Church Planting Spread from East Coast Conference 2013 Annual Report


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The Church Planting Spread from our East Coast Conference 2013 Mission & Ministry Partnership Annual Report

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Church Planting Spread from East Coast Conference 2013 Annual Report

  1. 1. YEARS 1-2 In this season church plants are fully launched, growing through outreach and evangelism, pursuing missional viability and becoming self-sustaining. UPDATE ON HIGHROCK QUINCY QUINCY MA NEW SEASON CHURCH BRONX NY CHURCH PLANTS Pastor: Stephen Sharkey Pastor: Phil Bonano Parent/Partner Churches: Highrock Public ‘2.0’ Launch: Easter Season 2012 Arlington/Highrock Brookline Avg. Worship: 260 This past year saw each of our newest round of church plants Public Launch: Fall 2012 Overview: At capacity with two worship grow in their missional health. Our more established church Avg. Worship: 120 services, exploring 3rd service before fall. plants also continued to faithfully & fruitfully live out their Overview: Partnering with Quincy Covenant Strong outreach programming and follow-up callings. Though not without challenges, significant numbers for worship location. Increasingly seeing new process. Several dozen responding to Christ, of people are finding new life in Jesus, neighborhoods are decisions for Christ with baptism celebrations high percentage entering spiritual growth and tangibly blessed, and partnerships amongst churches and membership process, lots of baptisms. Multi- kingdom-minded people are getting established. ethnic, with Puerto Rican, African-American, HIGHROCK NORTH SHORE and more. Two additional church plants are underway since last year. SALEM MA With the potential for 4-6 additional ones tantalizingly close to being approved. ELEMENTS CHURCH Pastor: Aaron Engler BRONX NY Parent Church: Highrock Arlington Your prayers, support, and shared ministry across the Public Launch: Fall 2012 Conference is bearing truly amazing fruit! Pastor: Efrain Alicea Avg. Worship: 105 Public ‘2.0’ Launch: Summer 2012 Overview: Great in-roads with North Shore Much grace, Avg. Worship: 105 CDC, Salem State, Gordon Conwell, and inviting Jason R. Condon neighbors overall. Multi-ethnic, primarily Asian Overview: Unique blend of hip-hop cultural ASSOCIATE SUPERINTENDENT, DIRECTOR OF CHURCH PLANTING & Anglo elements and ethos. Several dozen responding to Christ, several baptisms. Multi-ethnic, with Puerto Rican, African-American, and more. HOPE CHURCH NYC ASTORIA NY PRE-LAUNCH STAGE PROMISED LAND COVENANT CHURCH Pastor: Drew Hyun BRONX NY In this season church plants are focused on hitting Public Launch: Fall 2012 vital health and vitality benchmarks for Launch Team Avg. Worship: 155 development, establishing key ministries, rolling out Overview: Just successfully launched 2nd Pastor: Michael Carrion preview worship services, and growing their community worship service and new youth ministry. Very Public ‘2.0’ Launch: Fall 2010 outreach. multi-ethnic, diverse socio-economically. Avg. Worship: 325 Already partnering in additional church Overview: Dozens upon dozen responding to planting with plans to “parent” in 2014. Jesus, many getting engaged in the life of the NEW CITY church. Like our other Bronx plants, ministering BOSTON MA beautifully in a very challenging context. Pastor: T.C. Moore SANCTUARY Significant community engagement. Multi- PROVIDENCE, RI ethnic, with Puerto Rican, African-American, Stage: Launch Team Development, various other Hispanic groups, and more moving towards Preview Worship Primary Partner: Cambridge Pastor: Andrew Mook Community Fellowship Church (Larry Kim) Partner Church: Christ Church, East SUDANESE EVANGELICAL Additional Partner Churches: Greenwich, RI incubated the original COVENANT CHURCH Cornerstone Church Boston & Covenant Congregational Jamaica Plain Sanctuary worship service and blessed the MANCHESTER NH - still in early stages, formalizing over Summer sending of a signficant Launch Team Public Launch: Fall 2013 Public Launch: Fall 2012 Overview: Currently growing a strong launch team, while forming vital Pastor: Monyroor Teng Avg. Worship: 170 partnerships with the three Covenant churches listed and other kingdom- Public Launch: Fall 