Draft bbp&pom bondi_beach_precinct_may_2013_final


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Submission from Bondi Beach Precinct and Bondi Precinct for the draft Bondi Beach Park and Pavilion Plan of Management May 2013

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Draft bbp&pom bondi_beach_precinct_may_2013_final

  1. 1. Draft Bondi Beach Park &Pavilion Plan of ManagementSubmission: Bondi Beach Precinct & Bondi Precinct31 May 2013
  2. 2. SHORT TERM PLAN (STAGE 1)5-7 yearsCars two way travel: parking meters instead of passes and gatesNo access to Pavilion forecourt (except emergency vehicles and special events)Council storage at back of Bondi Surf Club to be increased for beach rakeAccess route for services and deliveries moved
  3. 3. SHORT TERM PLAN (STAGE 1)Agree to have this at south end near promenade butneed to bear in mind the path taken by the barefootrunners so there is no obstruction. Also would not liketo see this as a permanent structure, it should bedismantled at end of play.Agree with thisAgree with thisAgree with this plus find out about how the donatedwheelchair for surf access that the life guards have canbe obtained. Make this clear public knowledge.COMMENTS:Knotts pedestrian/vehicle share way. What does thismean – more details needed. Is this not alreadyoperating in this manner? Vehicle access to units inKnotts Ave needs to be considered.
  4. 4. COMMENTS: see following pageSHORT TERM PLAN (STAGE 1)
  5. 5. COMMENTS:Mixed views about the idea of having kiosks. Seating associated with anykiosk would interfere with this busy pedestrian thoroughfare. If thekiosks are for café style food no agreement for this, however re-siting thetake-away style operators currently on the Promenade to here could bebeneficial. Objection to the commercialisation of the Promenade –concern that it would attract franchise businesses such as those onCampbell Pde. Another concern was that the site would be cold andwindy, due to the southern aspect.Other possible uses are bike storage, providing shaded seating (as atCoogee), use as creative/artistic spaces as in contemporary urban designconcepts.Don’t want to sacrifice the uniqueness of Bondi.The Promenade after a storm
  6. 6. COMMENTS:More detail needed to understand howthis would work. Safety issues related to service vehicle access would need to be thoroughlyresearched and addressed as well as the logistics of multiple vehicles parking turning etc. Willcouncil vehicles also park here? Is there a space allocated for rubbish bins in this area?SHORT TERM PLAN (STAGE 1)
  7. 7. SHORT TERM PLAN (STAGE 1)COMMENTS:Agreed to upgrade exercise stationAgreed to upgrade the children’splayground, with the proviso that there isinput from parents as to the type ofequipment.It is thought that having a sandpit in thisplayground, metres from the giant sandpit thatis the beach, has not been properly thoughtthrough.Agreed with upgrade of toilets and amenitiesPedestrian Zone addressed later in thisdocument along with parking under Key Idea 1
  8. 8. COMMENTS:• Agreed to widen ramp for access to beach• Question whether new seating and shadingis within an existing structure or a new one?• Question about whether the naturalcontour of the landscape will be changed?• Dimensions and more details are needed tofully understand the plan, particularlythe correlation between thesection and planned northelevation.SHORT TERM PLAN STAGE 1
  9. 9. COMMENTS: See general comments on PavilionSHORT TERM PLAN STAGE 1
  11. 11. COMMENTS:REINSTATE PAVILION ENTRANCE• The majority agreed entrance from Campbell Pde would be good, but did not want theamphitheatre demolished. The amphitheatre is a good space for shows and movies and isdesirable for containing noise (the relocation of Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinema from theamphitheatre to the park a case in point.) If the amphitheatre is moved, noise and the use ofstages on the grassy areas will be a problem.• People will still enter the beach from wherever is easier for them, particularly those exitingbuses at South and Middle Bondi.• Question as to why the emphasis on wanting people to walk through Pavilion in its current statewith any plans for upgrading so far away?BONDI PAVILIONFUTURE DIRECTIONS FOR THE PAVILION:• Plan is too vague, a lot more detail needed.• The Pavilion needs its own separate Plan of Management rather than being lumped in with theBeach and Parks.• The Pavilion needs an overall Manager to co-ordinate the various departments involved.• The Pavilion needs above all its own separate set of accounts showing all revenue andexpenditure. A question was raised about setting up a Bondi Pavilion Trust or a not for profitorganization to manage it.
