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Dollymount externalexpert ommgoc

Brief given to external flood defence expert for review of Dollymount Flood Defence barrier height

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Dollymount externalexpert ommgoc

  1. 1. Re: Dollymount Flood Wall – External Expert Brief. Following unanimous approval of a motion by Dublin City Councillors at an emergency meeting of the Council on Wednesday 11th November last (copy attached) it has been decided to procure a external expert to independently assess the height of the partially constructed and proposed new sea wall along Clontarf Road and James Larkin Road between the Wooden Bridge and the Causeway to Bull Island, Clontarf, Dublin 3. Representations from members of the public who drive past this new wall contend that it will obscure their views of Bull Island thus requesting this review. Attached are frequently asked questions and links to the City Councils web-site which outline the history of the project so far and some of the main issues queried by local and regional residents. The brief for this external expert includes the following: 1. Site visits. Meeting with Environmental Monitoring and Liaison Committee 2. Review previous reports which include this section of flood defence and the latest relevant national/international best practice documents on climate change with a view to verifying and/or establishing relevant design criteria. This shall include but not be limited to:-  Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study (GDSDS) Climate Change Policy Document No.5 adopted by Dublin City Council.  Dublin Coastal Flood Protection Project.  SAFER Project.  Clontarf Promenade Wave Modelling Projects.  Dublin Bay tide gauge records with particular attention to Sea level rise noted between 2000-2014.  An Bord Pleanala Decisions & Inspector’s Reports for this stretch of wall.  Part 8 approval by Dublin City Council for this cycleway, watermain and flood wall.  National/International best practice on guidelines and recommendations on current and future flood defence heights. Page 1 of 2
  2. 2.  Eastern Region CFRAMS reports and draft CFRAM floodmaps.  Irish Coastal Protection Strategy Study (ICPSS) – OPW as it refers to this section at Dollymount..  Review of international best practice on design of coastal defences/flood defences and climate change.  Other reports/analysis which the expert deems necessary. 3. Analysis and recommendation on the four main constituents which make up the height of this proposed and existing flood wall.  Static tide design level (appropriate return period and associated level),  global warming element (temporal allowance and appropriate sea level rise allowance(s) for same)  associated wave defence component (based on wave climate in lagoon and overtopping of flood wall),  freeboard allowance (if any required). 4. Assessment of the suitability of a glass wall option for the highest portions (350m-460m) of the proposed new wall relative to road level. Assessment of the suitability of temporary flood barriers for the highest portions (350m- 460m) of the proposed new wall relative to road level. 5. Draft report in 3 weeks with final report in 4 weeks. The report will outline all reports and studies read by the expert, his/her conclusions from them and his/her analysis and recommendation in respect of the height of the coastal flood defence wall required for this section of Dublin City coastline, i.e. adequacy of the existing design or proposed new design level. Page 2 of 2