options iframe frame busting cursorjacking clickjacking shape texture color human activity prediction. fp pattern cluster analysis bayesian networks weka attribute selection attribute filters technology e-banking services e-banking big data soil remote monitoring multiplexer hotspot fertilizer data logger drip irrigation transportation network degree bridging coefficient bridging centrality betweenness centrality sharing demand h-field e-field return loss directivity gain router protocols attacks permissions dynamic analysis static analysis android malware bloom-filter based ip chock (bf-ipcm) fast start congestion transport layer tcp user-qoe mobile sensing platform wireless sensing mobile sensing message information controlled replication routing performance epidemic routing resource concentrate unstructured. structured distributed centralized peer to peer networks uml 2.0 dtos forward engineering spf selinux md5 bdna awgn dncnn single image super-resolution (sisr) and jpeg imag gaussian denoising neural networks decision tree learning regression reinforcement learning q-learning test oracle test case neural fault atnn priority scheduling min-min resource reservation max-mix secure shell particle swarm optimization honeypots differential evolution dash. co-operative rate-quality segment in-network networkassisted traffic shaping server-based wireless communication non commutative groups key agreement decomposition problem conjugacy search problem cellular system gsm biometric system priority mac gaming social-awareness signaling encoding cdn streaming adaptive sand suggesting system evaluating system complaint system academic advising system social network analysis overlapping community detection maximal clique problem graph mining multi-path risk analysis deployment model cloud spatial analysis healthcare cloud gis cdrq routing drq routing cbq routing q routing dsdv e-justice e-government electronic inquiries system bis real-time traffic htt goodput end-to-end delay anycast routing sybil attacks audio visual communication system multipath routing characteristic features research challenge plant diseases image segmentation agriculture image processing n-mote n-gateway debris shortest path problem alternative path algorithm bellman-ford algorithm floyd-warshall algorithm dijkstra’s algorithm mobile map map register voter voter card transfer voter registration inec electoral integrity electoral fraud locusts task migration pupetter resource deficient cyber foraging sligshot secure authentication smart healthcare system query relation semiotic set difference image enhancement afm imaging nyquist rate top-hat and bottom-hat transform sparse sampling cloud computing deployment models cloud computing service models characteristics knowledge creation centralization knowledge retention blugod model knowledge management complexity knowledge transfer formalization organizational structure tora rfar data center tuning challenges quality assurance teacher’s performance pir sensors cctv student’s behavior http protocol e-metering pic 16f877a lamp web technology device oriented security challenges m2m communicating devices security solutions faceto-face whatsapp blended learning system engineering students physical classroom hybrid blended learning system virtual classroom programmable networks sdn web floodlight controller software-defined network closest data center optimized response time dynamic load use cases algorithm classifier ad boost web interaction mining online tools electronic prescribing applications symptoms crm uda lof collision free and queue theory cluster and position based mac transmission wava herbal practitioners telediagnosis wireless sensor networks (wsns). ieee 802.15.4 cbr traffic loads ieee 802.11 qualnet 5.0.2 simulator fingerprint authentication database modeling security analysis atm software testing social network sites malicious spam rnp link quality lqi need for link quality analysis prr routing protocol location femtocell locata indoor positioning channel angular pressing mechanical properties fracture and hardness. alloy and pure copper semantics resource discovery coap cognitive radio filter bank near perfect reconstruction prototype filter process scheduling digital data audio data visual data idea generation textual data cognitive radio ad-hoc networks link reliability spectrum diversity joint path nearest prime pixels image cryptography flat based location based routing techniques stimulating creativity non-work related internet usage diversity detection scheduling tasks heuristic algorithm transport network minimal edge control set edge control set throttled load balancing algorithm cloud-analyst honeybee algorithm cloud load balancing biased random algorithm project management scrum agile projects software development routing protocols sink artificial intelligence artificial neural network open source re-duplicate combination cloud empower duplicate validity coverage black spots channel allocation schemes antenna configuration cellular network terrain s sector antenna hill plaintext nearest prime number ciphertext alterable programming agile elimination of waste lean stream smart building tam perceived ease of use technology acceptance perceived usefulness metrics of evaluation agent communication language multiagent systems knowledge query manipulation language (kqml) plain text ascii values cipher text wait state cloud service smart schools attacker mwsn security prerequisites security attacks identity based encryption revocation multi owner data sharing wi-fi rf precision farming wireless sensor networks (wsns) bluetooth world wide web scalability web content mining cost optimality parallel web content mining serial web content mining www ospf (open shortest path) mpc (multiple routing configuration) dmo (decomposition with minimum overhead) rmo (routing with minimum overhead opnet 14.5 random mobility olsr web vulnerability cookie reflected xss persistent xss virtual desktop cloud os web os background extraction foreground extraction and identification vectorizing motion tracking scene segmentation background filling saas cloud vendors cloud risk and iaas paas black-berry os android mobile os webos and symbian windows phone ios customer relationship management it resources relations adaptive e-learning and collaborative learning throughput level time scheduling delivery ratio ad-hoc network median multicast reliable data delivery