Bolick Annual Report 2008 2009


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A description of the ministries of American Baptist International Ministries' missionaries in Chile, Dwight and Barbara Bolick.

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Bolick Annual Report 2008 2009

  1. 1. Write the Vision Down 2008 Year in Review Barbara & Dwight Bolick, Chile “Write the vision down; make it plain…so he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2-3 American Baptist International Ministries  
  2. 2. A Note from Dwight and Barbara This Gracious Work (2 Corinthians 8:1-7) Dear Friends, We have been missionaries in Chile for almost We want you to know that we feel the same way It is grace. We don’t believe it is us, but God, who eight years. One of our most gratifying experienc- about you. Your lives and ministries, your stew- is the one working to make His kingdom come in es has been the people and churches that have ardship, and your care for one another touches Chile. We are, all of us, privileged to take part in come along beside us in prayer, financial support, us, also, and we feel privileged to be in this good what He is doing as people Come to Christ, Grow and friendship. Thank you. fellowship. in Christ, and Change their world in the power of the gospel. Many of you write to tell us of your prayers for “You excel in everything – in faith, in utterance, in us and your sense of partnership with us. Barb knowledge, in all earnestness and in your love for LeVan of North East, Pennsylvania, writes to tell us all,” said Paul to the church. We know that you every now and then, “I pray for you daily.” Mark also excel in “this gracious work,” as he puts it, of Hite of Royersford, Pennsylvania, writes, “It’s a giving to participate in God’s mission. privilege to be part of the work you and the local churches are doing.”
  3. 3. A Letter from our Missionary Partnership Team A Great Challenge, A Great Opportunity Dear Partners in Mission, The economic downturn we have faced during the possible by the Luther Rice Society. This grant will last several months has been a challenge to many double all gifts from first time donors to Interna- of us. I was laid off after tenure of 27 years with tional Ministries for the ongoing support of the Read this letter to find my company. I have welcomed the change, know- Bolicks. Please see page 12 to learn how you can ing that God has a plan for me. It is an exciting participate in this challenge if you are a new donor out how your gift can be time in my life as I listen for God’s direction and or continue your support if you are already one of purpose. their financial partners. If you have any questions doubled by a Matching about the Bolicks’ work, please contact me at: International Ministries (IM), like so many other or at my home address Gift Fund from the Luther organizations, had to lay off a number of home 1205 Park Ave, Lansdale, PA 19446. office staff and their budget is being drastically Rice Society. See page 12 re-structured. IM has asked missionaries to do Also, please take a moment to review the DVD: everything they can to encourage gifts supporting “Carolina’s Story” it highlights Talita Cumi, the for further details. their work in order to reach 100% of their finan- Girls’ Club project which is one of the new min- cial support by September 30th of this year. istries God called Barb to begin in Temuco, Chile. I believe the annual report and Carolina’s Story Dwight and Barb are responding to this call in an will confirm for you that the Bolicks are fulfilling exciting way. They want to thank you for your sup- God’s direction and purpose in Chile. port by sharing with you this annual report that reviews their ministry in Chile as they “Write the Thank you for your partnership in this minis- Vision Down”. try making disciples of Jesus Christ and meeting human need in Chile. You are a vital part of their ministry in Chile and we ask for your continual prayers. In addition, we Sincerely, ask you to please consider responding to the chal- Missionary Partnership Team Betty Helpa Betty Helpa, Lansdale, PA COORDINATOR lenge of International Ministries by supporting Beckie Hernandez, South Bend, IN the Bolicks financially. Coordinator, COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST Bolick Missionary Partnership Team Sue Jenkins, Doylestown, PA PRAYER COORDINATOR Between now and June 30th we have a special Don Helpa, Lansdale, PA MK ADVOCATE opportunity to double all support gifts from new Cori Catellier, Greenwood, IN CHURCH RELATIONS donors, through a Matching Gift Fund grant made Harry Jenkins, Doylestown, PA ADVISER year in review n 2