  12. 12. COMMENTS (cont):• The Pavilion needs to be restored – it is currently a neglected building.• Prior to restoration, the Pavilion needs to be assessed by an architect specialising ininteractive spaces spanning art, architecture and urbanism• The Pavilion needs to be kept primarily as a community oriented space.• The Pavilion would benefit immensely from a museum/ history area.• Other suggestions for use:o reinstate the Turkish baths/ steam roomo reinstate the ballroom/ promote a weekly/monthly dance – Trocadero style. Thereis an existing problem with Tamarama Rock Surfers having control of the bar.Details as to the arrangement between Council and the TRS are requested.• Overall strategic vision is lacking.The Friends of Bondi Pavilion will be reviewing the draft for the Pavilion on Saturday 25May 2013 between 10am and 12 midday in the Ocean Room in the Pavilion.BONDI PAVILION
  13. 13. LONG TERM PLAN (STAGE 2)
  14. 14. COMMENTS: see next pageLONG TERM PLAN (STAGE 2)
  15. 15. COMMENTS:Stage 1: Short term car parking• Majority disagreed with installation of metered parking.• Boom gates and permits to be retained. This will also prevent hoons.• Mixed views around pedestrianisation of Pavilion forecourt. There is an historical aspectto the way cars currently use Queen Elizabeth Drive. Supported for safety reasons.Detailed plans of how it is going to work needed.• The executive committees of Bondi Girls Surfriders and Bondi Longboard Club haveconcerns about removing the car-park, which will greatly impact on their monthlycompetition days and surfers generally. The (elevated) car-park is used as a viewingplatform for the competition and the cars which transport all the necessary gear, parkthere.• Logistical review needed to assess suitability of 2 way traffic in beach carpark, inparticular, assessing space for cars waiting for spaces, and entering and leaving spaces.Stage 2: Underground car park• There were mixed views around this, with the increase of green space being afactor, although it was pointed out that very few people choose to sit at the very back ofthe park.• Concern around increasing rates to fund this facility which would appear to providelimited benefits for the community.
  16. 16. COMMENTS:Stage 2: Underground car park (cont)• Concern by families, little nippers parents, surfers, etc that it would not be aninviting way to enter the beach – going underground and having to use a lift withassorted beach gear including surfboards. The lift would have to be big enoughto accommodate this.• Concern about the effect on the water table – a rigorous geographical surveywould need to be done.• Concern about the effect of excavating a sand hill and the impact on the existingbuildings there – the Pavilion and Surf Clubs – a rigorous survey needed wellbefore any work was even considered.• Concerns that customers from the proposed Woolworths in the Swiss Grandwould use it, along with other shoppers, as it is more commercially sited than thecurrent car park which is primarily for beachgoers.• Suggestion to keep Stage 1 Parking Plan and place the north-western car park 1(one) level underground rather than constructing a 3 (three) level car park.• Martin Greer suggested an alternate underground plan and supplied a conceptdrawing.
  17. 17. COMMENTS: dealt with previouslyLONG TERM PLAN (STAGE 2)
  18. 18. COMMENTS:• Agree to respect Bondi’s heritage• Unanimous vote to keep the heritage foot bridges.LONG TERM PLAN (STAGE 2)
  19. 19. COMMENTS: dealt with previouslyLONG TERM PLAN (STAGE 2)
  20. 20. COMMENTS:• Restore and consistently maintain the existing beach shelters. Any new buildings to adhereto heritage values.• Other items dealt with previously.LONG TERM PLAN (STAGE 2)
  21. 21. COMMENTS:Much more detail requiredbefore a comment couldbe made on Knotts AveWalkway.LONG TERM PLAN (STAGE 2)
  22. 22. COMMENTS:Unanimous vote to retainHeritage PedestrianBridgesLONG TERM PLAN (STAGE 2)