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Fact sheet for rockfield tennis pavilion30 oct15


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Some detailed information including images of the proposed new Tennis Pavilion in Rockfield Park

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Fact sheet for rockfield tennis pavilion30 oct15

  1. 1. Part 8 Planning Consultation for a new Tennis Pavilion, flood lighting and resurfacing of all weather surfaces at Rockfield park. The following fact sheet has been prepared at the request of local City Councillors representatives to inform residents of the issues arising from above planning consultation. Why this location for the proposed tennis pavilion? Safety The site was chosen because it directly adjoins the public road where it can avail of public lighting and the optimum ‘natural surveillance’. It is also directly in front of the cul de sac at Whitethorn Grove so as to minimise any impact on houses. Glazing to rear It adjoins the upper tennis courts which are to be resurfaced and the rear of the building would have the best aspect for availing of sun which is important for passive energy and the users of the building. The rear of the building therefore has most of the glazing which is protected from direct public access and the front of the building has minimal glazing to minimise the opportunity for vandalism. Risks associated with alternatives further located within the park It has been suggested that a site to the west of the tennis courts should be considered but this location would not avail of the benefits outlined above which are key to the success of the project. In particular it would create a ‘backland’ to the south of the building.There are already two buildings in the park which have been located away from the public road with the consequences of anti social activity which the residents are aware of.
  2. 2. Will the tennis pavilion impinge negatively on the residential amenity of the area? Quality design The elevations of the building (which is designed by reputable Architects) are attached and could not be considered to be visually intrusive or to have any negative impact on the residential amenity of the area. Improved amenity for community It is considered that the upgrading of the facilities in the park will have a significant short and long term beneficial impact on the residential amenity and recreational opportunity for families in the area. What will be the hours of operation be for the building and floodlighting? Time limits for building and floodlights The clubs which use of the existing facilities will be subject to a licence from Dublin City Council which will set conditions (agreed by the elected representatives) with regard to hours of operation, noise etc. The clubs are considered to be well managed and have a track record in the community. It is not envisaged that they will permit their use of the park and the facilities to become a nuisance to residents. What about traffic management and car parking? The maximum number of people who can use the 5 tennis courts at any time if doubles are being played is 20. As the facility is for local use, it is extremely unlikely that those 20 people will drive on their own to the pavilion. This is a local facility which people will walk to and bicycle parking will be provided. It is not envisaged therefore that traffic management will be an issue and the greater use of the Park by the community can only be beneficial to
  3. 3. displacing the anti social activities in and around the park which the residents have highlighted as an existing problem. What will prevent the pavilion being used for other purposes or for the sale of alcohol? Licence arrangements for users for activities at pavilion The activities of the tennis club will be subject to a licence from Dublin City Council which will set conditions to ensure that the pavilion cannot be sub-let or used for any other purpose other than tennis. The sale of alcohol will be strictly prohibited in the conditions of operation and the elected representatives will have the role of agreeing the conditions of the licence agreement. How will the building be secured and protected from graffiti? Alarm system A security system will be installed to protect against break-ins and fire. This alarm system will be monitored off site by contract so that there is an immediate response to any alert. This system is standard for all new Parks buildings. DCC to remove any graffiti immediately Whilst there are special paints that make the removal of graffiti easy, the City Council will ensure through its Public Domain Officer that any graffiti is immediately removed. How can the residents be sure that the Council will fulfil its commitments to the residents? A liaison committee will be established between the City Council management, elected representatives, the residents associations of Whitethorn and St Davids and the sports clubs to monitor the management, maintenance and operation of the facilities and in particular the tennis pavilion. When is the project going to happen? Dublin City Council has secured a Sports Capital Grant of €150,000 in 2015 for the up- grading of the 5 tennis courts nearest the road and a training area for the football club. This work will be carried out in Q2 2016 as phase one of the project. Subject to tender prices some of the floodlighting may also take place as part of phase one. If not phase two will consist of the floodlighting. The tennis pavilion would be constructed in phase 3 of the project and will be subject to available funding from Sports Capital grants and the City Council development levies.