  4. 4. left to right: Dwight and Tomás work in an Ministry Summary Barbara & Dwight Bolick’s Ministry in Chile apiary that provides income for Tomás. The Convention of Baptist Churches–Chilean The Mapudungun singing group celebrates their Mission, in partnership with American Baptist first major public performance. Creating Economic Opportunity International Ministries, invited Barbara and Barb with one of the seven Girls’ Clubs which • Weavings Dwight to serve rural Mapuche and urban provide mentoring relationships and spiritual • Beekeeping churches in ministries of economic and leadership formation for at-risk girls. • Entrepreneurship training development. Developing Leaders Elcira Cayuman shows one of her weavings that The animating vision of their life and work is • Berean Institute - training for effective ministry helped finance the building of her new house. to see Mapuche and Chilean churches that are in the Mapuche cultural context secure in their identity as people created in God’s • Language recovery - living the gospel in the na- image, practicing their vocation to be produc- tive language (Mapudungun) develops leaders tive stewards of God’s creation, and thus better • Church leadership development - teaching, equipped for Christ-like mission. preaching, consulting in local churches Opening Minds and Hearts to Christ • Girls’ Clubs - training mentors in local churches to form Christian character in pre-teens and adolescents 3 n year in review
  5. 5. Creating Economic Opportunity - Building Futures left to right: Carolina Catrin has been weaving all of her life, and now she sells her weavings at a fair price that reflects their value. The colors the earth gives - naturally dyed, handspun wool yarn. Betty Drusedum, of the Lamb’s Wool in Landsdale, PA, teaches the Lanco spinners how to card wool. Weaving Project This program serves three weaving groups in But the story doesn’t end here. three separate rural communities. Barbara works with 26 weavers, meeting regularly with them to The leader of the weavers’ group in Curihue is Pa- stimulate the perfection of their craft. All of these tricia Coñoepan. When she came to the weaving women live below the poverty line. The weaving program she had only rudimentary skills in weav- project can help rural Mapuche women rise out ing. Now she is one of the most expert weavers in of poverty. Chile. Last year the municipality hired her to train fifteen new weavers in nearby communities. With “With my weavings and my • Nine expert weavers have seen their household earnings from her weavings and this job, she has income increase by 39% from the sales of their been able to rise out of poverty. language (Mapudungun) I feel weavings. like I have recovered something • Seventeen novice weavers have experienced an that was mine,” says Patricia Coñoepan. average increase in income of 13%. year in review n 4
  6. 6. Beekeeping Changes a Life top to bottom: Beekeeping Tomás Vivanco is a pastor in the southern Chile is a viable, sustainable liveli- community of Lanco. Like most Chilean pastors, hood for Tomás Vivanco. Tomás must work outside the church to sustain Dwight congratulates Tomás his family. He is a skilled woodworker and guitar on his first honey harvest. maker who, if he lived closer to a major popula- tion center, might find it easier to make a living Tomás plays on the guitar he built while his wife, Orfelina, producing custom furniture and guitars. listens. The stress of creating a sustainable income in a depressed community can be overpowering, even for our pastors. Tomás has a passion for the Gos- pel and effective ministry, but he must carry that treasure in the “clay jar” of economic distress. Our predecessors, Steve and Sheila Heneise, en- abled Tomás to learn the craft of guitar making. Another American Baptist church member is help- ing him to acquire more tools. Beekeeping is a livelihood that provides Tomás with a current income stream while he builds up his woodworking shop and business. A year and a half ago we provided Tomás with three bee hives, equipment and on-going training in beekeeping. Like other beekeepers in the program, Tomás will pay back most of these startup costs to the pro- Beekeeping gram in the form of new bee colonies or honey. Beekeeping helps him move beyond subsistence Dwight provides oversight and training for the • We are currently working with twelve apiaries, toward productivity. “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Beekeeping program. The program provides a training seventeen beekeepers. Garden of Eden to till it and keep it.” (Genesis new beekeeper with three beehives and equip- 2:15, NRSV) ment. In exchange, they commit to return all or a • Average income per household is on track to portion of the costs, in the form of honey, nucleos increase by 36% or more. (new bee colonies), or beehive materials. These are used to reduce the program’s expansion costs This is the vision! Thank you for helping us to run and approach sustainability. Dwight is prepar- ing two other beekeepers to provide training and with it and accompany our brothers and sisters in technical service. Their leadership will allow the their quest to be productive stewards, “keepers” program to expand and train more beekeepers. of God’s creation. 5 n year in review
