2012 Annual Report as Director of Church Planting for the East Coast Conference


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My 2012 Annual Report as Director of Church Planting for the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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2012 Annual Report as Director of Church Planting for the East Coast Conference

  1. 1. East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • eastcoastconf.org 2012 Dir. of Church Planting REPORT Well Underway… Still Getting Started! Laying the foundation for the greater works God has in store With a little over a year-and-a-half in this role, it’s just starting to feel like I’m establishing a rhythm and pace in this relatively new adventure. These past 20 months God has provided an incredible time of deepening relationships, establishing a new home for my family, and building ministry momentum. It continues to be a joy to work with our Superintendent, Howard Burgoyne, as we serve the Covenant pastors and congregations of the East Coast Conference. The addition of our Office Manager, Alicia Sturdy, has also been Balancing Family, Faith, a huge blessing. And now rounding out the team, we have the exciting addition and Ministry Demands of Kreig Gammelgard, our new Director of Congregational Vitality! While Even with the significant, I’ve gladly played a small role in serving that area, I’m thrilled that our pastors though fulfilling, demands of and churches now have a fully dedicated Director of Congregational Vitality to ministry, Lisa, Jaron (14), come alongside them in their healthy, missional pursuits. Bryn (11) and I are As you peruse all these reports, materials, and online resources, I hope you’ll committed to making margin for what feeds our souls. be blessed in knowing your prayers, support, and shared ministry are bearing We’re blessed with protected truly amazing fruit. Thank you for the privilege of joining together with you in family time, refreshing this work here on the East Coast Conference! vacations, involvement at Trinity, our home church in Much grace, Manchester CT, and engaging the surrounding community of our new Jason R. Condon Associate Superintendent & Director of Church Planting home in Columbia, CT.2012 Assoc. Superintendent & DCP • Rev. Jason R. Condon • April 21, 2012 • pg. 1 of 4
  2. 2. East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • eastcoastconf.org P LA N TIN G A M O V EM EN T Clear Purpose Growing Momentum Seasoned Coaches To keep pace with God’s work and be The vision and purpose I A new season of planting good stewards we’ve strategically established early on for our churches began in earnest soon added trained Coaches to the mix approach to church planting after the 201l Annual Meeting. intentionally emphasizes the Since then we’ve signed 6 church church planting pastor. Everything planter Covenant Agreements, rises and falls on with 3-4 more VISION: called, gifted, and likely by year’s godly leadership. “encourage, equip, end. It’s a huge Yet our church and multiply encouragement Michael Carrion coaches our new planters would be and confirmation Bronx church planters in the NY/NJ church planters for Metro Cohort the first to say that every church nothing goes a sustaining church plant has truly further without an planting movement” shown faithful impassioned fruitfulness in launch team and congregation these early months of their fleshing out the unique calling projects, including: baptizing new God has for that particular church believers before launching fully, Josh Throneburg coaches our new and community. A rigorous finding incredible favor in their church planters in Greater Boston in assessment process, specialized neighborhoods, surpassing tough Greater Boston/New England Cohort training, and robust support benchmarks, needing to launch Future Coaches: we plan to add 2-4 system all serve this clear purpose. with two worship services, and more! more coaches by year’s end O U R L A TES T C H U RC H P L A N TI N G P RO J EC TS Church Plant (City, State) Planting Pastor Project Start Full Launch Elements Church (Bronx, NY) Efrain Alicea Aug 2011 July 2012 New Season Church (Bronx, NY) Phil Bonano Nov 2011 April 2012 Sanctuary Church (Providence, RI) Andrew Mook Jan 2012 Fall 2012 Hope Church NYC (Astoria, NY) Drew Hyun Feb 2012 Fall 2012 Highrock North Shore (Salem, MA) Aaron Engler Feb 2012 Fall 2012 Highrock Quincy (Quincy, MA) Stephen Sharkey May 2012 Fall 20122012 Assoc. Superintendent & DCP • Rev. Jason R. Condon • April 21, 2012 • pg. 2 of 4
