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Air Jordan Digital Strategy Powerpoint


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Published in: Sports, Technology, Business
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Air Jordan Digital Strategy Powerpoint

  1. 1. Air Jordan Brand A New Look Mykal McDowell ADV 420
  2. 2. Overview• Main point: make the website easier for people to navigate• Knowing that Jordan is already very well established in it’s market is important• Little changes to make things run smoother
  3. 3. Target Market• 13-35 basketball players• Kids begin to get serious around age 13 and adults tend to slow down with competitive basketball around age 35
  4. 4. Social Media - Twitter• Biggest platform• A lot of Jordan Brand athletes use Twitter, such as Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade & Chris Paul• Able to directly talk to both the company and the athletes that represent the company
  5. 5. Social Media - Facebook• Secondary platform• Over 845 million people on Facebook - more reach• Easier to inform customers and field their questions
  6. 6. Social Media• Must actually check the responses on social media• People don’t like to think they’re being ignored• They take the time to ask or comment, company must take the time to respond
  7. 7. Big Idea• Changes to Website• Instead of having all products listed, show pictures of the athletes with links attached to picture• Links lead to that athlete’s apparel• People tend to pick things that famous people have, especially for trivial things like basketball shoes
  8. 8. Budget• $1.5 million per year• Money used for PPC as well as salaries for people who run the social media• Funds changes in website• Remainder goes to the athletes, for their time in responding to fans and followers
  9. 9. Internet Marketing• Google Ads• Adwords Associated: • Basketball • Top Basketball Shoes • Michael Jordan • Prominent Athlete Names: • Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, etc.
  10. 10. Conclusion• Already a well known brand• Main changes are for ease of consumers • With easier to navigate website, sales will go up, people won’t be confused what they want• Big in the Twitter game already• Remember to respond