  7. 7. left to right: Claudia Collinao bought a sewing machine which provides a more reliable income. Everyone pitches in during planting days of potatoes and quinoa. Jack likes days like these, planting potatoes with his friends! Entrepreneurship Training Royersford Baptist Church in Pennsylvania • In 2008 we started working with a group of ten • Claudia Collinao is now able to take in enough donated funds to establish a rotating loan fund to people in the Curihue community. They are work as a seamstress to rise above the poverty promote sustainable livelihoods in rural Mapuche combining forces to raise potatoes and quinoa. line. communities. Dwight develops a very basic plan Quinoa was a staple of the Mapuche diet be- with the participants to project costs, income and fore the Spaniards introduced wheat. Our aim a repayment schedule. is to re-establish Quinoa as a cash crop for the Mapuche communities with better returns than wheat. - Fifteen households participate in the Quinoa renewal project. - Ten households participate in the potato project. year in review n 6
  8. 8. Leaders Sing the Language Leadership of Their Heart (Luke 4:22) “All spoke well of him and were Development amazed at the gracious words that came from his lips.” top: A newly formed musical group performs hymns and choruses in Mapudungun. bottom: The church in Llonga- Jesus amazed people when He said, in His first ser- hue participates in the Berean Institue and in Mapudungun mon, what the Good News of the Kingdom is like. classes. We are surprised, now and then, when we realize people are taking hold of the dream God has for their lives. A group meets weekly to study and revive the speaking of their first language, Mapundungun, in church. Overcoming the timidity and shame left by generations of ridicule and oppression by the dominating “powers”, a new kind of hilarity and confidence breaks through. This is the purpose of the language recovery endeavor, to help Mapu- che churches regain the confidence to share the gospel authentically in their cultural context. Alfonso Coñoepan is one of the leaders in the lan- guage recovery project. One day he surprised us Berean Institute with the idea of forming a musical group to per- form hymns and choruses in Mapudungun. They have sung at many of our convention’s gather- Dwight teaches in this rural Mapuche theologi- • Out of the core group of seven participants, ings and church events to the delight of everyone. cal institute. He taught classes on preparing Bible who meet bi-weekly to study and speak Ma- What is amazing is to see the transformation of studies and preaching. Participation averages 7-10 pudungun, two men now teach Mapudungun this group into people who now believe God has weekly in two rural elementary schools. Mapudungun Classes people per class. given them good and beautiful gifts to share with the world. Leaders are formed by recovering the Language Recovery • The church has gained stature in the commu- language God gave to the Mapuche. nity, and now they see how a language recov- ery movement can be a part of their disciple- Jesus’ text for his first sermon was the Shalom The recovery of the native language in the life of ship and outreach. vision of Isaiah 61. We are amazed, also, to catch the Mapuche church is, we have discovered, an glimpses of that hope, and to watch people be- essential part of leadership development. Your coming “oaks of righteousness.” (Isaiah 61:3) mission dollar subsidizes the costs of materials, transportation and a stipend for the Mapudungun professor. 7 n year in review
  9. 9. How We Found Scarlet Opening Minds and top: Erica Villablanca mentors Hearts to Christ Scarlet through some difficult Scarlet lives in one of Chile’s most marginalized times, introducing her to Jesus, communities where Lord Merino and his wife, good friends and good values. Erica, pastor a small congregation. One day bottom: The name of the Girls’ shortly after her father and brother had gone Club at the Salitre church is Talita to prison for dealing drugs, Scarlet’s mother left Cumi which means “Rise up, little her with a friend while she went to visit them. girl.” (Mark 5:41) The Clubs instill hope in preteen girls in seven That friend visits Lord and Erica’s church. That’s poverty-stricken areas. how we found Scarlet. When Scarlet walked into the church, she went directly to Erica, Lord’s wife, and hugged her. Erica had never seen the little girl before but soon found out she lived nearby. Erica invited her to the church’s Talita Cumi girls’ club. After a month or so of visiting, Erica called on Scarlet’s mother, to ask permission for Scarlet to officially join the club. Though Scarlet’s mom is not a believer, she was very emotional when she gave permission for Scarlet to participate. She told Erica, “Scarlet can participate in any activi- ties that you have. Before she came to the club she cried all day every day because she missed her father and her brother, I didn’t know what Girls’ Clubs to do with her, nothing I did worked and I didn’t know how I was going to get her into school in the fall. All the pictures she drew were of rain and clouds. Since she started attending the club, Barb senses God’s calling to make this