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Adidas changing social media


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Adidas social media campaign

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Adidas changing social media

  1. 1. Jeffrey Lehnerer
  2. 2. Company at aGlanceLargest Product Lines•Golf•Originals•Running•Soccer•Baseketball•BaseballFounded in 1948 by AdolfDasslerParent Company of AdidasGroup2nd largest sports apparelmanufacturer (Nike #1)Dependence on BrandLoyalty
  3. 3. CHALLENGES GOALS Effectively manage all  Grow customer base in product lines golf, running, and Keeping current originals customers (customer  Increase customer loyalty) loyalty Maintain market  Increase sales position
  4. 4. Interaction, Interaction, InteractionNever post and run – always interact andrespond1-3 Facebook posts per day and 7-10 Tweets perday for each product line10% of posts about product offerings, and 90%about industry and interactionUse Adidas Pros to communicate with users(Derrick Rose, David Beckham, ReggieBush, Sergio Garcia)
  5. 5. Google AdsConversation hasstarted on social media  No “Buy Now!” AdsplatformsNow customers will  Invite customers to websiteGoogle the technologiesand products we havetalked about(CLIMACOOL)  Spark Interest – drive site trafficMore narrow keywordsand ads can be used•Less browsing, more  Talk about technologiesshopping•Less cost•More defined clicks
  6. 6.  Adidas miCoach needs to be simplified Site needs to be optimized for mobile browsing App needs to be developed for Windows Mobile OS
  7. 7. The Pieces Become a WholeSocial media creates buzz-sharing, retweets, mentions, links, stumble’s, ect. spread the word about products andtechnologies.Google connects users to site- peopleGoogle search to find out more about whatthe buzz is about.Mobile applications keep users comingback- miCoach creates lifetime customers.
  8. 8. MeasuringSuccessNumber of newfollowers on TwitterNumber of new likeson FacebookPercent increase inweb site trafficPercent increase inclick-through rateOverall increase incheckoutsOverall increase sales
  9. 9. Project Timeline (notFacebook Timeline)Within one year…  Redesign Adidas miCoach- 1•web site traffic will year from start to launchincrease by 50%•click-through rate  Double likes within 1 yearwill increase by 35%•checkouts willincrease by 20%  Double following within 1 year• saleswill increase 17%
  10. 10. This is only a smallslice of the budget foradvertisingMuch of the mobilecost will be on R&D formiCoach which can beexpensed to R&D asopposed toadvertising