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  1. 1. Jordan BrandJordan Brand is a brand of footwear and athletic apparel designed by Nikeorginally for former NBA star and world icon, Michael Jordan.Jordan Brand currently owns a 71% market share of the United Statesbasketball shoe market and brings in annual revenue of over 1 billion dollars.Adidas comes in a close second at 3%.Despite Michael Jordan playing in his final game 8 years ago, his name is stillas relevant as ever and his business is booming.
  2. 2. Jordan BrandSocial media has a lot to do with Michael Jordan’s popularity today and willcontinue to play a large roll in the success of the Jordan Brand for years to come.Jordan’s Facebook page has 14.3 million fans which is the 4th highest amongst allathletes. The Michael Jordan fan page would be a great place to not only reflecton Michael Jordan’s highlights as a player, but also market his brand to a verylarge demographic.Michael Jordan was arguably the greatest player to ever play the game ofbasketball. He made clutch play after clutch play on his way to 6 NBA finalschampionships. The Jordan Brand motto “Become Legendary” is a very fittingtheme for the Jordan Brand. Michael Jordan was not only a great player but is arole model for millions of people all over the world. By insinuating that you canbecome legendary like Michael Jordan by purchasing his apparel is a prettypowerful message that a lot of people have bought into.
  3. 3. Jordan BrandJordan Brand could do a better job of marketing and advertising onFacebook. The main Jordan Brand page doesn’t even have 1 millionfans, as opposed to Michael Jordan having over 14 million fans.They could offer deals or promotions as well as build a lot of hype forhighly anticipated releases of a particular shoe.They could build more relationships with their fans this way
  4. 4. Social MediaDespite the immense popularity of the Jordan Brand. Its presence on socialmedia sites such as Facebook and Twitter are not as visible as you might think.The facts are, Jordan Brand does not need a strong social media presence to selltheir product. Simply the name Michael Jordan takes care of any brandrecognition problems.As far as the Jordan Brand presence on Twitter, it is pretty much non existent.This is primarily because there are plenty of stores out there on Twitter that dothe advertising for Jordan Brand. I believe that Jordan Brand or Michael Jordanhimself having a Twitter account may do more harm than good. During MichaelJordan’s career there was no such thing as Facebook or Twitter which allowedhim to avoid the microscope that athletes today are under. This contributed a lotto the likeability of Michael Jordan today. If Michael Jordan or the Jordan Brandwere to inadvertently post anything offensive on a Twitter account they couldpotentially lose millions of fans and a lot of money.
  5. 5. Plan to ExpandAs mentioned in the previous slide, it is not imperative that Jordan Brand havea visible presence on the social media front. The name Michael Jordan alonesells enough merchandise for them.How Jordan Brand can expand however is by expanding its reach to othersports and demographics. Jordan Brand endorses a stable of athletes invarious sports such as Derek Jeter in baseball or Ray Allen in basketball. Theycould also expand their reach by endorsing popular athletes in NASCAR andeven women’s professional sports such as tennis or basketball. This couldempower a large number of women to support Jordan brand in their supportof women’s athletics and gain a large number of new fans.By getting a team of the best athletes in every sport, Jordan brand couldexpand its reach to more people in more countries all over the world.
  6. 6. Jordan BrandThe success of the Jordan Brand should continue to consist of how many newloyal customers they can get and retain in different demographics.Jordan Brand has established itself in the basketball, baseball, and footballmarket. I think they need to use more of their marketing budget to market toother sports and other demographics in an attempt to expand their brand andincrease revenue.Basketball season is when Jordan should see a lot of their revenue. Jordan alwaysreleases new basketball shoes around the time high school and college basketballstarts. Jordan Brand should be actively marketing more than they would at anyother time during the year because this is when a lot of people are in the marketfor basketball shoes and apparel.
  7. 7. Jordan BrandJordan Brand shoes and apparel typically sell on the high end. Shoes usuallyrun anyone from around $100-180. With an extremely large and loyalfollowing Jordan Brand could charge essentially any price they wished withinreason and their shoes and apparel would still sell.One knock on the Jordan Brand is that their shoes are not very durablewhen worn as an everyday basketball shoe. Jordan Brand needs to addressthis as an issue and make the necessary adjustments in terms of how theyshoe is made and manufactured. People do not necessarily buy Jordan’s asbasketball shoes but for those who do their durability leaves a lot to bedesired. I think it would go a long way if Jordan would make an effort toadvertise a stronger more durable shoe to the high school and collegeathlete demographic and would further strengthen their image.
  8. 8. Jordan BrandJordan Brands presence on search engines is everywhere. Every storethat sells Jordan’s is listed when you simply type “Jordan” into Google.When you type in “Basketball Shoe” Jordan is also very prevalent.TV Ads is a big marketing avenue for Jordan Brand and should continueto be.
  9. 9. Jordan Brand