a major part • Seven of our convention’s churches established she has stopped crying and she has come back of her life’s work and will be dedicating more of Girls’ Clubs in 2008. to life. Now she draws pictures, and they are full her time to its development. • The clubs are currently serving 52 girls, 39 of of color and sunshine.” She prepares materials based on developing the whom live at or below the poverty level. classical Christian virtues and character, and meets Thanks to your support the Talita Cumi project with the mentors to train and equip them. The • In Chile 14% of the women have children before continues to minister to over 50 girls in south- mentors meet weekly with the girls (ages 6-14). they are 15 years old. More than half the chil- ern Chile, with new clubs in central Chile and The Clubs’ activities revolve around: Bible studies, dren that are born are born out of wedlock are the Santiago area scheduled to begin in 2009. character formation, healthy relationships, reading to women under 20. Thank you for partnering with us as we share habits and skills, conflict management, preparing the light and hope of the Gospel with Scarlet healthy, economical meals, and service projects. and her friends in southern Chile. year in review n 8
  10. 10. Our Vision for 2009 Guiding Principles left to right: Mapuche weavings use designs and symbols that are centuries old. The Mapuche churches gathered at Llongahue for a day of fellowship. We always work to help the local church see that any project benefiting them is ultimately a way to develop leaders and serve the Shalom of the com- Creating Economic Opportunity munity in the name of Christ. (Jeremiah 29:7) Weaving Beekeeping Entrepreneurship The current global economic crisis affects the weav- Goals for 2009 are to increase the average income We will continue helping the micro-loan recipi- ing project. In 2008, sales decreased dramatically, per beekeeper/household by fifty percent. Since ents with basic business planning, similar to what attributed to canceled events. This year we are we will be in the U.S. from August ’09 through we do with the beekeepers. Since we will be on working on innovations of newer, lower priced January ’10, we will be away during the next start- home assignment for much of the next reporting products and clothing items that will reach a up and harvest season. Much of our time until period, we will also spend much time preparing broader market. John Sittner, the Missions Pastor our departure will be dedicated to preparing the them for our absence. at Crossroads Baptist Church in Northglenn, Colo- beekeepers to continue increasing their apiaries’ rado, will help us search for new markets for our production. products. 9 n year in review
  11. 11. left to right: Raul Olivares, a ministerial student, and Lord Merino, a pastor, are going to become bee-keeping pastors. Dwight’s participation with the Mapudungun class is one of his most gratifying exeriences. The Girls’ Club is the highlight of the week for these girls and a solid foundation for their future. Leadership Development Opening Minds and Hearts to Christ Mapudungun English as a Second Language Girls’ Clubs We believe that this endeavor is about leadership We will offer ESL classes for the Mapuche Together with the local churches, we will hold a development more than it is a strictly linguistic churches and for the officers of the Convention. camp for the girls and mentors during the sum- project. This is because of the surprising growth in Barbara’s niece, Dani Payne, from Colorado, will mer (December through March!) The program self-esteem and leadership that we have seen in be with us from February through July, serving as will expand to the churches in the north and cen- participants in Mapudungun recovery. Therefore, a volunteer under the auspices of the IM Volun- tral regions of our convention. we will continue with the core class, but encour- teer office. She will teach English and help us with age them to move out into the community and administrative projects. Dr. Nora Lozano, a New Testament professor at the churches. We will also involve more of the church- Baptist University of the Americas in San Antonio es by offering a Mapudungun literacy class in the will collaborate with Barb in the writing of new Berean Institute. teaching materials, focusing on the development of the virtues and Christian character formation. year in review n 10