  3. 3. East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • eastcoastconf.org EQUIP P ING TH E “ S A INTS ” NEW: Launch Team Training Days Preparing those who show up and get it done! The first major task of a church planter is to gather a committed Launch Team. These are the leaders and hard workers who will flesh out the vision and values with key ministries and create a healthy, missional culture. Their preparation and equipping is critical. Our newest strategic initiative is to train entire Launch Teams in one day with the principles and practices of Covenant Church Planting. This way as many as possible are excited and equipped to fully In early March over 140 people from 7 diverse church planting support the planting pastor and each other in the projects gathered across two locations for our inaugural round launch of their new church. Currently the Covenant holds 2 national training of kingdom resources is also very significant. The two events, held over 2.5 days, for teams of 3-4 gathered events we’ve already held cost less combined than from current plants. This may shift as more DCPs just the flights for a team to attend a national event. bring Launch Team training in-Conference, and The response from this first round of trainings was perhaps be replaced by a national “boot camp” of overwhelmingly positive from both the planting more intensive training for church planters only. pastors and their launch team members, and is already Our new approach has arguably higher impact by producing results in their projects. We’re excited to reaching entire Launch Teams, while covering the add this approach to the growing toolbox for effective most vital and relevant content in one day. The saving church planting here on the East Coast Conference! Regional Cohorts Because no one should go it alone Pastoring of any sort, including church planting, can be a lonely work at times. More than one ministry has been undone by isolation, frustration, and stagnation in personal growth. Creating Regional Cohorts is a simple way to support our church planter pastors in their challenging roles. We have two in place, going strong: Greater Boston/New England and NY/NJ Metro. Planters and invited friends meet monthly about 9x per year, with both DCP-directed and Peer-Led formats. It’s a powerful Greater Boston/New England Cohort at time of bonding, equipping, resourcing, and encouragement, as well as a Quincy Covenant Congregational Church great introduction to our culture for those exploring church planting.2012 Assoc. Superintendent & DCP • Rev. Jason R. Condon • April 21, 2012 • pg. 3 of 4
  4. 4. East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • eastcoastconf.org F O RWA RD F A I TH F U L L Y “Be strong in the grace that is in Snapshots of God’s Grace at Work Christ Jesus; and what you have heard from me through many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will be Sanctuary Providence: Easter “Soft Launch”, 4 baptisms, 180 attendance able to teach others as well.” – The Apostle Paul (2 Timothy 2:2) These words from a veteran church planter to his younger apprentice carry the privilege and the Launch Team Training #1: Elements, Hope Church NYC, Promised Land - Willis Campus, New York Covenant (host) - Manhattan Campus promise of the Gospel. It is each one’s responsibility and true privilege to share the life of Jesus so that it multiplies across the generations. Christ’s grace is more than sufficient and effective in that high calling. Elements Church: praying to receive Christ; new Sunday worship space We are the recipients of an unbroken chain of faithfulness that shared the gospel in our own lives and planted every church where we worship, serve, and receive blessing. Our church planting efforts are Launch Team Training #2: Highrock Northshore, Highrock Quincy, Sanctuary Providence; hosted by East Bridgewater Covenant Church simply grateful obedience to not let it end with us. If you or your church would like to know more about partnering directly in church planting on the East Coast Conference, we welcome the invitation! Three New Church Planters: meeting ECConf Board, signing Agreements Contact Info: jason@eastcoastconf.org (860) 479-2020 New Season: Easter musical, over 500 adults, 200 children, 118 “decisions” facebook.com/jasoncondon Feel free to connect Find resources and Find hi-res images from online and follow along materials from our church visits and events as I post highlights from monthly Cohort at our ECConf Flickr church visits, ministry gatherings, training photo sets. Feel free to use travel, special events, and more: events, teachings, and more: them for your church communications: www.facebook.com/jasoncondon www.jasoncondon.com www.flickr.com/photos/ecconf2012 Assoc. Superintendent & DCP • Rev. Jason R. Condon • April 21, 2012 • pg. 4 of 4