2010 Overview: Many responding to Jesus minded ministries. Will fully launch late-Summer to early-Fall. and publicly professing through baptism. Avg. Worship: 80 Reaching eclectic mix of younger postmoderns Parent Church: Bethany Covenant Church, and increasingly intergenerational blend. Bedford NH Experimenting with two worship Overview: Effectively reaching into the 800+ Sudanese Community, growing in membership CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION and ministry offerings, recently launched HARLEM, NY LIFE COVENANT CHURCH student-led youth ministry, developing MORGANVILLE NJ indigenous leadership in the church. Pastor: Kimberly Wright Stage: “Recommended” and in process, but not yet official. A “2.0” church plant, pursuing prerequisites for a hoped-for official church plant status this Pastor: Derrick Jackson summer Public Launch: Fall 2009 Partner Churches: developing relationships over next few months, let us Avg. Worship: 90 know if your church is interested Overview: Stable congregation, making Avg. Worship: 80 good efforts at further outreach growth. Deep spirit of prayer and worship, with increasing outwardly-focused community efforts AUG Hope Church NYC launches in Astoria, NY SEP Highrock /NorthShore Church launches in Salem, MA5 Sanctuary Church launches in Providence, RI Veritas workshops held in Harleysville, PA & Essex, VT 2012 Highrock/Quincy Church launches in Quincy, MA 2012 Judy Peterson speaks on “Don’t Miss Out” at the Women’s Retreat East Coast Worship Conference held in E. Greenwich, RI at Pilgrim Pines (Swanzey, NH).
  2. 2. YEARS 3-5 4 CHURCH 3In this season church plants are off PLANTS 2appropriations, further maturing theirministry systems, preparing for adoption as ADDED 1a Covenant member church, and seeking BY YEAR 0how to parent or partner in the planting oftheir first church plant. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 WORSHIP FRONTIER CHURCH $700,000 $ BROOKLINE MA $600,000 Pastor: Kiho Lee $500,000 Project Start: July 1, 2008 Partner Church: begun without an official partner, now INVESTMENT IN $400,000formally supported by Trinity Lexington (building on CHURCH PLANTING $300,000previous great friendship and collaboration) Avg. Worship: 110 $200,000 Overview: A Korean-language congregation, reachingfirst-generation Korean college and grad students, and 0increasingly families young and older. Recently went to twoworship services differing style to better minister across the 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 $322,272 $317,725 $314,260 $360,291 $615,000generations. Continuously see many respond to the Gospelfor the first time. EVERGREEN COVENANT CHURCH SANFORD ME $700,000 CHURCH $600,000 Pastor: Frank Catalano Project Start: April 1, 2008 PLANTING $500,000 Avg. Worship: 75 OPERATING Overview: Great increased missional momentum overpast year, with new families joining and solid ministry EXPENSES 0growth. Nearing capacity in current location. Creatively 2012 ACTUAL 2013 REVISED 2014 PROPOSEDmixing a regional reach with a localized mission. Will bereceived as a member church this year! $506,951 $553,856 $625,461 HIGHROCK BROOKLINE BROOKLINE MA Pastor: Joshua Throneburg HIGHROCK QUINCY Project Start: Jan 1, 2008 Avg. Worship: 250 Parent Church: Highrock Arlington Overview: Partnered in the launch of Highrock Quincy.Stable and healthy. Creatively tackling the tough missionalsoil of Brookline, finding increasing favor and traction withcommunity. Multi-ethnic, primarily Asian and Anglo, withother representation ELEMENTS CHURCH METRO HOPE COMMUNITY HARLEM NY Pastor: Jose Humphreys Project Start: June 1, 2007 Avg. Worship: 100 Overview: Hope House, a weekday space for offices,intentional community, garden, and dinners, is well-established. New, larger worship space. Very diversecongregation; blend of young creatives, students, families,and more. SUDANESE EVANGELICAL EVERGREEN COVENANT Mark Novak speaks at Men’s Retreat, Pilgrim Pines (Swanzey, NH) Fall Ashram canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. OCT 6 Hurricane Sandy sweeps up the East Coast, affecting Covenanters from Church Planting Agreement signed for New City Cov. Church of Boston.2012 New York City to Boston. Numerous Covenanters & churches become the first responders post storm.