average time standard packet classification spot jamming denial-of-service electronic jamming ap selection access link metric ieee 802.11 wmn dynamic association cross-layer association ap load balancing polyalphabetic cipher algorithm encrypted data e-communication decrypt data java programming language cryptosystem statistical test prbg p-value nist test suite randomness study nonlinear dimensionality reduction feature vector self organizing maps (som) artificial neural networks recognizing content-based images cloud drain cloud security intrusion detection system (ids) host based intrusion detection system (hids) network based intrusion detection system (nids) intrusion management quality mis common criteria protection profile backend service open-loop and closed-loop payments stored-value-account iso 9564 pin based authentication android application component called service mobile payment card-present and card-not-present transactions one time password (otp) m-pin (mobile pin) secret sharing scheme verifiable computationally perfect compartmented access structure manets ideal parallelization strategy scalable parallel computing overlap between computation and communication security issues trust confidentiality software defined networks mobile tourism industry handheld device mpeg-7 sex chatting messenger pornography chat room collaborative-based systems nearest neighbour recommender systems software defined network aodv routing protocol server mobile ad-hoc network trust value attacks in routing protocol cooperative black hole attack transmission band multiagent system data compression efficiency algorithm cloud service provider cloud clients applications delivered as services identifier matching algorithm jaro-winkler record linkage colon cancer nuclei detection gland detection whole-program psychoanalysis fragment data-flow analysis ofdma lte mimo siso miso fault tolerant mobile support station (mss) dynamic topology recovery manets mobile computing ict medical center ehealth healthcare webportal telemedicine rural health clinics grid computing grid evaluation software and hardware of grid computing atm networks eprca ieprca nist atm network simulator machine-learning algorithms anomaly detection authorization sasl oauth nuzzer multiple entity detection device-free passive (dfp) localization passive radio map information security policy document sandboxing secure mobile computing root-of-trust application ipds web application firewall web usage user experience pricing cost-aware web browsing content adaptation evolutionary pursuit and kernel methods recognition algorithm automated facial system face recognition techniques adapitive networksecurity bio-inspired robust computing sclc lcins egfr gene nsclc quantitative positron imaging technique ddos attack approach markov chain khi2 test test of homogeneity satisfaction platform as a service (paas) layer private cloud software as a service (saas) layer distributed computing system hybrid cloud infrastructure as a service (iaas) layer pubic cloud pattern recognition models agriculture. sdk ip ide ubiquitous computing surveillance systems generations of surveillance system challenges in surveillance system cloud based surveillance self-reliable code two factor authentication otp secure transactions power remote security linex kernel dalvik iwt psnr opa data hiding financial inclusion nbfc financial institution microfinance kdd dataset decision rules decision trees malicious detection meta classifier network security mobile cloud computing uplink link selection energy consumption downlink false data injection compromised node node legitimacy vm scheduling iaas safety indian languages speech corpus id based cryptography group signature bilinear pairings software project documentation documentation software projects image equalization contrast enhancement wavelet thresholding dwt svd internet banking iran internet users developed technology acceptance model 3 java swing jfuzzylogic driver attention load rating matlab driver distractions fuzzy inference system opnet multi-protocol label switching frr and rsvp/cr-ldp ip routing spatial decision support system (sdss). decision suggestion data warehouse online analytical processing (olap) geographic information system (gis) animal diseases fault-tolerant systems check pointing algorithms parallel & distributed computing speed electronic banking accountability electronic payment msb lsb stego-image rgb embedding cover image distributed systems fault tolerance mobile computing system hmm intrusion detection packet delivery fraction mobile ad hoc network routing overhead varying number of nodes average end-to-end delay sartre educational technology wireless local area network(wlan) rssi(received signal strength indication) decision metrics access point (ap) association architecture mininet traditional network railference substitution seeded sdes key generation transposition fundus image glaucoma optic disc. cad systems iridocorneal angle zenoss simple network management protocol (snmp) big brother (bb) clouds linear discriminant analysis independent component analysis principal component analysis cloud type execution time heterogeneity shared memory virus internet of things (iots) malware device management spam logging it projects risk management quantitative risk assessment monte carlo simulation discrete wavelet tranformation secrete message stegnography extract message advanced node leach clusters load redirection guard channel macrocell p2cell microcell threats computer network oil and gas energy industry simulated annealing multiobjective optimization problem cost-effective broadcast balloon ad hoc networks two-hop neighborhood information. route-reply route-request base station mobile node disseminating traffic information in vehicular net wifi unicast address ipv6 address packet delivery ratio. slaac spread spectrum dynamic spectrum access (dsa) cr ad hoc network (crahn) cognitive radio (cr) classical routing schema and spectrum sharing opportunistic routing cr routing protocol (crp) humidity management pervasive computing hvac occupancy sensor ventilation management digitized images color histogram image indexing vector quantization image repositories rest wot web of things signature-based ids gain ratio decision tree information gain nsl-kdd val it framework cobit enterprise architecture frameworks it government
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