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NCompass Live: Providing Passports at Your Library


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NCompass Live -
June 5, 2019

Learn how your library could begin offering passport services, generating income with each application. Joseph Leier, Customer Service Manager from the Colorado Passport Agency, Aimee Owen, Mary Sauers, and Lisa Kelly will talk about their experiences providing passports at the Nebraska Library Commission.

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NCompass Live: Providing Passports at Your Library

  1. 1. Joseph Leier, Customer Service Manager U.S. Department of State, Colorado Passport Agency June 5, 2019 BECOMING A PASSPORT ACCEPTANCE FACILITY
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE: PASSPORT SERVICES OVERVIEW  29 Domestic Passport Facilities  22 serve the public directly  1 supports U.S. government travel  4 mega-adjudication centers  2 document print centers  7,900+ Passport Acceptance Facilities  Domestic Passport Acceptance Facilities  Libraries, Post Offices, Clerks of Court,  Military Acceptance Facilities Worldwide  3,900+ Employees  Government – 2,171  Contractors – 1,829  National Passport Information Centers (NPIC) (Lansing, MI and Phoenix, AZ)
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE: PASSPORT SERVICES OVERVIEW • 29 Domestic Passport Facilities o 23 serve the public directly o 1 supports U.S. government travel o 3 mega-adjudication centers o 2 document print centers o 1 Includes a public counter • 8,000+ Passport Acceptance Facilities o Domestic Passport Acceptance Facilities • Post Offices, Clerks of Court, Libraries o Military Acceptance Facilities Worldwide o Federal Acceptance Facilities • 3,600+ Employees o Government - 2140 o Contractors - 1540 o (Support processing, customer service and clerical/administrative functions) o Call Centers (Lansing, MI and Phoenix, AZ)
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO Vision: We strive to set the worldwide standard for secure passport documents and provide outstanding service to the American public. Mission: The Passport Services Directorate facilitates international travel and enhances national security by issuing secure passport documents to eligible U.S. citizens and nationals in a responsive and responsible manner. How we accomplish our Mission: 1. Verify citizenship and identity • Citizenship – birth certificates, CRBAs, and naturalization certificates • Identity – driver’s licenses and other government-issued IDs 2. Monitor travel rights – criminal data/child support/unpaid taxes 3. Increase public awareness
  6. 6. WHY WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED? • A new source of revenue – $35.00 per application – Photos • Bring them in – New foot traffic – Come in to apply, stay and look around • Providing a public service • Autonomy – Devote as much or as little time to the program as you see fit – If you want out, you can opt out at anytime
  7. 7. STILL INTERESTED? POC: Joe Leier Customer Service Manager Colorado Passport Agency 303-696-3038