  12. 12. Still the Vision Comes “Write the vision down; make it plain…so he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2-3 We trust this report gives you a glimpse of some If this is a vision you also identify with, we invite International Ministries is facing serious financial of the ways people in Chile are coming to Christ, you to continue or begin to: challenges, also. It has meant making cuts in min- growing in grace and knowledge, and chang- istry expenses and laying off valued home office ing their world in the power of the Spirit. All of PRAY The awareness that you pray for us daily is staff. these ministries flow out of our life in community an anchor for us, simply wonderful. Prayer is the as disciples of Jesus, in prayer, Bible study, teach- most important work we can do. Let us covenant Our financial reality is that International Ministries ing, preaching, fellowship and conversation about to pray for one another and the work God gives may not be able to keep us on the field if we can- God’s Shalom vision. us to do. not reach 100% of our support by September 30. What drives us is the call to equip Mapuche and GIVE This is the “gracious work” Paul talks about. Nevertheless, we are filled with hope and thanks- Chilean churches that are secure in their iden- Your passion and International Ministries’ passion giving. Your consistent prayers, cards, and support tity as people created in God’s image, practicing for making disciples of Jesus Christ has drawn us through the World Mission Offering, Targeted Giv- their vocation to be productive stewards of God’s together in an exciting partnership. ing, and for specific ministries have sustained us creation, and thus better equipped for Christ-like this far. You are stakeholders in God’s mission in mission. We are living in times of uncertainty because of Chile and we believe we are all better disciple- the global economic crisis. You or your loved ones makers because of our partnership. are surely anticipating painful adjustments. left to right: Elcira Cayuman shows Barb the house she is able to build becuase of her weavings’ sales. Emelinda Coñoepan demonstrates the weaving techniques she learned from her mother. 11 n year in review
  13. 13. Two Simple Ways to be a Stakeholder First-Time Supporters Regular Supporters WRITE TO US If you have questions about our financial support, our ministries, or want to share The Luther Rice Society (a group of major do- • You may give through your local American Bap- a prayer request, please know that we welcome nors to International Ministries) will match any tist Church. Simply designate on the memo line: your communication. gift from $200 - $2,000 from new supporters International Ministries - Ongoing Support for until June 30. You may give on the International Bolicks. SHARE THIS REPORT WITH SOMEONE ELSE who Ministries website • Mail your check or pledge directly to may not know about the ministries in Chile, and; go to Iberoamerica and International Ministries who might want to join our Missionary Partner- Caribbean and select Dwight and Barbara Bolick- P. O. Box 851 ship Network. Chile. Or send your check or pledge directly to: Valley Forge, PA 19482 Indicate on the memo line: THANK YOU, International Ministries Ongoing Support for BOLICK. Dwight and Barbara Bolick P. O. Box 851 • Call 1-800-222-3872, ext. 2324 Temuco, Chile Valley Forge, PA 19482 to give by credit card. • You may give on the International Ministries Please indicate that you are a first-time donor and website http://www.internationalministries. that it is for the “Ongoing Support of the Bolicks.” org/give; go to Iberoamerica and Caribbean and select Dwight and Barbara Bolick-Chile. left to right: Pastor Lord Merino teaches a Bible story for Talita Cumi Girls’ Club in the Salitre Church. “Eat honey,...for it is good.” (Proverbs 24:13) Honey ready for market. Carolina Catrin, beloved grandmother, with Yaritza, her grandaughter. year in review n 12
  14. 14. Join us in Short-Term Missions left to right: Jim Wiegner enjoys some time in front of the camera with Sara Neculman and family. Pastor Lee Riggs helped baptize new members of the Salitre church. Royersford Baptish Church enjoyed fellowship with the church in Pilinhue. Special Thanks to Special Friends Several short-term missionaries and volunteers visited Don Helpa and Betty and Walter Drusedum. This us in 2008. Their efforts helped make our work a little group provided a supply of natural red dye, financed easier. spinning wheels for thirty weavers, and taught ad- vanced spinning and dyeing techniques. In addition, • Indiana/Kentucky Region led by Dr. Lee Riggs. they did dental hygiene work and activities with the Through their efforts, the Girls’ Club has financing children. and 52 girls’ lives have been changed for the better. • Jim Wiegner, Director of Development with Inter- • First Baptist Church of Loveland, Colorado led by Rev. national Ministries came to take film footage and 2008 Year in Review John Turnage.This group presented leadership work- photos to use for several short videos about our Barbara & Dwight Bolick ministries. His first video, about the Girls’ Clubs, ac- shops and Sunday School teacher training. Because American Baptist International Ministires companies this report. of their contributions, the Temuco churches have Sunday School curriculum and craft supplies. All photos are by Jim Wiegner and Dwight Bolick • A special thank you goes to Michele Gerbrandt • Grace Baptist Church of Blue Bell & First Baptist and the Crossroads Church Missions Committee of   Church of Lansdale, Pennsylvania led by Betty and Northglenn, Colorado for editing and producing this annual review.